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Let’s Shoot the Amateur Photographers

It’s a beautiful day to explore a deserted town rumored to be abandoned years ago because it was haunted. A town that is also rumored to be off-limits because it is private property, but there is no sign anywhere to … Continue reading

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Tea from Syria, Friends from Canada

  I love tea.  I have been thoroughly complacent and happy in my own world with what I was having—regular black tea with milk or the green tea that comes in teabags—until I saw this exotic-looking tea from Turkey.  I … Continue reading

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They Don’t Know I Took This Picture

This is one of the ten thousand blurry shots that I’d taken during my lifetime.  This particular picture isn’t as blurry as it appears here.  I think WordPress does something to the photographs we upload:  compressing them, perhaps, to save … Continue reading

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Eid Mubarak!

A very happy and blessed Eid to my beloved readers! Ramadan 2010 has been very rewarding for me, alhumdulillah.  I won’t go into details, but this year’s Ramadan was truly filled with blessings for me and my family, and I … Continue reading

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And This Was How We Met Them for Dinner

The very first time that Masood and I ever met a blogger in person was in July last year, at her wedding!  Last night, we met another wonderful blogger, ‘liya, and her husband, V.  They were in Dubai for three … Continue reading

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Confusion Over the Baby

The phone rings.  It’s from a lady I met a couple of years ago.  I had invited her over for dinner at my place that evening, and we exchanged phone numbers.  Few months later, she flew home – somewhere in … Continue reading

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She Stands Up to Pray …

… then bows lies down for sujood. A close family friend invited us to their new home for iftaar a few days ago.  They have an adorable daughter, mashaAllah, who is  two and a half years old.  She’s very friendly … Continue reading

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