Some NYF and Thoughts on Shooting With a Digital SLR Camera

I’m not huge fan of french-fried potatoes, but the other day at the Dubai Mall’s food court we walked past a group of Italian-looking men and women who were eating burger and fries.   What caught my attention was the fries they were having.  It looked interesting.  I stole a quick glance at their table to check where they had bought the fries from, and off we marched towards the NYF stall, where we ordered this …

nadia masood

Fries with spicy tamarind sauce with bits of jalapeño pepper, tomato, onion, and bell peppers.  NYF claims to use only the finest Russet potatoes cooked in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil, no trans fat, no cholesterol and low in saturated fats.   I choose to believe them so I don’t feel guilty after wards.

That wasn’t our dinner, of course.  We intended to eat healthy, so Masood had a brown bread (with herbs) sub while I ordered fish in spicy tomato sauce.  The fries was our appetizer.

So while Masood went to get his sandwich, I pulled out the D40 to take pictures of the food.  Naturally, people from the nearby tables turned to look at what I was doing, albeit for a few seconds.  At first, I thought they might be thinking that this hijabi girl has gone loca taking pictures of her fries.  Then I remember:  hey, I have a D40 in my hands.  That gives me the right to take pictures of the simplest thing around!  Then I decided that they were looking at my camera in particular instead of me taking pictures of the food.

That is why I love having an SLR camera with me.  With a point and shoot, it’s okay if I’m seen taking pictures of buildings and fountains and landscapes.  But I definitely feel silly taking pictures of leaves and flowers and food (in restaurants) and stones and twigs.  On the other hand, now that I’m armed with an SLR – and a Nikon at that – dangling oh-s0-gloriously from my neck, I feel I am licensed to shoot anything:  leaves, flowers, food, stones, and twigs.  It’s a professional camera and that’s what professional photographers do:  take pictures of leaves, flowers … you know the rest.

And I can assume different positions when taking pictures with an SLR – sit on the pavement, stand on a bench, lay on the grass, or climb a tree (the latter two I haven’t done yet) – and still look perfectly normal.  Imagine how’d I look in all these positions with a tiny point and shoot camera in hand.  Can’t imagine?  Allow me to provide you with an example …

nadia masood

Had this lady been taking this same picture – a bunch of wild flowers growing out of a concrete crevice – with an SLR, she would’ve looked more professional (and less silly).

Hence, Nikon D40 and I are inseparable except, of course, when I go out for work, but that’s when I bring my point and shoot camera (which is always in my bag anyway) to make sure I don’t miss anything interesting.

By the way, here’s the fruit of that lady’s labor …

nadia masood

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19 Responses to Some NYF and Thoughts on Shooting With a Digital SLR Camera

  1. masood says:

    Lovely! I am hungry again for the fries..:(

    I’m sure you’re craving for the “imli sauce” more than the fries 😉

  2. Humaira says:

    Those fires look yummy! Great photography Mashallah!

    They are super yummy in fact 🙂 And thank you!

  3. Amir says:

    NY Fries are the best…haven’t had them in a while though.

    What flavors do you get there? Here they sell nachos, cheese and imli. There’s one more but I don’t remember.

  4. Alisha says:

    So I take it the the lady in the pic is you? 🙂 the last pic looks so pretty.

    Thank you, Alisha! Let’s just say that lady is someone I know really well 😉

  5. Abid says:

    Is that lady you? :/

    Nice picture of the flowers in the end, BTW.

    I definitely feel the same way with my Canon SLR. Now to make it fit into my pocket so it can go everywhere…..

    Ji … woh ex-bechari main hi houn, but alhumdulillah not anymore 😀

    lol, but you know it won’t fit in your pocket. That’s one reason I carry around a bigger (not huge) bag so that everything is in one place – we girls like to carry our entire world with us each time we step out of the house – and fortunately, the D40 is small and light anyway.

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  7. Umm Travis says:

    I totally agree!

    Yay! I know you would feel the same way 😀

  8. Ms.Unique says:

    LOL … Masha Allah nice 😀 … I’d love to try those fries especially since you mention they’re healthy and guilt free coz I looooooooove friesssss 🙂

    I wonder if they have NYF here too … hmmm … gotta chk out this one 😉

    Thanks, Sis. But I think they only have branches in the UAE and Bahrain only (in the Middle East).

  9. Serene says:

    I guess you are the lady on the last picture…. 🙂 I could see that you are an enthusiast about camera! Keep on practicing!

    Thanks, Serene … I can’t get enough of photography. It’ll take hundreds of thousands of clicks before I can really look at a picture and be satisfied with the outcome.

  10. Ubeee says:


    It’s chatpata … created specifically for the desi taste buds 🙂

  11. Priya says:

    NYF ads wont have such a perfect shot on their items. Well done Nadia. Waiting for more from u ….:)

    lol … that’s a very flattering comment, Priya. I’m all smiles 🙂

  12. Joud says:

    Those fries look delicious, I love NYF.

    And I completely agree about the photography thing!! Not to sound lame, but that reason (appearing more “professional”) was one of the things that encouraged me to buy a DSLR. I felt as if people weren’t taking me seriously with a P&S, especially being arab, female, hijabi. So getting a DSLR made me more confident with taking photos. An issue I sometimes face now, though, is people wondering why on earth someone who looks like me would be doing with a camera that looks like that. But as long as I don’t care too much about what they think, it’s good, I think. Self confidence is key, I guess.

    Plus, another problem I have, is that my favorite kind of photography is street photography. That’s basically taking pictures of random people you come across in the street. I try to go unnoticed most of the time, but I’ve had a couple strange looks when people realize they’re in my photo.

    Since getting a DSLR though, I’ve become lazier with photography. Like you, I used to take my P&S everywhere, but now with this huge camera and heavy lenses, it’s too difficult. Sometimes I do take my P&S around, but when I do take a good shot with it, I’m always thinking “this would look so much better if I’d used my DSLR”.

    Sorry for the super long comment- as soon as I get going, I can’t stop. 😛

  13. Aqeel says:

    Hmmm. Yummy fries. I love them. Can I have some pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

    Sorry, too late. Masood and I have devoured ’em all.

  14. nadia says:

    Joud, thank you for your comment, Sis. I love it!

    I’ll have to agree that shooting with a DSLR camera gives you much more confidence, since you know you are armed with a professional tool. There is so much to learn and experiment with as well.

    “…people wondering why on earth someone who looks like me would be doing with a camera that looks like that…” — lol, I haven’t thought about peoples’ “looks” that way. When they look at me … it’s not directly “me”, but what I have in my hands.

    You are very brave to attempt street photography of random people. That is tough. I work the other way: I try to keep people out of my photographs.

    My P&S is always with me … literally…always. My D40 is very new and I only have the kit lens to shoot with – and both of them are very light and smaller in size (as compared to other DSLRs) so it’s easier to bring them around. Plus, I like to plan the days when I go out with the intention of taking photographs. So since I don’t have several lenses (or other equipment) to worry about, I easily bring my D40 with me.

  15. Gosh, that looks yum!
    && you captured it so well
    All this camera talk is fascinating, its like you pple with a camera speak your own lingo.

    Thank you, Sis! Oh, we haven’t been talking in our lingo yet 😉

  16. Salaam,

    Haha you read of my thoughts about how people will react if I have a camera with me and I take pictures. I don’t know, I still think they will look at me funny even with a DSLR. Paranoid people over here. 😆 Hmm I’ll have to try when I get one of those cameras insha’Allah.

    Yummy fries by the way!

    Walaikum Assalam,

    No, they won’t look funny after you go out there with an SLR. They will look at your camera in awe, wondering how much it would’ve cost you, and wishing they had the same 😀

  17. Francesca says:

    Hi Nadia! Very nice post! And very fun argument! Actually, it should be normal to take pictures of every simple ordinary thing with your point and shoot camera: we are living in the digital era! But I understand that, for non picture-addicted people, it could sound strange.
    Anyways, you have to know that us, Italians, are very curious, and we look at everything however, professional or not professional camera shoots, wondering, in any case, why so and why not so… : )

    lol, well yes, it should be perfectly normal to take pictures of the simplest things with a P&S, but that isn’t the case (based on my experience). And I think us Pakistanis/Indians are also very curious people 🙂

  18. Mezba says:

    Nadia, quick question – how much is the average price of D40 in Dubai?


  19. Shahrazad says:

    I totally feel you!

    It’s empowering to have a DSLR. You shoot with confidence, especially doing the multi shots (you probably have it in your d40, where it shoots continuously) try it, you’d see people staring with amazement while all you need to do it actually keep pressing the shutter button 😉

    Oh yes, that is something that I’ve tried as soon as I laid my hands on the camera, and it’s the coolest thing! 🙂

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