Here’s the New Menu

I asked Masood to bring home some tandoori roti from a nearby Pakistani restaurant earlier today.  This restaurant has recently been renovated, adding a family hall where women and children can dine with some privacy.  Naturally, they felt it necessary to upgrade their menu card too.  So Masood brought home, along with the rotis, their menu so that we can call in and order food next time.

If you fancy a non-veg meal, you could order …

I purposely smudged the name next to ‘Mixed Grill’ because it gave away the restaurant’s name;  I didn’t want them to sue me.

Anyway, so when you get thirsty, you could ask for …

And the best part is that they deliver the food promptly right at your doorstep …

They’re grateful to their loyal customers, and remember to acknowledge it …

Can’t they just get someone to proofread first?

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23 Responses to Here’s the New Menu

  1. masood says:

    LOL..I didn’t know that I was bringing home your new post not the Menu card..:-p

    LOL 😀

  2. LOL@ Masood’s comment.

    Im starting to find it irritating now, i mean common its just spelling, get it right.

    Nadia, you should be a proof reader 😛

    Exactly! I mean, they have spent so much money and time on the restaurant and printing of their menu, but can’t get one person to go through the text just one time.

    Yeah, maybe I should 🙂

  3. 'liya says:

    Haha love it! 🙂
    You should circle in red all the errors on their take home menu and leave it for them to see.

    Oh, I think that’s a good idea! 🙂

  4. Niyaz says:

    It’s common in the middle-east ….wherever u go u can find atleast a single spell mistake… dubai being a trading spot at least they should check spelling na…

    To be frank most of the Muslims are not educated that’s the reason …even i had a big fight with a taxi driver few days back coz of english….lol

    Actually, I understand if someone is not literate. But when that someone wants to publish something (like a menu in this case), that someone can at least have someone come over and read the draft.

    What about that fight with the taxi driver? That sounds interesting. What exactly happened?

  5. that’s pretty funny but also- don’t most computer programs proofread the text/grammar (Microsoft word for example) ? I wonder what they were using…☺

    I’m assuming there’s no computer involved 😀

  6. Behbood says:

    LOL @ Charcool, Bavrage…

    …Our identity Tast and Tradion…

    I cant even figure out what the intentions here were 🙂

    LOL 😀

  7. Ubaid says:

    loved people’s comments :p

    Me too! I have a lovely bunch of readers in here 🙂

  8. Abid says:

    Hahaha why/how would they sue you? I doubt they even know how to use a computer :p

    Oh, haan na, lol. But just in case 😀

  9. Asma Ahsan says:

    Assalam o alaikum all,

    I have made a new blog. Hope you will all join me there.

  10. Specs says:

    Tsk Tsk, aik tu they’re providing entertainment at no extra charge… how many place actually do that, I ask you, how many?

    (On a side note- ROFLMAO! Erm, yes, that was me toning it down because I’m at work right now ;-))

    • nadia says:

      Okay, okay, no need to get all hyper … only this ONE place provides us free entertainment. Khush? 😀

      I don’t remember which one of your posts, but I was reading it at work too and I couldn’t NOT laugh. I wasn’t really ROF but I was definitely LFAO and everyone turned to look at me 😀

  11. Nizsha says:

    LOL oh and Nadia have you seen the drinks/smoothies menu at cafes like Hot Burger and so on….The spelling is allright its the names that crack me up.They have Titanic and Burj al Arab and internet.
    Do try to put it up if you get your hands on one.

  12. Haleem says:

    How is the food though? Surprising they couldn’t get someone to spell check! 🙂

  13. hfm says:

    They have the same problem in Indian advertisements too, I saw a billboard promoting ‘Drink & Drive’ for a energy drink :/

  14. Lol.. this post reminded me of one time we had trouble ordering at a local indian restaurant (a reputable one too) it wrote “Chill Chicken”! We were wondering if there is a missing “i” or was it meant to be really a cold chicken…

    but really they should get somebody to proofread.. it gets a bit dizzy sometimes reading all that….

  15. Arimas says:

    Trust me, I have spotted even worse spellings mistakes. The cafes and restaurants, especially the casual diners seem to pay no attention to proofreading/editing their menus. Hence you can not only order ‘Rassian Salad’, you can also have ‘prown fried rice’, ‘prown curry’ and ‘yogher tikka’ and so on and so forth. At least they are consistent with their bad spellings 🙂

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