A Grand Entrance to the Ultimate Relaxation

We drove non-stop on the road that snaked its way among towering sand dunes and, just as  we began to think that we’d made a mistake coming all the way here, we finally saw it:  a series of towers, turrets and serrated roofs in the sandy vastness.  It is colossal.  It’s an entire city!  I briefly wondered whether our arrival will be announced by a fanfare of trumpets.



We were ushered into this elegant reception hall – an enormous chandelier hung from the high ceiling, walls were adorned with lanterns and framed photographs of royalties, sofas were either carved in traditional design or dressed in exotic-patterned fabrics, traditional lamps and lanterns everywhere, a fountain right in the middle of the hall, and  massive glass windows farther back that offered a glimpse of the rich desert behind it.  Soft Arabian music played in the background.



As we sat there, transfixed, a man came and offered us wet towels and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice as they took care of our check-in formalities.   The place is grand.  Qasr al Sarab is not a resort.  It’s a palace.  It’s an enormous sand castle – a magical kingdom – sculpted into towers and turrets peppered with torches and lanterns straight from an Indiana Jones movie!



The picture of the lobby (second from the bottom) is from Google images.
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16 Responses to A Grand Entrance to the Ultimate Relaxation

  1. Specs says:

    This place is amazing.. and I loved the guided tour 🙂

  2. Wow.
    *Speechlessness in progress*
    This place is so so beautiful.

  3. masood says:

    We could feel the elegance of Arabic culture in the whole vicinity. MashaAllah.

  4. Lat says:

    Wow! What a place! I agree it’s a palace.So did it cost a bomb?

    When you mention ‘sandy vastness’,I thought they were sand castles,not the real thing! 🙂

    • nadia says:

      Lat, when you climb up a dune and look below, they do look like sand castles! 😀

      It’s a five-star resort, so yeah it should cost a fortune, but we got the stay for free!

  5. Sajib says:

    All your photos are very, very lively. I’m confused who to congratulate. You, or your camera (seriously, though)!

    • nadia says:

      Thank you, Sajib. And of course, you should congratulate me for I have done all the hard work 😉

      The camera is pretty clueless on what to do 😀

      • Sajib says:

        Still the camera has something to do with it. I doubt you wouldn’t be able to take such quality photo with a regular mobile phone’s camera (not talking about iPhone or Sony Ericcsson 😀 ).

        Congratulations to you, too, though! 😉

  6. Totally out of The Arabian Nights. Lovely! Is this just outside Abu Dhabi? Certainly wasn’t around when I lived in Dubai 🙂 X

  7. Raheel says:

    Wow! what a place.!
    Thank you so much for sharing details and wonderful photos.

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