A Quiet Morning in Hyderabad’s Makkah Masjid

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Situated in the heart of Hyderabad’s old city, Makkah Masjid is one of India’s oldest and biggest mosques.  Masood took me there during my first visit to the city in 2008.  It was late in the afternoon on a week day;  people were returning home from work, women were out shopping (most of them in large groups of 5 or 6 women plus children), hawkers occupied half of the extremely busy road, horns blared incessantly, and then there were confused tourists, like myself.  And all this in the middle of Hyderabad’s not-s0-friendly summer, when it gets really hot and humid.  And though the grand structure of the masjid impressed me, I didn’t have the energy left in me to take pictures, or retain pleasant memories of that first visit.

This year, Masood and I revisited the famous masjid in the morning.  We left home sometime after Fajr prayers and reached the masjid before the people of Hyderabad left their homes to go about their daily business.  I have never seen the old city in such peace and quiet!  I fell in love with the place right then and there, and almost begged Masood to buy a home next to the masjid (I changed my mind that afternoon).

Credit goes t0 Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah, who had commissioned bricks to be made from earth brought from Makkah and used them into the construction of the central arch of the masjid, hence the name.  The masjid’s main hall is 75 feet high and can accommodate ten thousand worshipers at a time!  There are also extremely huge and intricately-designed chandeliers in the main hall that remains covered in cloth (for protection, I suppose), and are uncovered during Ramadan or Eid.

There was a ‘No Photography Inside the Masjid’ sign at the gate, so even though I was only shooting the exteriors – and that too with a point and shoot camera – I felt shy to take a thousand pictures (the way I normally would).  I felt the security guys at the gate looking at us every now and then.  So I gave the camera to Masood, and he clicked away confidently like a tourist would.   It was good in a way, for I came out from behind the lens and enjoyed the beauty of this masjid that was build in 1694.  And except for the occasional fluttering of the pigeons’ wings, there was silence and tranquility.

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22 Responses to A Quiet Morning in Hyderabad’s Makkah Masjid

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  2. Lat k says:

    The masjid looks awesome! Too bad no photos were allowed inside!
    Just don’t understand the connection with mosques and pigeons.Even here it’s common to see our feathered friends in certain mosques.They practically live there for generations! 🙂

    And what made you change your mind about buying a house there? 🙂

    • nadia says:

      Lat, Hyderabad’s old city is crowded beyond words! It’s only peaceful and pretty between midnight and 6 am 😀

      And now that you’ve mentioned it, I remember that even the mosque near my home in Karachi had pigeons (and crows too). And also in Haram (in Makkah city) there are thousands of pigeons. Maybe because people come there to pray feed them regularly.

  3. Atie says:

    Masya-Allah, I feel so peaceful at heart when looking at these pictures. I wish I could travel around the world more often and see many beautiful creations like this.

    And by the way, sis, my house is just 2 minutes walk from a masjid. Ever since I moved into this house last 3 years ago, I observe that my husband has become so attached to the masjid. The obvious part is that, every time he come back from masjid, he will summon everyone in the house to gather around him and he will convey to us what he has learned from the tazkirah sessions earlier. Alhamdulillah!

    But one thing is for sure, everytime when the Friday prayer is held, the housing area is full of cars parked at every empty spaces here and there by owners who have gone to pray in the masjid. The area suddenly become overcrowded! 😀

    • nadia says:

      Atie, mashaAllah, it is very nice of your husband to come home and convey whatever he has learned at the masjid! Here in the UAE, the sermons are all coordinated, so every sermon in every mosque will be the same. However, since it’s completely in Arabic, we barely understand the message 😦

    • refine lubis says:

      the same for me! i feel so peaceful when i am reading your post as well as looking the the picture. and tomorrow is a special day for all of us as moslem. thank you for sharing sis.

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  5. Behbood says:

    One of the epic monuments in Hyderabad. The craft work and the finish is just extraordinary!

  6. masood says:

    MashaAllah, I was looking for this post to come to visit a wonderful virtual tour of Hyderabad again :).

  7. The masjid is absolutely beautiful, Nadia!
    Its a shame you cant snap inside, really wanna see the interior!
    I love the picture with the birds, 😀

  8. mubi says:

    i dont know why..but the post reminded me of the time… a long time back at madina during fajr prayers…thats one thing i can never forget ..the time, the entire ambiance

  9. 'liya says:

    I love the man with the pigeons! 🙂

  10. Wow, what a beautiful mosque, masha’Allah!

  11. Erindwyer says:

    Subhanallah!, Great and so Beautiful Masjid,if I can find Masjid like this in US, it’s really beautiful and make me closer to Allah, Thanks for information.

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