She Stands Up to Pray …

… then bows lies down for sujood.

Nadia Masood

Masood was trying so hard not to laugh during prayer.

A close family friend invited us to their new home for iftaar a few days ago.  They have an adorable daughter, mashaAllah, who is  two and a half years old.  She’s very friendly and talkative – just like how little girls are supposed to be.  When iftaar was spread out and everyone was sitting to make dua, she kept asking us, “Adhaan hogayi?”  Her face was so serious, as if she had been fasting the entire day and can’t wait for the adhaan!  But when it was time to break the fast, she barely ate a date.

Anyway, so when everyone stood up to get ready for prayers she ran to her mother and asked for her scarf and prayer rug.  Nobody had to tell her anything:  she asked me to fasten the scarf for her, went over to lay her rug besides Masood, and stood to pray.   She was so serious that all throughout her prayers, she only looked down towards her rug.  The only thing was that she forgot (or probably didn’t know) about rukooh.  So she went directly to make sujood – by lying flat on her belly, and stayed there for the rest of her salah!

But seriously, I am truly amazed and impressed.   May Allah bless her – and all the Muslim children – to remain steadfast in their faith and prayers.

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20 Responses to She Stands Up to Pray …

  1. masood says:

    Haha, MashaAllah 🙂

  2. Serene says:

    So cuteeeeeee! At her young age she already know how to pray…. Im really impressed! thanks for sharing the picture. If Im not mistaken on Monday will be the end of your fasting, right? Will it be like christmas for us Christian?

    Hi Serene! We’re expecting Eid tomorrow (if the moon is sighted later tonight) or on Monday. I’m having mixed emotions: sad because Ramadan is coming to an end, and happy because I get to celebrate Eid with my loved ones. If you’d like to compare it on the level of importance and celebrations – yes, I think we can say that Eid (we have 2 Eids each year) is as important for us Muslims as Christmas is for Christians. We start our day with special prayers and spend time with family, friends, and lots of food 🙂

    • Serene says:

      Hi Nadia,
      Thank you for explaining… I would like to experience your Eid 🙂 So when will be the next Eid?

      Next Eid will either be during the last week of November or the first week of December; it’s basically 70 days after this Eid.

  3. MashAllah, I am impressed, but i want to give credit to her parents as well who made her realize the importance of Namaz….

    True – parents are the first people to leave the most lasting impressions on a child.

  4. Haris Gulzar says:

    Thats so cute! You made me remember my niece doing the same when it was time for offering prayers. She had her own cute little prayer rug. And at aftaar, she would go out with my dad with a date in her hand to listen to the call for prayers, would pray with him after adhaan, and would come back in shouting Roza khol lo, and the date would still be in her hands :-).

    This was a nice post 🙂

    LOL – your niece is sooo cute, mashaAllah!

  5. Soooo cute! Mash’Allah!! She sounds adorable!

  6. Specs says:

    Awww, LOOL.

    Masha’Allah, she’s TOO CUTE!

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  8. Amir says:


    Kids are adorable like that 🙂 Mashallah

  9. Humaira says:

    So cute Mashallah! And Ameen!

  10. Abid says:

    hahaha very nice story!

    “only thing was that she forgot (or probably didn’t know) about rukooh. So she went directly to make sujood”

    I can’t tell you how many times I have seen kids at the mosque do this exact thing! What is it with rukooh that so many kids forget it I wonder?

    I think they find sujood more – interesting – and hence make haste to do it 😀

  11. Alisha says:

    That pic actually made me burst out laughing! She looks SO funny lying down like that! Masha Allah what an adorable kid. 🙂

  12. Ms.Unique says:

    Ameen …. Awwwwww sooooo sweeeeeet …. Masha Allah … it’s really nice to see kids do that 😀

  13. nadia says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone 🙂

  14. lol, aww that is so cute!

  15. sakura says:


    that girl is soooo cute…

    im back home sis!!!!!!

    Walaikum Assalam, Sis. So you are back home for the Eid holidays … that’s great! Hope you have a very nice time with your family and friends 🙂

  16. mubi says:

    hahaha cute.. 😀

  17. Wakas Mir says:

    hehe so cute 🙂 Allah bless the choti

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