Nadia Masood

Allah is such that He and His angels send blessings to you, so that He brings you out from all sorts of darkness into Light; and He is Very Merciful to the believers. Their greeting, on the Day when they will meet Him, will be ‘Salaam’. [Qur’an 33:44-45]

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16 Responses to Light

  1. Shahrazad says:

    May Allah grant us all eternal paradise, amen!


  2. Amir says:


    We must also remember the time from darkness to light may be long and we must be patient as well

    And Ramadan is the best month to practice sabr.

  3. Umm Travis says:

    I want more photos!


    miss u sis! Hope Ramadan is going well! May Allah accept your deeds and answer your duaa!

    Ameen! And may He accept yours. Ramadan is going great, alhumdulillah.

    Believe it or not, my Nikon still hasn’t been outdoors. Poor thing. Masood and I have been working overtime since the last few weeks that we hardly have anytime left to go out. Maybe after Eid, inshaAllah, I will have time to shoot outdoors (plus the weather will start to cool down).

  4. Abid says:

    subhanallah! How’s ramadan going for you guys?

    Ramadan is going great, alhumdulillah! How’s yours?

  5. Hajar Alwi says:

    Just about the perfect photo to accompany the verse! Gosh, how I miss your photos~!!!

    Have a blessed Ramadhan sis! May Allah S.W.T bestow upon us, blessings aplenty!


    Aww, thank you! I miss taking pictures. Indoor photography isn’t my thing, but that’s the only option at the moment (no time and energy to go out to shoot). InshaAllah after Eid, will go out and explore again πŸ™‚

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  7. Mashallah. Beautiful! And beautiful pic as well πŸ™‚

  8. AD says:

    I was just reading something and I thought I’d share it here

    “The very first verses of the Quran tells us that it is a book for those who believe in the UNSEEN (3/2). If you need a “miracle” before you will believe then the Quran is not for you.”

    and then we stop believing just cuz we dont see anything happening!

    I think miracles happen when you believe first. JazackaAllah for sharing that, Sis. Have a happy Ramadan!

  9. uneekmuslimah says:

    Masha Allah nice one πŸ˜€

  10. Haris Gulzar says:

    This verse so assures us hope of Allah’s mercy Insha-Allah. Thats a nice share.

  11. Quest says:

    patience is a jewel that adds value in time. Ramadan kareem sis :_)


    Ramadan kareem to you and your family πŸ™‚

  12. Wakas Mir says:

    May Allah bless us all and Bless u n bro with good health .. ameen πŸ™‚


  13. Mishall says:

    Subhan-Allah πŸ™‚ Wonderful sharing – Ramadan Mubarak N God bless.

    Ramadan mubarak to you. Welcome to the blog! πŸ™‚

  14. Haleem says:

    Hope you are having a fantastic Ramadan!

  15. May Allah bless us all to follow the right path and help us to be a momin….
    nice sharing…. πŸ™‚


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