Surf Safely: The UAE Way

This is what I get when I try to view all the gorgeous pictures in Flickr …

Surf Safely

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18 Responses to Surf Safely: The UAE Way

  1. Serene says:

    Is this for real? Im so sorry for you my dear… 😦

    Very real 😦

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  3. Sabiha says:

    Haha really? Poor Nadia.

  4. Niyaz says:

    Huh!! sad to hear ….next is facebook , youtube , twitter and list vl go on lols

    They can block Twitter, I don’t care … but not Facebook and Youtube!

  5. Abid says:

    Is this Du’s page or Etisalat’s new one?

    Du’s page

  6. Amir says:

    haha…ummm…what is that on her face?!

    A traditional niqab

  7. Specs says:

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Is that a paper-napkin-turned-niqab?! Hahaha

    So, the part where it says ‘if the site that you’re trying to access does not contain any such content, please click here’… did you click ‘here’??

    Paper-napkin-turned-niqab – lol. That’s a traditional niqab – usually in shades of gold – which I have seen a few women wear in the UAE.

    Yes, I clicked there and was directed to a page where I was asked to fill out a form asking for my name, address and phone (all mandatory fields) – and a box to type in and justify why the site should be un-blocked. I was busy doing something else, so didn’t bother.

  8. why the site is blocked? danger signs for youtube, orkut, facebook etc etc… 😀

    Possibly because of some people posting nude pictures. Orkut is blocked as well.

  9. Abid says:

    “I was busy doing something else, so didn’t bother.”

    I did fill that form out for Etisalat, asking them to unblock Flickr last summer. I guess they are still ‘looking into it’. lol

    lol – so it means filling out that form is useless; they will block what they want blocked.

  10. Haris Gulzar says:

    I’d say the way they have apologized for not letting you see the page is nice. They first tell you why internet is important, and then they tell you why they wont let you use what they consider unimportant. By the way, I think thats a good control at practice, though very strict, but something at least.

    And what is the significance of that paper-napkin-turned-niqab lady standing with a thermos and a cup in her hands (thats what I suppose she is holding?)

    It’s a good practice … but can’t they just block the contents which are inappropriate? Anyhow, I’m glad WordPress is allowed here 🙂

    I have absolutely no idea what the connection is between the lady and a blocked website. Plus, she’s giving that sarcastic look.

  11. Behbood says:

    Whatever is hanging down from her forehead must be heavy… her eyes tell the tale 🙂

    She’s got long silky hair though… I guess the Pros and the Cons even out 🙂

    LOL – it’s not the niqab that’s heavy; she’s giving that you’re-trying-to-browse-a-blocked-website look! And that’s not her hair … it’s her scarf 😀

  12. That’s umm Sa’eed from the TV series Freej, funny stuff. But I’m sorry you can’t see flickr that is just stupid.

    Some women (I think older generation) in UAE wear this

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