JUNE ’08

My First entry


Recipe: Kadi

The Burj Dubai

Mom’s In Town

Tandori Roti

Aggressive Decision Making

New Delhi: Walking Through

New Delhi: Must See Places

Chill Out

Al Qasba

Father’s Day

Agra Fort

Sunset At Dubai Creek

Glimpse of Karachi

Biggest Qur’an

Cabbies Can’t Say No

My Better Half

Sharjah Aquarium

I’ve Been Tagged: The Flame of Friendship

Fatehpur Sikri

Qutb Shahi Tombs

An Ardent Desire To Read

Family: A blessing

JULY ’08

Journey To Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal: The Symbol of Love

Conversion To Islam for Marriage

On Blogging

Dholki: An Excuse to Have Loads of Fun!

Songs That Shouldn’t Be in Your Shaadi Ke Videos

Do You Suffer From Internet Addiction Disorder?

Jebel Hafeet

My Sister, Lions, and a Guessing Game

Across the Borders

Dubai’s Special Juice

The Liwa Mazayin Al Ratb Festival

The Jumairah Beach Scandal

He Who Offers to Clean Our Bathroom

Too Much of “Good” Customer Service is Unhealthy

With Love Comes Duty

Unveiled: The Emirates A380

The Grocer, His Supermarket, and My Bread


Dubai Internet City: The Middle East’s Biggest IT Infrastructure

The Restroom Dilemma

The Letter

When You See “Stuff” You Aren’t Supposed To See

Islam On Ghosts and Visions

Proud To Be a T3 Trial Passenger

The Emirati Superhero: Ajaaj

Do You Know Your History?

Something That Happened Lately (Password protected post)

August 14: An Independence Story

Al Qasba Revisited

Cleanse Your Soul Before Ramadan

The Abusive Old Woman

The Chopper Boys

Our Prenuptial Agreement (And What Has Become Of It)

How Weird Are You?

A New Job

I’ve Got New Messages

Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan At Work

Cannons Fire Up During Ramadan

A Desperate Attempt (Password protected post)

When I Was Much Younger

The Boy From Burundi

Customer Service

Atlantis: The Palm, Dubai

Did You Leave Your Car At Home Today?

Fighting Fairly In Marriage

Job Hunting

The Joy of Eid Shopping

Eid Mubarak!


Things That Are Common In All Desi Movies

An Update:  Where My Readers Are Coming From

My Aunt and The Amateur Burglar

What Kids Think Of Marriage

How Not To Describe An Accident In The Insurance Claim Form

The Burj Al Arab Ring

Taken For Granted (Password Protected Post)

The “I Wonder” Tag

My Neighbor And I

Guilty Pleasures

How Old Is She Again?

Bento: A Delicious Art

About Stray Cats and Rewards

My First GITEX Experience

Terminated (Password Protected Post)

Weather Changes and Flu

A Stressed-Out Little Girl

Fruit Pack


A New World Record For Dubai

Contemplating A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Our Homes in the UAE

A Happy Thursday

Sasural:  Bliss or Misery?

Lessons Learned In Two Years Of Marriage

The Atlantis Adventure

There’s Something Fishy at the Dubai Aquarium

Modern Day Pirates

Queen Elizabeth 2 Has Arrived In Dubai

Food, Like You’ve Never Seen Before


A Clumsy Tuesday

My Bucket List and a Cool Award

Clean House

The Desert:  Upclose and Personal

Lamest of ’em All (Password Protected Post)

Happy Meal

Scattergories Fun

Tandoori Murgh

Al Ain:  An Oasis in the Desert

The Story of Baby Girl

Interesting Kitchen Gadgets

Cartoon Airplanes and Other Interesting Stuff That Lead You Here

A Walk to Remember

Burj al Arab



A Purposal

Weekend Review

Obsession With Fiber

Last Night

Wanted:  Volunteers

Date ‘n Honey Cake

Faith and Vampires

It’s Raining in the Desert!

A New Header!


Missed Calls From Pakistan

A Foggy Morning In Sharjah


Without Her

Hyderabadi Biryani


The Parking Lot



A Yemeni Special:  Al Mandi

At Dusk

About Job Application, Driving Licence and Company Names

The Surfing Kangaroo

Taking It To The Extreme! (Password Protected Post)



Bumper to Bumper

Another Sandstorm

A Funfilled Weekend With The Girls

Zabeel Park

Three Ultra Cool Awards!

The Weather Report

Bread Omelette

Sharjah Food Festival ’09


Of Cough and its Remedies

Ibn Battuta Mall

Don’t Disturb Me and the Case of the Missing Foot

A Date Outside Burger King

Umrah:  (Part 1) – The Preparation

Umrah:  (Part 2) – Madinah al Munawwarah

MAY ’09

Umrah:  (Part 3) – The Mosques of Quba and Qiblatain

Umrah: (Part 4) – Masjid al-Nabawi

Umrah: (Part 5) – Mīqat, The Point Where It All Starts

Umrah: (Part 6) – Makka al-Mukarrama

Umrah: (Part 7) – Masjid al Haram

JUNE ’09

It’s Been a Year!

A Second Look at the City of Nizams

For Your Eyes Only

The Chowmahalla Palace

Back Pain, Pest Control Guys and a Dinner Party

On Cloud Nine

DSS:  Smileys All Over Sheikh Zayed Road

Misconception, Ignorance or Something Else?


Dubai’s Summer Sky

Car Wash

JULY ’09

A Pre-Wedding Party, Part 1

A Pre-Wedding Party, Part 2

Dubai’s Advertisement Ship

Strangers Striving for Allah

The Date Palm

Makkah Gate

I Met Her on Her Wedding Day

Al Mamzar Beach

“Money-Doubling” Conmen Arrested

The Nikon D40

First Few Clicks

AUGUST ’09 vs.

Guest Blogger for the First Time!

Dinner, Dust and the Guy Who Wants 100 Children

Lost in Translation

Sailing Through Madinat Jumeirah

Keep Yourself Motivated For Studies

I’m Farming These Days

Memories of My First Fast

The Fabulous Blog Award



Dubai Metro Rolls Tonight!

The BRP Can-Am Spyder Grand Sport Roadster

Surf Safely:  The UAE Way

She Stands Up to Pray …

Eid Mubarak!

Dubai Metro:  Al Jafiliya and Mall of Emirates Stations

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Abra:  Sailing the Traditional Way

The Little Violin


Dubai Metro:  the BurJuman Station

Some NYF and Thoughts on Shooting With a Digital SLR Camera


First Time in Mumbai

Outside My Window

Looking at Old Trees From the Bathroom Window

Personalized Flats

The Gateway of India

Facing the Arabian Sea

Haji Ali Dargah:  a 500-year-old Tomb

Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai GPO, the Largest Post Office in India

Marine Drive in Mumbai:  The Queen’s Necklace

A Train Ride Through Khandala

On Our Way Home

Complete Body Service?

So We’re Back

Inside the First Class Bathroom of Emirates A380

Looking Out to the Sea

A Conversation that Started with Glade® Air Infusions®

Cool, Yet on Fire

Men In White

What People in Dubai Wore to the Park


UAE Celebrates 38th National Day

Sweet Temptation

The Gold Souq at Dubai Mall

Rainy Days and Sundays

Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah

Children in the UAE Able to Circumvent Proxy Server and See Pornography On Their BlackBerrys


On the First Day of 2010

Burj Khalifa:  Launch of the Tallest Skyscraper in the World

A Cloudy Afternoon Sky

Royal Bank of Scotland, Sharjah

Public Buses in Dubai

Of Buildings and Trains

Here’s the Menu

Traditional Lanterns

A Little Palm Oasis in the Heart of Sharjah

Will You Marry Me … Again?

Will You Marry Me … Again? (Part 2)


Dhow:  A Traditional Arab Ship

I Must Shoot More

The World’s Largest Dancing Fountain

Sharjah’s Blue Souq

Confusion Over the Baby

A Glimpse of Egypt in Dubai

The Lady Behind the Visa Window of the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai

Bits and Pieces

MARCH  ’10

Post Engagement Post and a Job Offer

Ten Tips on How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera

Dubai International Peace Convention 2010

And This Was How We Met Them for Dinner

APRIL  ’10

Look At Who Was On My Desk This Morning

Chowking’s Halo Halo: A Mix of Yummy Stuff and Memories

Some Random Stuff In My Parents’ Home

It’s a Small World

Down to a Sunless Sea (Password Protected Post)

Bits and Pieces from Childhood

MAY ’10

Reminder to Self:  Do Not Take the Hyderabad to Chennai Bus Ever Again

Walking Back in Time: B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Sleepless in Ooty

Stop and Smell the Roses

Wax World

JUNE ’10

Man-Made Lake of Ooty

A Tea-rrific Experience

Looking Down at the Valley of Ketti

A Few More Photographs Before Heading Into the Forest

Going into the Wild – Without a Plan

The Tree House

Our Room, High Up on a Tree!

Things To Do at the Safari Land Resorts (And How We Spent the Night in the Jungle)

An Afternoon at the Mudumalai National Park

Night Safari Experience: Spotting Animals In the Dark

Pictures From Our Daytime Safari, Plus Tales of the Annoying Photographers

JULY ’10

Meeting the Man Who Shot a Tigress

Accident at Ooty Road

Taking Off from Coimbatore Airport

A Quiet Morning in Hyderabad’s Makkah Masjid

’tis the Season of Dates!


In the Women’s Section of the Mosque During Taraweeh Prayers …

The Cannon Firing Tradition During Ramadan


Eid Mubarak

Stolen (Password Protected Post)

An Update on ‘Stolen’ (Password Protected Post)

A Long Drive to Al Ain

It’s All About Horse Power

It’s a Goat Post

Half Our Deen:  A Muslim Matrimony Site

Unsuccessful Attempts

Lemon Rice


Mongolian Beef

This is Not One of Aesop’s Fables

The Big Fish

They Don’t Know I Took This Picture

November ’10

The Date Farm

Shooting Panthera pardus nimr

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh

From Fujairah, With Love

This Year’s Food Festival Was … Bland

Wonderful Memories

The Road to an Amazing Getaway

A Grand Entrance to the Ultimate Relaxation

Walking into the Sunset


Room 400: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Don’t Touch that Food Unless it’s Shot

How to Decorate Your Car for National Day

The Rab’ al Khali Experience

A Piece of Cake

Sinbad in Sharjah

Tea from Syria, Friends from Canada

Everyday Stuff from Ancient Arabia


Visiting Abu Dhabi?  Don’t Miss the World’s 8th Largest Mosque

The 99 Attributes of Allah in Traditional Kufi Calligraphy

Flamingos in the Desert

Dubai Creek—Where Past Meets Present

I Wouldn’t Shoot If I Knew How to Draw

Crossing the UAE-Oman Border

Highway to Muscat, and the Crazy Stuff that Happens There

The White Houses Down the Road


An Early Morning at the Muttrah Corniche


Jazirat al-Hamra: Ghost Town or a Crumbling Piece of History?

Let’s Shoot the Amateur Photographers