So We’re Back …

… from our gorgeous haveli in Mumbai …

nadia masood

… to the sand and glass of Dubai.

nadia masood

Not that I’m complaining.  I think I’ve seen enough green and rain to last me, well, at least 6 months *hint to the husband*

I’m so happy to be back  in the U.A.E.  Why?  Because this is the time of the year to be here!  Clouds are starting to float in the sky.  I can see stars twinkling in the night.  The birds have begun to migrate from neighboring countries.  I can keep my windows open to cooler breeze.  I can finally plan BBQ with family and friends.  Masood and I can steal some time (an hour, for example) from work and go out for a walk.

I am geographically closer to my family.

And I can hear beautiful adhaan five times a day.


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15 Responses to So We’re Back …

  1. Mezba says:

    No adhaan in India?

    UAE is nice weatherwise in the winter. It’s odd to think in Canada of BBQ in the winter… 😛

    Oh, there is adhan in India, specially in Hyderabad. But it is something quite rare in Mumbai. I only heard adhan when we’re at home (the haveli), because there is a masjid within the complex. But I don’t recall hearing adhaan while we were visiting places within the city.

    Yup, UAE is super nice in the winter … we do all the outdoor stuff that you guys do there in summer 😀

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  3. Niyaz says:

    Good to hear that , Happy winter ahead 🙂

    Hehe, thanks. Happy winter to you in KSA!

  4. I prefer the mumbai photo 😛

    Who wouldn’t? Nothing beats nature 🙂

    Welcome to the blog!

  5. 'liya says:

    It’s so green! I never would have expected it to be that green. 😀

    ‘liya, this was the post-rain green 😀

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing trip, m’A! But it always feels good to be home…

    And yes, hearing the adaan 5 times a day is an amazing thing. I miss it!

    Yes, home is home, doesn’t matter where it is 🙂

    And the adhaaan here in the UAE is just great, mashaAllah. I think all the muezzin here get special training from the same place. They all seem to sound alike.

  7. Sumera says:

    Welcome back home 🙂

    Thank you, Sumera! 🙂

  8. д§mд says:

    Oooh you’ve got a beautiful home back in mumbai … 😀

    ps: what a bliss to hear adhaan 🙂

    It was a typical haveli: old wood, huge windows, balcony, lots of trees, mandatory fountain, and a gate that’s situated at least 2 kilometers away from the house 😀

  9. Joud says:

    Welcome back to the good ol’ desert! InshaAllah you had a great trip (judging by the pictures, you definitely did. :P)

    And yes, the weather now is absolutely incredible, I try to spend as much of my day outside as possible. I really hope this great weather lasts for a looong time, though!

    Thank you, Sis ((hugs)) We did have a fabulous trip, alhumdulillah. It was a business trip, but we still managed to take some time out to explore 🙂

    Me too … I want this weather to last for at least 6 months!

  10. Mezba says:

    Isn’t all Azan in Abu dhabi made by one person and transmitted (by radio or otherwise) to all mosques in Abu Dhabi? I think that was the case when I visited last, and all mosques there now start and end the Azan at the exact same time!

    Don’t know if Dubai is the same.

    Abu Dhabi has implemented a unified call to prayer a couple of years ago. Here’s how it works: the unified adhan in Abu Dhabi is made from the Abu Bakar Siddique Mosque. Through this main mosque, the rest of the 2000+ mosques in the Emirate is electronically linked so that one call to prayer can be heard at all mosques at the same time.

    Out of the other emirates, I think only Fujairah follows this system.

  11. Haris Gulzar says:

    The adhaan sounds great doesn’t it. But I have heard with all the construction and expansion in UAE, the people to mosque ration is increasing? i.e. to say that new mosques aren’t being built, or not in the ratio there used to be once? (Or is that true only for Dubai, or is it not true at all?)

    I can only speak on behalf of Dubai and Sharjah because these are the two emirates where I live and work in. And in these two emirates, there is at least one masjid in every couple of blocks. There are masjids in all big malls as well.

    Despite of these, if Masood reaches a bit late for Friday prayers, he finds himself praying outside the masjid (though the place is covered from the sun). As we are all aware, not every Muslim goes to the masjid for the daily 5 prayers, but most (if not all) of our Muslim brothers go to the masjid to offer Jummah prayers, so that’s when one notices that there should perhaps be more masjids in the area.

  12. masood says:

    I am happy to back to Dubai for this pleasant weather.

    Chalein, let’s take a day off from work and enjoy 🙂

  13. Haleem says:

    Lol at your reply to masood… I am always up for taking a day off work, whether it be good or bad weather!

    That’s the spirit! 😀

  14. What a beautiful contrast you have presented through the two pictures. While I was in Emarat, I used to miss the green and rain that was so abundant back home. “Sand and glass” really describes the feeling one has in Gulf countries.

    But don’t they allow loud speakers for Azan in mosques in Bombay?

    Your haveli feels like the traditional, grandly nostalgic, cool-in-summers kind of impressive structures that we get to see in the sub-continent.

    • nadia says:

      Azan is delivered through loudspeakers in Mumbai, except that there aren’t many mosques in the city, compared to – let’s say – Hyderabad. So we really missed the azan there.

      Oh, the haveli is GRAND! I miss it all the time.

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