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Sinbad in Sharjah!

Sinbad—and his crew of colorful-circus-type-costume-wearing pirates—docked their red ship in Sharjah not so long ago.  They sailed in search for the “Golden Pineapple”.  That’s silly, of course.  Why anyone should sail all the way to Arabia in pursuit of a … Continue reading

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A Piece of Cake

… free for everyone who came at Al Majaz park in Sharjah. Masood and I took a piece each;  it was more than enough. But there were some who took several plates full of the cake to feed their children,  … Continue reading

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How to Decorate Your Car for National Day

Or maybe not. Next day the police were busy stopping them, asking them to remove the stickers. Pictures courtesy of my beautiful sister, Sanaf. Oh, and the first prize winner for the best car decoration competition …  

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This Year’s Food Festival Was … Bland

Compared to the colorful event of last year, this year’s Food Festival was boring.  Or perhaps we just went there when nothing was scheduled to happen!  The website mentioned that programs would start at 5 pm, so we arrived there … Continue reading

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The Date Farm

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They Don’t Know I Took This Picture

This is one of the ten thousand blurry shots that I’d taken during my lifetime.  This particular picture isn’t as blurry as it appears here.  I think WordPress does something to the photographs we upload:  compressing them, perhaps, to save … Continue reading

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It’s a Goat Post

So while we were traipsing about leisurely in a farm somewhere deep within Sharjah earlier this week, we came across a curious herd of goats.  They were in state of absolute tranquility, enjoying their time doing nothing but laze about … Continue reading

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