The Lady Behind the Visa Window of the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai

My sister, Sophia, went to the Pakistan embassy exactly five days ago to apply for a visit visa.  She attached the photo copy of our youngest sister’s passport and national ID card as supporting documents (because she’s a Pakistani passport holder).  When the lady behind the visa window studied the documents, she informed Sophia that an NOC (non objection certificate) from her company is required.  So Sophia left the embassy and headed towards her office to get the NOC.  But she got caught up with work and decided to return to the embassy the next day.

Except that later that night, Sophia changed her mind and attached our father’s passport and ID card instead.  It’s not like the embassy is going to remember anyway. It is stated in the sponsor’s letter (i.e. from our father) that he is ‘of legal age and is inviting Sophia – his daughter – to attend the engagement ceremony of her sister.  And that he will provide Sophia with accommodation and shoulder the expenses during her stay in Pakistan.’

I find the letter very funny.  Specially the ‘legal age’ part.

When Sophia returned to the same lady – sitting behind the same visa window – the next day,  she was surprised to see our father’s documents. ‘But you had attached your sister’s passport copy only yesterday!’ she exclaimed.  ‘Oh well, I changed my mind,’ smiled Sophia.

Sophia got her Pakistani visa the next day.

This morning, it was my turn to apply for the same visa.  So I was standing in front of the visa window – with the same letter from our father (with my name this time, of course) – exactly five days after Sophia had applied for hers.   Anyway, so I found her munching on a cookie.  She immediately put the box of cookies away as I appeared, and smiled at me.  I handed her the documents and my passport.  She flipped through them.

‘Your sister was here last week.  She already got the visa,’ she said.

‘Oh, yes.  Right.  We’re flying out together,’ I said.

‘I remember your surnames.  And your father’s name,’ she said.

I smiled.

‘And she came with a guy,’ she added.

‘Ah yes, we know him,’ I assured her.

She wrote something on a small piece of paper, and while handing it out to me, said, ‘Congratulations on your sister’s engagement.’

The note said I can come tomorrow to pay for and claim my visa.

Despite the rush at the Pakistan embassy, her memory is pretty impressive.

PS:  So apparently there is some confusion on why we needed the visas.  Actually, only two of our family members are Pakistani citizens (father and youngest sister), while the rest of us hold a non-Pakistani passport – for various reasons.  Hence we need these Pakistani family member’s supporting documents and a valid visa each time we want to enter Pakistan.  But it’s not really difficult – specially after having been born there – we usually get the visas without any problem within 24 hours.

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21 Responses to The Lady Behind the Visa Window of the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai

  1. Well…ummm…I am a bit confused…you guys need a visa to visit Paklistan? Somehow I thought you are from Pakistan…

  2. masood says:

    I am sure those are not just cookies, they must be some brain-triggering

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  4. Mezba says:

    Sorry, don’t understand, if you are Pakistani citizen why do you need visa to visit Pakistan?

    • nadia says:

      Half of us in the family are not Pakistani citizens and have passports issued by another country, so those who are legally Pakistanis are already there, while two of us (foreigners, hehe) had to apply for a visa 😀

  5. Humaira says:

    Oh well, as long as you GOT the visa Mashallah! But we have ID cards and haven’t had a visa in ages, so won’t that work?

    • nadia says:

      By ID, you meant POC, right? That’s a seven-year multiple entry to Pakistan.

      Except that if the Indian consulate learns about it, they will take forever to issue me their visa. Because having that card would prove my Pakistani origin. So it’s better for me to apply for Pakistani visas the regular way.

  6. Haris Gulzar says:

    Ladies definitely have excellent memory when it comes to remembering names of other ladies :-P. Congrats on your sister’s engagement…

  7. Shahan Ur Rehman says:

    Congrats on your sisters engagement 🙂 May Allah bless the new relationship and give barakat (dont know the english) in it. Ameen…

    And on the memory of lady behind the window .. I bet you were the only next visa applicant for Pakistan after Sophia 😉

    • nadia says:

      Ameen to your dua, Shahan! And I am making the same dua for you too 🙂

      “…on the memory of lady behind the window” LOL. You make it sound as if she is no longer alive.

      Ji nahi, mujhsey pehley there were three people applying for visa :p

    • Muhammad Imran says:

      I think Mr. Shah ur Rehman you did’nt saw the queue on Visa window of Pakistan Consulate. you must visit their first and than you have to bet with someone

  8. very impressive..her memory was awesome…. well i feel quite amazed upon hearing someone applying for pakistani visa.. 🙂 welcome to Pakistan 🙂

  9. Specs says:

    Oh, and congrats on your sister’s engagement, Nadia! 🙂 Allah Mubarak karay 🙂

  10. Nauman Ahmed says:

    🙂 interesting… simple way of writing and forced me to read up to the end of the post. Forgot what i was doing and start investing the blog.
    I want to renew my passport from Pakistan embassy and doing Googling and got multiple link with your’s start reading the post and really enjoyed the way of writing.

    Carry on it’s good.


  11. sushil says:

    am from india and my wife is from pakistan are having one baby girl holding indian passport, i applied for my baby visa for pakistan very next day they provided. now my wife and my baby is in trouble in pakistan due to some family problems. i applied my visa 20 days back but still now they are not providing me a very shamfull work by pakistani councel dubai, they are giving me mental stress and harassment

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