A Few More Photographs Before Heading Into the Forest

Picture #1: This was taken while we were walking in one of the parks in Ooty …

Picture #2: Walking up towards the highest peak.  We took the bus all the way up, then walked for 20 minutes or so to reach the top.  This picture is blurry, since I was panting.  And no, we didn’t bring the tripod – carrying ourselves was a task in itself.

Picture #3: This was taken at the Botanical Garden, a really beautiful place with several varieties of flora.  There are hundred-year-old trees here.  Also, I almost slipped in the ladies’ room, which was so dark that it took me a while to figure out where things were.

Picture #4: At Doddabetta – the highest peak in South India at 8,600+ feet above sea level.  Max temperature is 19 °C and min is 0 °C

Picture #4: A family, who is probably tired of tourists taking their pictures.  Masood was worried that they’d snatch my camera and run away …

This was taken while we were walking in one of the parks in Ooty.
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14 Responses to A Few More Photographs Before Heading Into the Forest

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  2. 'liya says:

    Really nice pics! I like the family pic at the end best 😀

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the bright colors in the first one!

  4. Specs says:

    They are beautiful! Reminds me of Nathiagali and Bhurban in Pakistan’s Northern Areas.

    The photography, as always, superb 🙂

  5. shubha says:


    Beautiful pictures. Love the picture of the quaint little buildings from the colonial times.. ‘doddabetta’ in Kannada (a language spoken in neighboring Karnataka) literally means ‘big hill’…

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  7. nadia says:

    ‘liya, LavenderClouds, Specs, and Masood — thank you so much! 🙂

    Shubha — I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info. Doddabetta is the perfect name for that hill 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures, Nadia!
    Love the third picture, the place looks so nice 😀

    • nadia says:

      Smiley, I am really amazed at how the people of Ooty have worked hard to maintain their gardens and parks. And I am trying to imagine how this same place would look and feel like in winter – they say it snowed a little last year.

  9. Jenna says:

    Oooh! Beautiful pictures!

  10. uneekmuslimah says:

    Nice pics … Ooty my parent’s honeymoon place 🙂

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