Of Buildings and Trains

So while the weather is still oh-so-pleasant and cool, Masood and I have promised ourselves to go out for walks each evening (and not buy dessert on our way home) and spend the time planning for our tomorrow together.  It’s amazing how there’s always a topic to talk about.  Or maybe I’m just talkative – congenitally.  When I was in first grade – that was my first year in school because I never went through the kindergarten stage –  I came home with my very first report card that says, ‘Good in studies but talkative’.

Anyway, fast forward to tonight.  So while walking, we passed by this sign at a building …

Body buildings?!

We continued walking and decided to cross a drive-through to get to the back of this building …

But if course, it’s extremely important to advertise on the other side of the building as well … and make sure NOT to repeat the same spelling mistake again …

Yes, it says ‘BULIDING’.

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6 Responses to Of Buildings and Trains

  1. Humaira says:

    LOL! Some things just don’t translate well. I do love Engrish!

    I suppose that’s okay as long you spell it right at least 🙂

  2. Specs says:

    Muahahaha, that’s the best.

    Good thing it wasn’t a ‘GIM’ LOLZ. 🙂

    LOL … yeah, they got the GYM part correct 😀

  3. 🙂 is this really dubai?? somehow it feels so much like Pakistan…
    One thing for sure… att least these signs can make a person smile no matter how bad the day could have been!

  4. nadia says:

    Oh you can’t believe how frequently we find signs like these across the UAE! Yes, they do make us smile each time 🙂

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