Shooting Panthera pardus nimr

… or the Arabian Leopard.

I name him Al Shakhboot.  He’s not too happy in his home at Al Ain zoo, of course.  “I’d rather be running free in the Arabian peninsula with my tribe attacking hyenas and gazelles,” he confides.  Little does he know that he’s much safer here, considering how his species are brutally murdered for personal satisfaction and pride, traditional medicine and hides.

Right next to Al Shakhboot lives a flock of black swans.  Ignoring his irritation and hunger – and well aware that he can’t harm them from across the fence – the swans dance around happily within their cage, displaying their plump and juicy bodies.

His stomach grumbles.  And he craves to hunt.  But what can poor Al Shakhboot do?  Instead, he throws an annoyed glance at the inconsiderate birds, and walks over to the other side of his home … to chew on grass.

“There must be a mistake somewhere in the immigration department,” he grunts, then chews another mouthful of grass.  “Perhaps they mistakenly gave me a goat’s visa when I entered this country!”

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9 Responses to Shooting Panthera pardus nimr

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  2. Sajib says:

    What would happen if he broke out? 😀

  3. Nisa AK says:

    Lol @ goat’s visa! Beychara leopard, a test of Imaan indeed for him. Forced to be vegetarian and on top of that he has to bear the taunts of the plump swans!!

    • nadia says:

      LOL @ test of imaan 😀

      And while our poor friend, Al Shakhboot, munches on the grass with a sour face, there’s a cage with vultures nearby – enjoying some tikka kabab 😀

      So yeah, looks like visa issues.

  4. Lat k says:

    This is a hilarious account!:D Love the visa play here! Totally awesome pics!

    I’m sure at lunc/dinner time,fresh meat will be served to Al Shakhboot! He’so impatient! I bet he justs wants to play …with the fleshy swans…:D

  5. hahaha… considering that the poor fellow had to munch on grass! I think there must be a mistaken identity! lol… I think you’ll make a great teacher for the young! They will adore you for the stories you come up with!

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