The Big Fish



This angry looking fish lives at the Dubai Mall’s huge aquarium.  I think it’s angry because it doesn’t enjoy any privacy and people are constantly taking its photograph.  I wouldn’t be happy if I were in its shoes.  Except that fishes don’t wear shoes, so I could never be in its shoes.  But in case they wore shoes, I wouldn’t be happy.  Not because they are wearing shoes, but that I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

But what’s amazing is its size …


Notice how the fish is clear and the girl appears blurry?  That’s because little girls can’t stand still.














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36 Responses to The Big Fish

  1. Wow, he is huge.
    and poor thing looks so lonely and sad.

  2. Mezba says:

    That’s a HUGE fish! I can’t wait!

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  4. Sajib says:

    I wouldn’t be happy if I were in its shoes. Except that fishes don’t wear shoes, so I could never be in its shoes. But in case they wore shoes, I wouldn’t be happy. Not because they are wearing shoes, but that I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

    Ha ha ha. 😆 It sounded like some Hollywood comedy movie dialogue!

  5. Sajib says:

    What’s the name of this angry guy (in case it’s not a girl), by the way?

  6. GeekiSiddiqui says:


    hahah, j/k!

  7. Behbood says:

    I think this fish is a “she”. One can easily come to that conclusion from her facial expressions. She doesnt seem to be amused by anything. Imagine the fish is a Hyderabadi. Then this is what can transpire:

    Fish: Maa Ki Kirkiri..Aagaye Logaan mereku dekhne… Kone main bhi nahi jaa sakti main…

    Girl (in the picture): Wow.. kitni badi hai ye fish

    Fish: Ungliyaan dikha dikha ke haso meri ghurbat pe. Hauli bacchi..! Subah hoteich tum logaan aajaate mera tamaasha dekhne. Ye logaan bhi andhera nahi rakhna tha mera pinjra? Tubelight lagaake chamkaarein mere upar. Aisa dikhra main hospital ward main hoon.

    Girl: Dekho mummy… idhar se udhar jaari ye fish.

    Fish: Deewani bacchi!! Main ghusse main tahelryun… akhal istemaal kar

  8. Ati says:

    Hey sis! I can see you’re having great times lately. Good for you! You spent your time cooking yummy food, you went to the zoo, and now to the acquarium? Gosh! Wish I could do the same… I am stuck at home with this spinning head of mine.. 😦

    Anyway, as usual, I am happy when you are happy…!

  9. Lat k says:

    It’s a pity that such giant fishes are kept in an aquarium but sometimes they do get looked after quite well.Unfortunately only the fish knows best what is happiness by it’s standards.

    Yes I agree it looks angry and sad otherwise it’ll be like the girl in the pic,not keeping still! And perhaps it needs hijab for some privacy 🙂

    • nadia says:

      Lat, yes it’s sad but it’s a way for us to be able to see for ourselves and learn about the different animal species that we won’t be able to see otherwise – except maybe on TV. But yeah, I’m sure no animal is happy in captivity.

      LOL @ the need for hijab!

  10. Mrs Umer f.k.a. Miss Sue says:

    hehe.. I love the two posts! you do the most cutest and funniest narration accompanying your photos!

    I love the past few animals shot you have done! From food to architecture… and now Animals! You have broaden your subjects Sis!

    🙂 Enjoying them anyways!

    • nadia says:

      Thank you, Mrs. Umer!

      I have to broaden my photography subjects because here in the desert, I’m stuck with glass buildings, sand and palm trees otherwise. And then people will stop visiting my blog. So yeah, need to be in constant lookout for interesting subjects to shoot 😀

  11. masood says:

    Lolz @ Behbood.

    Also can add some more spice to the hydro comments like:

    Fish: Kaiku ghoorrey? Kaam dhanda nahi hai tumlogon ku, subah hoteych ajatey…lolz

  12. Mohammad says:

    @Behbood, Masood,
    Tum looga kuch mila nai ki tumhari hyderabadi chalu kar deta…..k
    lolz… i just love the hyderabadi dilect

  13. Falaxy says:

    i so agree about little girls! and the fish really does look lonely and sad : (

  14. Haris Gulzar says:

    But was the fish still? And Im sure fishes would have loved wearing shoes, if they had any feet 😀

  15. д§mд says:

    loved reading the fish’s hyderabadi dialogue specially 😀

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