The World’s Largest Aquarium Leaks, and Stats Go Up

By the time you are reading this post, you must already have heard or read that the world’s largest aquarium had cracked and leaked.  This Dubai Mall aquarium is home to 33 thousand sea creatures (including several sharks, whose teeth I’ve seen really up close) and contains 10 million liters of water.  So when you read that something so massive has cracked, it is scary.  And watching this video makes it even scarier.

According to local news, the leak has quickly been sealed.

And now, apparently everyone who has access to Google is searching for the leak.  My blog statistics for today proves that.

And majority of these visitors today came from this site …

And there are those who like to make intense drama.

Seabee blogs:

Predictably, the UK tabloid The Sun screams: “Terror as mall shark tank cracks”. It goes on to tell its several million readers: “Shoppers at the Dubai Mall fled in terror fearing that they about to be engulfed by 10 million gallons of water holding 33,000 sea creatures…Mall security men donned life jackets”.

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13 Responses to The World’s Largest Aquarium Leaks, and Stats Go Up

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  2. Dubai should now perhaps step up to more value oriented, real endeavours instead of uselessly indulging in objects of vanity.

    • nadia says:

      Dubai has nice, practical things too, like the recently-opened Metro, which is helping a lot of people commute around the city without spending a fortune, a terminal has been inaugurated a couple of weeks back (for sea trade and transportation), there are lots of clean, family-friendly parks (with women-only days every Monday), and there are amazing lectures on Islam every now and then (the latest one will be a series of lectures by Skeikh Sudais, which we are eagerly looking forward to, inshaAllah). Oh, and the world’s tallest hotel is here, which is not only alcohol-free but has an entirely separate section for women (specially those who are traveling alone).

      But of course, it’s more fun talking about leaking aquariums and faulty elevators 🙂

  3. Lat says:

    I checked out your blog immediately after Achelois! 🙂

    Really funny how news travel around with all the extra pluses!
    Life jackets,ha!

  4. Haleem says:

    Probably they have now the world’s largest leak, world’s largest puddle, world’s largest crack …

  5. chick says:

    greetings from switzerland,
    but I came googling for Upma! :o)

  6. Janit says:

    Congratulations for the new look……the purple journal now turns blue 🙂

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