Let’s Shoot the Amateur Photographers

It’s a beautiful day to explore a deserted town rumored to be abandoned years ago because it was haunted. A town that is also rumored to be off-limits because it is private property, but there is no sign anywhere to justify this, so people still trespass enter. And it is also a town that is a favorite among photographers. And being photography enthusiasts ourselves, we waste no time to hop in our cars and drive all the way to Jazirat al-Hamra, or the Red Island.

So while we are going through great lengths trying to capture each and every broken door in town, someone from the group decides to shoot us photographers instead.


Photographers, you see, are highly dedicated individuals who get so absorbed with their work they barely notice that the building might come crumbling down on them any minute.


There even comes a time when photographers shoot each other…

Some stand right behind a photogpraher to shoot him or her up close…


To a photographer, a wall is never simply a wall, it’s beauty. It’s art.


Yes, we all ended up posting pictures of the same walls, doors, bricks and windows up on our Facebook accounts where we all have common friends, so they see each and every piece of this town at least a dozen times.


Allow me to once again tell you this important piece of advice: a wall is never just a wall.

Thank you.


We also gather around this poor tree and take a million pictures of the same leaf. This task is so intricate that one may actually need more than one camera…


And sometimes, photographers receive guidance too. Someone would almost always say, “Hey, look at this! Take a picture, quick!”

And they will press the ‘like’ button when you post that picture.

I like the idea of shooting photographers in action; the unsuspecting ones, that is. I think I’ll post more behind-the-scenes pictures of how we take the pictures that I post on this blog. Would you like that?

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