Wax World

Housed at a 130-year old bungalow in Ooty, the Wax World displays 20 life-size, look-alike wax statues of famous people such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa.  The museum concept was initiated by Shreeji Bhaskaran, a businessman and an engineer in Information Technology.

However, as you can see from the picture above, the mascots have pulled their masks up and are engaged in conversation.  Business is very slow. In fact, this place is on the verge of melting down following lack of patronage and indifferent attitude of local authorities.

The museum used to attract a large number of tourists thronging the hills of Ooty, particularly during the summer season.  However, pulling down of signboards and advertisement boards by the authorities had handicapped the owners in attracting the tourists to the museum, located 1 km away from the main road, its manager Jerald John said (source)

A ticket costs 20 rupees per adult and 25 (or  30, I don’t remember) for a still camera.  There is a sign right at the entrance that requests the visitors to promote the Wax World by spreading the word in their websites, blogs, or simply by telling their family and friends about it.

It’s a small place, really.  And in 20 minutes, Masood and I had seen all the displays, which were not bad.  On display were prominent Indian personalities, including a couple of freedom fighters.  The last display was about a man injured badly due to drunk driving.  And among these displays was that of an Arab man smoking shisha.  Obviously, he didn’t fit in with the rest.

Their official website is pathetic.  They need to work on it badly.

More pictures here.

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11 Responses to Wax World

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  2. masood says:

    It’s an amazing talent but they need some good advertisement and an exposure on web.

  3. Leena S. says:

    I never knew there’s a wax museum in india!

  4. Specs says:


    Epilating wala wax? LOL

    What I’m interested in knowing is, WHO made those wax statues? I didn’t realize there were wax artists in India!

    • nadia says:

      LOL … you can carve something out of epilating wala wax? 😀

      Shreeji Bhaskaran – that engineer I mentioned in the post, who initiated the concept of this wax museum – well, he is the sculptor. He is also a Bangalore-based manufacturer of designer candles.

  5. Specs says:

    The website burned my retinas.

    I’m suing.

  6. It’s even a great job they are doing without Government promotion and help…

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