Traditional Lanterns

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22 Responses to Traditional Lanterns

  1. Ubaid says:

    I have the first one at my place 🙂

  2. sakura says:

    nice pics sis!!!

  3. Umm Travis says:

    ma shaa Allah and u captured them beautifully!

  4. Great snaps!
    I really like the third image, the way the orange, yellow and black combine together, amazing.

  5. 'liya says:

    I like the first one!

  6. Specs says:

    I heart #2 and 3… I’ll have one of both for my birthday, thank you. 🙂

    Amazing photography (need I add ‘as always? ;-)), Nadia!

    • nadia says:

      LOL … you want lanterns for your birthday, Specs? Hmm, show me a picture of your home in Englistan and we’ll decide if these will look good there 😀

      Taareef is greatly appreciated but not necessary 🙂 How about constructive criticism for a change? I’d love to improve.

  7. masood says:

    Great pics, sweetheart 🙂

  8. ymiss says:

    I love traditional lanterns!! We bought back a few from Dubai.I want our entire house to have a traditional middle eastern look.

    • nadia says:

      I had been thinking about that too, that when we settle somewhere else (in the future) outside the middle east, we’d like to create the same ambiance in our new home. I’ll remember to buy some lanterns 🙂

  9. Hajar Alwi says:

    I sort of missed your photographs … thank you for producing brilliant masterpieces time and time again! 🙂

    • nadia says:

      I’m so inspired to take more pictures after reading amazing comment like these! I miss you too, Hajar. I know I haven’t visited you in while now, I’m so sorry, but I’ll visit today, inshaAllah 🙂

  10. Nizsha says:

    Assalamalikum Nadia,

    Been so long.Pretty lanterns.My Moroccan friend has her living room decorated with traditional Arabic/Moroccan kind of decor and she has a pretty lantern too.I think I have it as my profile pic.I was in love with it the minute I laid my eyes on it.

  11. Haleem says:

    We got some last time we were in Doha. They are lovely to look at!

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