Sinbad in Sharjah!

Sinbad—and his crew of colorful-circus-type-costume-wearing pirates—docked their red ship in Sharjah not so long ago.  They sailed in search for the “Golden Pineapple”.  That’s silly, of course.  Why anyone should sail all the way to Arabia in pursuit of a tropical fruit is beyond me.

Here’s their basic set-up:

Photography-wise, I wasn’t happy.  We spent 10 dirhams each to enter the park then another 10 dirhams for this 15-minute show, and were shown seats right across the setting sun!

Anyway…here is Sindbad’s crew:

Except for that guy with the big bad camera, of course.

There were good seats from where one could take decent photographs, but those were reserved for the royal guests.  You see, this was the festival’s opening show, so the royal family was there.  This also meant that the entire place was abuzz with media people.  The royal family of Sharjah sat in luxurious, red and gold velvet sofas, while the rest of us settled in blue plastic chairs.  They came in style, sat for barely 5 minutes during the show, then left after photographs were taken.

But some of the blue chairs reserved for the VIP-but-not-royal guests—from where I could’ve taken much better shots—remained empty and off-limits.  Such a waste.

I loved this monkey character the most:

I do not, however, like the creepy-looking photographer who looked so out-of-place in the middle of the show:

Next to me sat an adorable, little Arab girl with dark brown hair and the most contagious laughter.  And because of her, I enjoyed the show even more.

When I hear the name Sinbad, I intuitively begin to envisage a young man with dark hair and brown eyes, strong features, deep voice, adventurous (naturally), sturdy, heroic, robust, tenacious, rugged, brave, and funny too!  Did I mention young?  You know, someone who looks like this?

Lo and behold!  Sinbad—in real life—is this guy in red…

I couldn’t take a close-up picture, but this Sinbad is somewhere between 55-60 years old!  My dreams were shattered to a million and two pieces.  I never thought Sinbad would grow old.  That’s okay though;  he’s only my second most favorite.  Aladdin holds the top spot.

Each performer was very talented and delivered a very entertaining show.  Sinbad?  He conveniently just stood there on his ship with a microphone and gave orders.  No stunts.  Given his age, this was all he could do anyway.

They finally found the golden pineapple.  The pirate who discovered it jumped off a platform 80 feet high!  That was the highlight of the show.

The end.

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11 Responses to Sinbad in Sharjah!

  1. Mohammad says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun baji…

  2. mezba says:

    I liked the comic style speech balloons – very funny!

    It looked like an ok performance, but why would the title character not perform?! Big fail!

    • nadia says:

      Thanks, Mezba.

      I agree! It was already a disappointment to have an old Sinbad. They should’ve given the title character to a younger man who could actually perform and live up to the name.

  3. Sajib says:

    Are they children? 😕

  4. Lat k says:

    Wow! It looks like a circus performance! Glad you enjoyed it even if it’s only for the girl’s laughter 🙂

    I agree with you,the big camera was out of place.He should have been designated to a plastic blue chair instead! And I also appreciate your choice of Aladin! Hahaha! No wonder the show was a let down in that aspect! 🙂 Thanks for the pics,Nadia! Loved those jump shots!

    • nadia says:

      You are most welcome, Lat!

      The show was okay, except for two things: Sinbad was too old and he didn’t perform 😀

      Yes, the guy with the big camera should definitely be seated in one of the blue chairs like the rest of us! (Except that he’s from the press and was covering the event) But still!

  5. Raheel says:

    Haha Great!
    Loved the “My camera’s awesome and someone’s jealous” thing.
    Awesome narration.

  6. hello, nadia,

    why, this is very funny… i was laughing my head off as i was reading. this isn’t a series of complaints, is it? i mean, everyone wants to be entertained, that’s why we go to shows, don’t we? and yes, there shouldn’t be discrimination when it comes to seats. i mean, chairs are for sitting, right? i see your point, dear… and why was the big bad guy given the best spot to take pics, eh? is he a photoblogger, in the first place? in the second, does he have a bigger readership? what right has he? dang! ^^

    and yes, old chum, Sinbad had better be masculine and all-beefy. i mean, if he ain’t, what’s the point? what’s the point? and how about Aladdin? did he deliver? btw, did you get a high when the guy jumped 80 feet, huh? ^^

    this is an old post, i see. but at least, i sure hope you got some nice snacks or dinner afterwards… heck, it’s a shame Sinbad didn’t even jump. i heart you, i heart you… cheers! 🙂

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