This Year’s Food Festival Was … Bland

Compared to the colorful event of last year, this year’s Food Festival was boring.  Or perhaps we just went there when nothing was scheduled to happen!  The website mentioned that programs would start at 5 pm, so we arrived there a few minutes earlier, thinking that I could take some photographs without the crowd.

Yes, I did get to shoot that picture sans crowd …

It wasn’t a tough job, really – specially when there were only a few people around.  I suspect they’re the ones who lived just across the road and came by for their regular afternoon tea …

You see those guys dressed in colorful costumes?  They’re part of the Roaming Comic Roller Act (I picked that name up from their website).  They’re the only colorful things there … well … along with these spices …

The people in this part of the world are nocturnal creatures, specially so during holidays.  That’s why most of the restaurants were quiet at 5 pm …

Ah, but for the kids, it was still fun.  Even though there were relatively less swings and activities for them as compared to last year, they didn’t seem to care much …

The children loved being trapped inside this small bubble the most.  In fact, when the time ran up and the crew would assist the kids to come out of the bubble, they won’t budge.  Parents would, therefore, literally pull their screaming and kicking offspring out from the plastic …


And then, there was the boat ride … not as exciting as the one we experienced in Fujairah, but still fun …

In one corner stood a lady with blond hair and British accent;  a DJ for a local radio station.  “I’m reporting live from Al Qasba in Sharjah!”  she speaks into the microphone excitedly.  A few people looked at her briefly and walked past. “The sun is setting and more crowd is starting to pour in!”  A man yawned and walked towards the parking lot.

The thing is, most of the activities would start at 8:30 pm.  That’s practically my bedtime!  Well, not really.  But since I’m not a fan of night time photography (not easy to convince the husband to carry a tripod around), I didn’t find the idea of staying up late to watch living cooking shows and a mini parade of drummers (without the joy of photographing the event) so exciting.

So like I said, this year’s Food Festival wasn’t my up to my taste.  The food booths were boring and didn’t offer any free samples.  And I missed last year’s parade with people wearing food costumes.

The only people wearing costumes were these …

Yes, we ran into them again.

But you know what still made the trip to Al Qasba worth every minute?  This …

I love sunsets!

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14 Responses to This Year’s Food Festival Was … Bland

  1. masood says:

    Love the pictures, especially the last one.

  2. Lat k says:

    Thank you for sharing the pics! Wished they had started the festival sooner.At least make a show of it,er? 🙂 The children seemed to have a good time.If only I could get into that bubble! 😀 I know the passage is small..Hahaha!

    Perhaps next time,the food festival will capture you!InshaAllah!

  3. um almujahid says:

    assalamu alaykum

    great mashaAllah! Was that “Stefano’s” a restaurant selling ice-cream too? Did u try it? 😛

    • nadia says:

      Walaikum assalam!

      Yes, Stefano’s decided to sell ice cream too 😀 But no, I didn’t try it. In fact, I went to this Food Festival and didn’t eat/drink anything.

  4. Mezba says:

    I love that bubble!

  5. um almujahid says:

    no way!!!!!!!!!! 😆

  6. Jus says:

    Just wanna tell you i’m gonna steal your photo of the spices cause it’s going to be in my Kitchen Wish List! Hope that’s ok with you =)

  7. Ati says:

    I have been working hard to ‘seduce’ my husband so that he buy me a new camera. A good one, of course. I showed him your picture collection from this blog and he is so impressed. He finally agrees to buy me one!!! Yay! Congratulations to you for a job well done, sis!

    Now please tell me, which is better, Nikon or Canon? To my knowledge, both have great features. Owh! Dilemma… 😦

    • nadia says:

      Aww, thank you, Sis – but the effort is really all yours; convincing the husband to buy something expensive is not always a piece of cake 😀

      Apart from Nikon and Canon, Pentax and Olympus make great cameras too. The choice out there is endless. The decision on which camera you want to purchase depends on what you need it for.

      I’ve written some tips on how to choose your first camera. I hope that helps, inshaAllah.

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