What People in Dubai Wore to the Park

Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide. ~Honoré de Balzac

Off we went to Mamzar Park (with a lovely beach) last Saturday for BBQ with some friends.  It was the second day of Eid, and since the weather has cooled down, the people of Dubai deserted the malls and headed to the park.  The ladies  – that would be us – sat on the concrete pavement near the gate, shaded by huge trees, while the men went in to look for a place where we they could grill.

After we (the ladies who sat on the pavement because the benches were all occupied, and those that weren’t didn’t have shade, and we so didn’t want the sun’s rays to penetrate the layer of Fair and Lovely over our skin) ran out of gossips, we directed our attention to what the people wore to the park that day.

With thousands of people of all ages, from every corner of the world, this wasn’t an easy task.  But here’s a list of what I saw people wear at the park (with the lovely beach) to do BBQ:

1.  killer high-heeled footwear (used for walking on the grass and beach)

2.  cotton shorts with neon floral patterns (and no shirt on)

3.  denim skirts (short ones) with fishnet stockings

4.  track pants and sneakers

5.  underwear

6.  business suit, complete with tie

7.  flowing abayas with heavy embroidery (with an open front that flaps with the wind, so the clothes inside can be seen)

8.  saris (the kind I would wear on my sister’s wedding)

9.  spaghetti-strap dress on top of a long-sleeved shirt.

10.  silk sherwanis that sparkled under the sun.


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14 Responses to What People in Dubai Wore to the Park

  1. masood says:

    lol.. I do remember the attire, and most of them are out of place. Remember I commented on the one who wore a business suit that he might have come directly to the beach from his Valima 😛

    lol … and he wasn’t alone. I saw at least four men in suits 😀

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  3. beyond says:

    fair and lovely. but why?

    Actually, desi people are quite obsessed with skin whitening creams, hence the reference to Fair and Lovely cream.

  4. Behbood says:

    Dress choice 2,5,8 and 10 look completely out of place…. and whacky….

    Still, people wore them to the park, and appeared to be having a grand time 🙂

  5. Specs says:

    Silk Sherwanis, hahahaha!! You’ve put together a wonderful image of the craziness, LOL. 😀

    Oh, let me tell you the sherwani colors I saw that day: purple, orange, black, and green 😀

  6. i have my mouth dropped and it will stay like this for an eternity now probably!


    hey did u send me an fb invite?

    I sent you the invite after reading this comment 😀

  7. Joud says:

    Love this post!
    I love little observations like these that most people usually just pass by and don’t even notice. 😀

    I love observing people!

  8. Abid says:

    Underwear??? Please tell me it was at least a guy that wore underwear to the park and not a girl!!!! *shock*

    Well, technically those would be call bikinis. But for me, they are still underwear. And the women were walking around the park in them :S

  9. Hahaha wow! Sounds like Cairo, where people can seriously over-dress sometimes!

    I suppose with people coming together from every corner of the planet, there’s this confusion of what’s appropriate to wear.

  10. Nizsha says:

    LOL you’re such a keen observer Nadia and have a wicked sense of humor too which I totally am in love with
    I wish I could see half of the craziness of the UAE in NY.Everytime I visit NY I come back and tell my hubby to take me shopping.Almost everyone in NY is so fashionably dressed from head to toe..scarves,hats,coats,boots,hand bags,
    hair all done at all times,nails done to perfection
    …and I wonder where do they find the time for all that.

    I’ve heard the same from my sister who returned from a NY trip sometime back. She was like, “Everyone looked like they just walked out from a Vogue pictorial” 😀

  11. Gosh all this at the park!
    sounds pretty colorful.
    I love observing people too, my favorite place is the airport.

    Airports here are boring; parks are colorful 🙂

  12. lol! looks like a fun place to be “people-watching”!! Something that I enjoy doing while in the trains here in Singapore.
    But the park in Dubai seems like an even more exciting place… hehe…

    Oh yes, train is a great place to do people watching! But I agree, not as exciting as our parks here 😀

  13. mubi says:

    hahahahaha who wears a sherwani to a park !!! unbelieveable

    Not just any sherwani, but those that sparkle and glitter under the sun with their “interesting” colors 🙂

  14. AS freedom of speech same as freedom of dressing LOLZ….

    That is what’s clearly happening here 😀

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