An Afternoon at the Mudumalai National Park

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Mudumalai is a quiet and beautiful place.   After being declared a Tiger Reserve by the government officials just three years ago, efforts are being made to monitor and look after the 48 tigers that roam the park freely.  Only 48 tigers are left in this part of the country!  It’s really sad.  I had hoped to see a tiger during my stay there, but the cats preferred to stay away from the tourists.  So the only tiger that I saw during my entire trip was this one.

Anyway, so with a guide and driver, off we went to explore Mudumalai National Park.  We stopped at a river at one point, where we saw a group of men swimming naked!  Our guide immediately called the forest officials through his cellphone and reported them.  However, the men left upon seeing us.  I personally think that the officials should put up a NO smoking/eating/swimming board up there because it doesn’t say anywhere that swimming is not allowed, so a lot of tourists don’t really know.  Our guide told us that elephants frequently walk by this place to quench their thirst.

We also drove up to a hill, where we spent an hour just sitting and admiring the view surrounding us.  We could see small villages down below, a resort owned by an Indian actor named, Mithun, and some farms (which somehow reminded me of my own silly Farmville farm, which I’d quit ages ago).

Later, we drove back to the resort for a cup of tea and got ready for a night safari.

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14 Responses to An Afternoon at the Mudumalai National Park

  1. Nizsha says:

    Assalamlaikum Nadia,

    Thanks for the sweet welcome 😀

    Alhamdulillah I’m doing good.Its been so long since I’ve posted anything.I was a bit busy with school plus a lot lazier to get anything done.I have had so many recipes to blog about and so many pics waiting to be uploaded.Since its summer and the days are so long and pleasant and hot, inshAllah I hope to be blogging more often.

    So I see mashallah you’re enjoying your time in India.The purple journal makes everything sound lovely and the pictures add to it.I was never so keen to travel within India.But reading your journal makes me want to visit all these places.inshAllah khayr

    Lovely lady Nadia do keep up the good work 🙂

    • nadia says:

      Walaikum Assalam Nizsha!

      Welcome back! I missed you. I’m eagerly looking forward to your recipes and pictures 🙂

      Oh, you must travel to India – in the cooler months, of course. I already have a list of cities I want to visit next (which would be in 2011 now because one has to earn first to spend on such trips :D) But seriously, you should visit India – start with Taj Mahal.

  2. Traveler says:

    Great photos! Mudumalai National Park is wonderful place and wildlife is really unique there. I agree with you about the signs, it is important to save this natural wonder.

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  4. sharmila says:

    r u always on a trip …. lucky girl !! Those are beautiful shots … enjoy 🙂

    p.s. i m little confussed … about the tiger u saw “this one” …. it’s a zoological park n dated back to May …

    • nadia says:

      LOL 😀

      No, Sharmila, I am not always on a trip. It’s just something we do once or twice a year (though I wouldn’t mind if we could do it more frequently) 😉

      So this entire Chennai-Ooty-Mudumalai trip took place in early May, and we visited the zoological park first, hence the tiger picture. But since I have so many posts to share … well, it’s almost June end and I’m still talking about the trip 😀

  5. Raheel says:

    Beautiful place!

  6. masood says:

    Awesome pictures 🙂

  7. Hi Nadia –

    I can’t believe there are so few tigers left! I also checked out your treehouse excursion…it looked really cool! Have a great day!


  8. reedssss says:

    nce post n picture are very pretty

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