Wonderful Memories

We just came home – four hours ago, to be exact – from an amazing weekend getaway.  I have so many pictures and stories to share in the next several posts, inshaAllah.  The above picture is just a glimpse of this gorgeous place that we’d spent 24 hours at.  So many wonderful memories in such a short time.

But for now, please excuse me as I go and crash into bed and sleep for the next ten years.

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7 Responses to Wonderful Memories

  1. Sajib says:

    Did you go there to celebrate the Eid?

    Oh, wait. You’re off to sleep. 😀 I think I’ll wait till you wake up. 🙂

  2. Umm Travis says:

    mashaa Allah thats great sis! so glad to hear it 🙂

  3. Oooh!
    looking forward to your wonderful pictures and stories!

  4. д§mд says:

    waiting already anxiously 😀

  5. Raheel says:

    Haha … Preview post ; A Trailer!
    What a beautiful place!! Definitely waiting for coming posts.

  6. nadia says:

    Umm Travis, Smiley, Asma, and Raheel — thank you, guys!

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