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Jazirat al-Hamra: Ghost Town or a Crumbling Piece of History?

One look at the seclusion and crumbling walls across the main road tells us that we have arrived at the right place. It’s a couple of hours before dusk; we have some time to explore the  area before it eventually … Continue reading

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Cannons Fire Up During Ramadan

Five minutes before Iftaar, with the food spread out in front of us, and after making our respective duas, Masood turns on the T.V. We love watching the cannons being fired right before the call of prayers. It’s nice to … Continue reading

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The Liwa Mazayin Al Ratb Festival

“This is not about good dates. This is about perfect dates”          ~ Al Qubais The fourth Liwa Date Festival 2008 kicked off in Mazirah (western region of Abu Dhabi) on Thursday, to the rhythms of a traditional dance. Liwa oasis, … Continue reading

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Dholki: An Excuse for Having Loads of Fun!

After spending three years abroad, my cousin is going home to Karachi for a visit. Her itinerary has been announced in the family a month ago, enough time for the ladies to organize yet another dholki. Dholki “small dholak” is … Continue reading

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