UAE Celebrates 38th National Day

I had so many plans for today, but ended up staying in bed with a horrible headache, the kind that makes you want to rush to the hospital to have an MRI taken and insist on intravenous analgesics narcotic for relief.  Fortunately, it subsided in the evening, alhumdulillah, and we were able to go out for a family dinner at a Persian restaurant.

However, the rest of the U.A.E. celebrated today.  There was a colorful parade at Downtown Burj Dubai.  The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi had planned for the world’s largest fireworks, which will reach up to 2,000 metre into the air, will feature 100,000 devices to be set off from 12 barges situated offshore.

There is news about a solar-powered flag.

In Sharjah, the 2009 Etisalat–Sharjah Water Festival kicked off at Al Majaz Park and will run till December 12,  The line-up this year has a daily Sesame Street Performance, acrobatics, children’s entertainment shows at Mouj Land, carnival parades featuring clowns and stilt-walkers, circus shows and concerts.

Yet the country’s widely circulated paper decides to make a mistake today …

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7 Responses to UAE Celebrates 38th National Day

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  2. masood says:

    Looks great especially the Google thingy, they are simply awesome in making such logos.

    Oohh, I LOVE the Google themes! I want to collect them all!

  3. Specs says:

    HAHAHA @ the website mistake. Very sharp minded of you to have spotted it!

    I’m sharp minded like that when I have a horrible headache 😀

  4. oh wow!
    so blunders on a big scale do happen!

    They surely do.

  5. Hassan Raza says:

    lol on date thingy 😛 amazin to see a mistake like that on that like site…

    Could be just the excitement of the National Day 😀 Oh, and welcome to the blog!

  6. Good spotting there, I love the google themes too, some are proper creative.

    Oh yes, some are very creative. I’m planning to collect those I really like 🙂

  7. Nizsha says:

    Shatoora Nadia Thats Arabic means you’re a smart girl 🙂

    I miss those celebrations they also have fireworks on AD Corniche.My family enjoys the walk to the corniche almost every year.

    I kinda like how “shatoora” sounds 😀 Thank you, Sis!

    I heard about the AD fireworks, that it lasted for 45 minutes. FORTY FIVE MINUTES!

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