Dubai Metro: BurJuman Station

It has been renamed as  Khalid Bin Waleed Station after BurJuman mall’s big bosses refused to buy naming rights for it.

But since BurJuman – one of the oldest malls in Dubai with very high concentration of designer stores – is just next to it, everyone started calling it the BurJuman Station (which is also much easier to pronounce for a lot of people).

And this happens to be – to date – my favorite metro station ever.

nadia masood

The theme for this station is water.  As you enter the station, first thing you’ll notice is the blue ambiance.  Next, you’ll see a lot of pictures illustrating Dubai’s history in fishing and pearl diving.

nadia masood

It is the only station which has three levels and is also the deepest of the underground stations. It is 30 meters below ground level. The station has four entry and exit points, one on each corner of the intersection.

nadia masood

After paying for our tickets we went one floor deeper, where we were greeted by these gorgeous jelly-fish chandeliers that just took our breath away!  This station gave me the feeling of being underwater.

nadia masood

We stood and stared and marveled!

nadia masood

This is more than just a metro station;  it’s a museum of Dubai’s history.

My World

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29 Responses to Dubai Metro: BurJuman Station

  1. Umm Travis says:

    it is beautiful, but everytime i see the photos i think that is insane for a subway, subhanAllah. I heard so many ppl were leaving Dubai due to lack of work and other issues, and yet the country is still throwing money away. Seems preposterous in my opinion

  2. Wow, its beautiful!
    and the jelly-fish chandeliers are stunning.
    I agree with Umm Travis, i mean its gorgeous and all, but isn’t it a bit too much for a station?

    PS: I looked at the last picture and where you’re put your name, i thought it was actually written on the panel in the station, haha.
    Silly me.

  3. masood says:

    Wonderful! I love the name on the last picture 😛

  4. Mezba says:

    Those jellyfish light lamps are amazing.. really!

    So much money on a subway station – I wonder if they couldn’t tone it down a bit for more functionality.

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  6. Erin says:

    oh i like those jelly fish chandeliers…they are very interesting. beautiful metro station.
    have a wonderful week.

  7. It’s truly beautiful, Nadia. The colours, the chandeliers and the whole ‘underwater’ effect! Thanks for showing it to us – definitely worth sharing with the world!

  8. Tabib says:

    Amazing Dubai!.
    Unique chandeliers.

  9. Carver says:

    I’ve never seen a metro station that looked anything like that good. Beautiful.

  10. I love those chandeliers. Really really cool!

  11. fishing guy says:

    Nadia: I love the theme and those lights are very special.

  12. Stine says:

    I’m impressed by the clean lines, the opulent chandeliers, the beautiful blue… Very nice!

  13. Eileen says:

    How cool, I love the jellyfish chandeliers! So pretty. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  14. That is so beautiful, Nadia! Wow! I can only echo what the others have said, the colors, the chandeliers — amazing! Oh, yes, and definitely worth sharing! So glad you did! Your photos are delightful!



  15. Ebie says:

    Nadia, the train station is really beautiful. Love the framed art work and the jellyfish chandelier is very unique. I enjoyed the tour!

  16. Mishall says:

    Beautiful N pleasin to the eyes 😀 God bless.

  17. Wow – that metro station really does feel like you’re underwater. Those jellyfish chandeliers are truly awesome – I’ve never seen anything like them. They are stunning!

  18. ewok1993 says:

    Wow, those chandeliers are outrageously beautiful.

  19. Nice sequence of photos….very creative! So different to see a building like this…love the under sea theme and lights. Most unusual post of all! cheers.

  20. Della says:

    Wow! They have really made something of the metero station. Beautiful.

  21. lawstude says:

    love the glass chandeliers. the blues are way too cool. thanks for sharing.

  22. koala says:

    Wow, wow,wow. And hear I thought all metro stations have to be dull. This is spectacular.

  23. Haleem says:

    Don’t you love it when the public decides to do their own naming irrespective of the “official” name?

    The station looks lovely. I am glad Dubai is spending like this on the stations – they themselves become a tourist attraction. As someone who went to see New York’s Grand Central which was blah to put it mildly, the jellyfish bulbs are a welcome difference!

  24. Priya says:

    Too good Nadia. RTA owes u much for this :P. I bet people here haven’t noticed so closely as u did on the great work they have done.

    Thanks, Priya! That’s one skill you learn when you are passionate about photography: you see everything in a different, more detailed way 🙂

  25. Hajar Alwi says:

    These shots are spectacular sis! I don’t mind hanging out there at all!

  26. SandyCarlson says:

    I love the under-water theme. Those chandeliers are amazing.

  27. Paras G. says:

    Thank you for this post. I was in Dubai a little over 2 weeks ago and eager to experience the Metro, but somehow it didn’t happen due to a lack of time. Funny thing is, the hotel where I was staying was very close to Bur Juman shopping centre. At least I get to see what this station looks like now.

    You might find two entries on Dubai (with photos) on my blog/journal interesting. Check the first one out at

  28. tel4rent says:

    Great pictures on the blog. I love the deep blue color and the art work. I think it is great to walk / pass through such a beautiful station. After a day of work, strong heat there nothing like a refreshing station with beautiful colors, art work and objects…it is rejuvenating.
    Thank you RTA!
    Be well,

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