Marine Drive in Mumbai: The Queen’s Necklace

It’s officially called the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, a name I can never remember, let alone spell.  But for most of the Mumbaikars, this place will always be known as Marine Drive.  And it’s also fondly known as the Queen’s necklace because street lights along the curved road illuminate at night, resembling a diamond necklace.

Here’s an image that I’d googled:

Googled Image

Masood and I went to Nariman Point for some business one morning, and after we were done around noon, we walked towards Marine Drive.  I had been insisting to see this place even before arriving in Mumbai!  I’d seen it in movies and had been looking forward to being there myself.

nadia masood

Beautifully laid out in South Mumbai, Marine Drive is actually a ‘C’-shaped six lane concrete road, which lengthens to 3 km along the coastline – a natural bay – it’s coastline a part of the Arabian Sea.  It was built in 1920.

The highlight of Marine drive is the beautiful promenade along the road – lined with trees – where people take in a breath of fresh air and view the sunsets.

Surprisingly, Mumbai isn’t as polluted as Delhi or Hyderabad.  Auto rikshaws are restricted to certain areas here, and almost all public transports have been converted to use compressed natural gas, or CNG.  So even the noise level on the roads is pretty low.

nadia masood

I love the shape of these concrete rocks!  While we were sitting there enjoying the breeze and view, we noticed several small crabs having a walk on these rocks.

nadia masood

According to Wikipedia, real estate prices along the esplanade are among the highest in India, and fourth in the world at US$2100 per square feet. A lot of celebrities live here, making it one of India’s premier residential community.   No wonder we saw lots of luxury cars along this road.  Also, there are a lot of fancy restaurants on the other side of the road, opposite the bay.  But we chose to eat pav bhaji in Chowpatty Beach.

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13 Responses to Marine Drive in Mumbai: The Queen’s Necklace

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  2. 'liya says:

    It does look like a sparkling necklace in the night photo!

    Too bad I wasn’t able to see it myself 😦

  3. Ubeee says:

    love the first shot!!

    I googled it.

  4. masood says:


    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Alisha says:

    The second picture could have been taken at the Galle Face beach in Sri lanka, it looks that alike!
    Btw you have been tagged!

    Yay, a tag! Thank you, Alisha. I’ll get around doing it once I’m done with the India posts 😉

  6. Specs says:

    Wow!!! It DOES look as beautiful as its name! And whoa, its familiar from so many movies. Nice shots, Nadia!

    Thanks, Specs! Oh yes, I remember Sunjay Dutt and Circuit sitting on those rocks in one of the movies 😀

  7. Ms.Unique says:

    Wow … Masha Allah beautiful pic …. You are a great Photographer Nadia 🙂

    Oh, thank you so much, Sis!

  8. Abid says:

    Are you still in India?? :/

    No, we have returned to Dubai a week ago.

  9. Haleem says:

    Marine Drives does suit it well.

    I love those roads beside the sea. I saw quite a lot in Doha when we were there, as well as Jeddah.

    Oh yes, we have them in the UAE too. They’re called “corniche” here.

  10. Haleem says:

    those rocks are really interesting. Seen them in countless Hindi pictures, but are those rocks natural? or artificial cement? how did they become that shape? fascinating!

    No, they’re artificial. But I love the shapes! I wonder who came up with the idea.

  11. nishat says:

    whoooooooooo great beautiful place for love…………………….

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  13. Hello! Let me start by saying excellent work on the blog post. .. the only issue i had with it with the following sentence:

    “almost all public transports have been converted to use compressed natural gas, or CNG.”

    I am afraid you are confusing it with Delhi. The public transport in Mumbai unfortunately STILL runs on petrol! (sadly, this does not seem to make Delhi any less polluted than Mumbai!).

    I’ve lived in both cities and have recently returned from Mumbai and wanted to know more about the artificial rocks on Marine drive … and i came across your article!

    Really sorry again for being a pain and pointing this out.

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