Inside the First Class Bathroom of Emirates A380

nadia masood

The Emirates A380

My younger sister, the girl who gets a lot of awesome work-related perks, has recently returned from an official trip in Bangkok aboard the Emirates A380.  She took a lot of pictures, much to my delight.  So all the pictures posted here belong to her.  I have nothing to do with them whatsoever.

nadia masood

The food, obviously. But she didn't mention what it was.

nadia masood

Stairs leading up to the bar (one thing that shouldn't be in an aircraft that belongs to a Muslim country, but well ...) and social area of the first class passengers.

nadia masood

A personal mini-bar and touch-screen, wireless remote to manage to seat with massage facility.

But this post is not about the A380 as a whole.  This post is about the bathroom of the A380.

nadia masood

The attention to detail is unreal. They even have heated floors.

nadia masood

A window to enjoy the, well, clouds.

nadia masood

Sensor-activated taps

nadia masood

On these flights, an extra staff (non cabin crew) is carried to assist passengers wanting to use the bathroom, and to take care of these showers/spa.

nadia masood

There's also a hair dryer.

nadia masood

Bvlgari perfumes and timeless spa lotions, separate for men and women.

nadia masood

Who could refuse clean, good-smelling, fluffy towels?

nadia masood

Timeless Spa products developed for Emirates by the German brand Babor.

nadia masood

Although the shower time is limited to 5 minutes, one can stay in the bathroom for 20-30 minutes (sampling all the products available).

nadia masood

The showers are regulated through a software program that gives people a five-minute shower, with a traffic light system that lets people know how long they had left. So if you're on amber and your hair's full of shampoo, you want to get moving.

nadia masood

Keep your eye on the illuminated timer, which counts down the allotted five minutes, but you can stop the shower any time by pushing a button.

But I find this picture really funny …

nadia masood

An Emirates cabin crew in an abra!

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18 Responses to Inside the First Class Bathroom of Emirates A380

  1. Haris Gulzar says:

    Goodness :-P. I don’t think your sister left any angle to take a picture from :-P. By the way, the bathroom looks lavish 😀

    lol, yes, she knows we’ll be asking her for pictures 😀

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  3. 'liya says:

    Wow! I’ve read about these planes, now I know everything I read is true! 😀

    It’s also true that unless the glass door to the shower is closed tightly, the water won’t start 😀

  4. Alisha says:

    My! I am sure the passengers were more than a little reluctant to leave the plane!
    p.s. Glad to know you’re back. Just read the news- a derailed train in India…

    Yes, Sis. I’ve seen the news; it’s horrible 😦

  5. Woooow! Amazing! Wouldn’t mind a long flight in that plane!

    Me neither! 🙂

  6. masood says:

    Awesome! InshaAllah, we will fly one day in that lavish class 🙂

    InshaAllah. Let’s see if we can get a discount 🙂

  7. Mazay….

    that comes with a price 😀

  8. Haleem says:

    WOW WOW WOW…..

    someday I will be flying this class iA! 😀

    This is just amazing.. there will be a time it will filter down to the common folk. After all, inflight entertainment was only for the first class before!

    Yes, time will come when showers will be available in the economy class, but I think two bathrooms won’t be enough 😀

  9. Nizsha says:

    Wow Look at what money can do :~

    Imagine taking a shower in mid air at some crazy altitude.What if, in one of those rare cases an emergency takes place and you need to jump out of the plane ? 😛

    And seriously how can anyone shower for 5 mins ?

    I suppose there are life jackets in those showers … so in those rare cases of emergency, one puts on the life jacket before anything else 😀

    Shower time is limited to 5 minutes because they can only carry a limited amount of water on board. So whether one likes it or not, one gets water in the shower for just 5 minutes.

  10. TheGoriWife says:

    Oh my god, that is amazing. Why have I never been bumped up to first class!!!

    Because you didn’t know (yet) how awesome it is to experience a shower and spa above the clouds? 🙂

    Welcome to the blog!

  11. Specs says:

    The place looks awesome. 😀

    There were ORCHIDS next to those towels. ORCHIDS!!! Oh Mi Gosh, that is like wowowowowowow

    Your sister rocks 😉

    Yes, those are indeed ORCHIDS … there’s even one on the wall (in the shower). And purple at that!

    Yes, she definitely rocks (mashaAllah).

  12. Abid says:

    Very nice pictures.

    Mind if i share it on my family email list? My uncle sent one a couple months ago, but it didn’t include pictures of such details.

    lol, I can imagine only a girl can take these many pictures of a bathroom. And yes, you can share these pictures with your family 🙂

  13. Amir says:

    wow, that is amazing. I’ve always seen the media pics of the plane, but never pics of an actual passenger. Thanks for posting.

    Me too! So when my sister was showing us these pictures, I immediately told her that I’m going to post them on my blog 😀

  14. sunehra says:

    wow, that bathroom is amazing LOL

    It most certainly is!

  15. Sumera says:

    Oh my, what a lovely bathroom! If you didnt know, anyone would think it belongs in a home, not in an aircraft. I like it 🙂

    Or a bathroom in a hotel!

  16. Janet says:

    Wow I want do what your sis do, can you share her qualifications, puleeeese?

    Can’t give out the secret here 😀

  17. Brianna says:

    WOW!! hahaha i always fly first class, but this bathroom ir REALLY nice!!! Lol! 😀

  18. Rochelle says:

    Thankyou for sharing these photos. It’s amazing what they have in aircraft these days. Please do tell your sister that if she ever needs an assistant to travel with her, I’m available to carry the luggage, organise the car etc as lomg as I am allowed to use that bathroom, hehehehe 😉 I am so cheeky!

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