I’ve been tagged – ages ago, I know and I’m so sorry it took me this long – by the sweet Alisha to list 10 things that I am grateful to Allah for.  For all the blessings that I’m showered with, it’s so difficult to choose just ten of them.  So for ALL of those blessings, I sincerely say …

I am grateful for …

1.  Islam.  It is my faith and belief in Allah that keeps me sane through every problem and trials in life.

2. Family.  Where would I possibly be without them?

3. Husband.  He has become my shareek-e-hayaat in its truest form.

4. Health. Everything is normal and it’s one of the blessings I’m immensely grateful for.

5. Career. It’s something that gives me confidence and raises my self-esteem.

6. Friends.  They always cheer me up.

7. Comfort and Security.  I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and even more.

8. Problems.  Because then I realize I pray even harder, and when I come out of it, it makes me realize the importance of happiness and serenity.

9. Education. Without which I’d feel so inadequate.

10. Desire to Practice Islam.  Just because I’m born a Muslim doesn’t mean I’ve been actively practicing Islam perfectly.  I’ve done so many silly mistakes in the past and I’ll be repenting them for the rest of my life.  BUT, what I’m truly grateful for is the fact that I have found a renewed passion to at least do the basics that’s required of me, and do it with passion and dedication.

And don’t forget to say:  mashaAllah!

Why don’t you take a moment off now and offer your gratitude to Him?

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11 Responses to Alhumdulillah

  1. Alisha says:

    Masha Allah, loved ALL of it. May Allah keep you happy and contented , always. 🙂

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  3. MashAllah, what a wonderful list! 🙂

  4. What a touching and beautiful list 🙂 Masha’Allah!

  5. nadia says:

    Alisha — Ameen to you dua!

    Masood, ‘liya, Smiley, and Sara — thank you all so much ((hugs))

  6. Specs says:

    I’m #6 😉 I feel goood, hehehe 🙂

    Allah aap ko hamesha khush rakhey and may you have more and more reasons to Thank Him. 🙂 Ameen

  7. Haris Gulzar says:

    “I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and even more.” Being satisfied and happy with whatever HE has given us is the best feeling of all (Y). Masha-Allah, a nice list…

    • nadia says:

      It’s the ‘bestest’ feeling of all, alhumdulillah! Though it’s not always like that because every once in a while we tend to forget our blessings, and that’s when one begins to notice all those things that he/she doesn’t have and feel ungrateful. Allah hum sab ko sabr ata farmaaye. Ameen.

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