I’m Farming These Days

I’ve taken a sudden interest in farming.  I’ve officially started in early June, when I ploughed a small piece of land and planted tomatoes.  The thing is, I didn’t pay attention to when exactly the harvest would be ready.  So when I returned to check on them, they have all withered away.  I was left with little money, and didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, so I ploughed the fields again and spent all that was left of my money on planting corn.  This crop takes a considerable amount of time to grow, hence I was able to check back on them just in time for harvest.

Then out of nowhere, my younger sister – who is an accountant by profession – suddenly took interest in farming as well.  She started just a few weeks ago.  And when I visited her farm last week, I was amazed to find out that her farm is filled with raspberries.  Not only that, she also had several trees, sheep, cows, chickens, and ducks.  Her farm has flourished abundantly in such a short period of time!

You see, I’m a level 11 farmer (in two months time) while Sophia is a level 16 farmer (in just 3 weeks) at Farm Ville.  Sometime last week, we were chatting online and I had to ask her the secret of her success.  “It’s simple,”  she said, “plant something that grows the fastest, like raspberries.  The more you harvest and plough, the more points you earn.  What’s your strategy?”  she asked me.  “Um, well … I chose plants that took at least 10 hours to grow so that I plant in the morning and harvest them before going to bed,” said I.  “It’ll take you forever to gain points that way,” she chuckled.

Two days later she was telling me, “I have ten thousand coins now.  I am saving to expand my farm.”  I checked my account:  300 coins.

Therefore I have adopted her strategy and planted strawberries, which becomes ready for harvest in about four hours.  So now I harvest twice a day.  I started earning more coins and points faster than ever before.  My neighbors also increased in number, and I started earning more coins by visiting them and helping out in their farms.


Animals in my farm

A couple of days ago Masood and I were stuck in traffic on our way to work.  We were at Garhoud bridge when I felt my phone vibrate in my bag.  It was a text message from Sophia:  Your rice is ready – harvest – hurry! And I thought, “Oh haan, it’s already 12:15 pm!”  So I dialed her number, “I’m stuck in traffic, can’t do anything.”  “But what if all your rice goes to waste?  Okay, give me your user name and password.  I’ll harvest them for you,”  she suggested.  And she did, saving my harvest and precious coins!

Then yesterday, when a lost cow wandered about in my fields, I sent out a message across Facebook:  Sophia, please adopt this cow.  By the time she logged in, it was too late;  the cow has already been taken by someone else.  Minutes later, she sent me a message:  Please call me before you post the notice about lost cows. And that’s what she does when she finds lost cows – she calls me right away.

Last night, Farm Ville hang up on me – just in time for harvest!  Luckily, I found Sophia online.

Nadia:  Are you able to access Farm Ville?  It hang up for me.

Sophia:  Yes, I’m ploughing right now.

Nadia:  Can you please harvest my pumpkins?

Sophia:  Sure, I’ll do that.

She saved my farm once again!


The pumpkins are ready for harvest!

And she gave me email addresses of two of her colleagues, so that I could send them friend requests and make them my farm neighbors (hence, more chances of earning coins and points).  Both ladies are now my neighbors.

Surprisingly, Masood finds all of this pretty hilarious, “I bet your family doesn’t know that two of their daughters are now farmers!”


My farm


I’ve officially resigned (read: got bored) with Farmville.  And I’ve chosen to “hide” its updates in Facebook so I no longer see who planted what, who sent a goat to whom, or who has just received a horse.

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18 Responses to I’m Farming These Days

  1. Amir says:

    so this is Farm Ville? A friend of mine is a huge “farmer’. One day there must have been a bug and he won a bunch of awards. My entire news feed was FILLED with cows, ducks, and other various Farm Ville propaganda updates. This takes a lot of time though no?

    Your animals are so well behaved…all lined up like that 😉 haha

    If one is addicted, it can take up an entire day! I spend around 15 minutes thrice a day on my Farm. But knowing myself, I’ll be bored soon. Oh yes, my animals are well behaved 😀

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  3. Francesca says:

    Oh! Along the first part of your post I was trusting that you really started an horticultural hobby (and I was enthusiastic to see someone having my same propensity)!
    Anyway, since I grew up in a farmers’ family, I can say that your agricultural activity looks very luxuriant and orderly. Good job! (And funny post!)

    Oh I’d love to plant – not farming – but something like gardening. Unfortunately we live in an apartment here, in the middle of the desert, where the weather is pretty hostile. Perhaps in the future, inshaAllah, when we’re back home in India or Pakistan.

  4. wana says:

    Im a farmer too but in Farm Town 😉 im trying to save like 300000 coins to buy a mansion 😀 LOL

    I think Farm Ville is better because you need to click so many times for a certain task in Farm Town.

  5. Ubaid says:

    bajo i am still playing restaurant city, and there is a new game speed racing one thats good as well 🙂

    I started with Restaurant City, but that sort of bored me. I’ll check that racing game during weekend.

    • helloshiyuan says:

      Hey im playing restaurant city too but it always disconnects and unable to load. -.- And its quite laggy. But i like the game alot too. ;D

  6. Alisha says:

    I was very puzzled in the first part of this post and giggling the rest of it after the penny dropped. Hehehe. Good luck with the farming! 😀

    Thanks, Alisha! But my sister is the one playing for me these days 😀

  7. helloshiyuan says:

    Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog. ;D And haha yes im farming in farmville and farmtown lol. But i think farmville’s better cause there’s some use for the animals. In farmtown, the animals cant produce anything to sell lol. Yeah. And yes, im earning money at a v slow pace cause i always miss my harvest times. Haha but now’s better! ;D Have fun with farmville!

    Yes, I do think Farm Ville is much better. Oh, I miss my harvest time ALL the time. Luckily, my sister is there to save my crops 😀

  8. uneekmuslimah says:

    Masha Allah! thats soooo beautiful and great 🙂 … Lucky U , dat your sisters helping u out 😦 .. I’m always left alone … though Hajar and u help me out with some of the work …. but I’m so busy and even if I dd want to do it my MUM won’t allow me to spend that much time on it …. I wish I could do it too … :s

    My sister not only helps with the harvesting, she’s plowing, planting, giving gifts, and helping others’ farms from my account. She’s also getting her share from the bonus money 😉

    Your Mum is right actually, shouldn’t spend that lots of time on online games 🙂

  9. When I first started reading I thought you meant that you had started farming for real!! Lol!
    This sounds like so much fun!

    LOL – well, it’s more fun if you have someone play for you most of the time 😀

  10. Hajar Alwi says:

    LoL~ This is such a cute post! Howdy fellow farmer~! Which reminds me … I haven’t been sending items for the last few day ‘cos I was away from home. Aih~~~ Will do so momentarily. Passion Fruit Tree coming you way! 🙂

    Aww, thanks Hajar! Thanks for the passion fruit tree in advance 😀

  11. masood says:

    Good profession in this recession time 🙂
    No one will believe a technology can change a doctor and accountant to a software farmers..lol 😉

    Yeah, and we’ve involved Ammi as well, lol 😀

  12. mubi says:

    in the beginning of the post i was like WOW nads is farming !! how cool :p but then as i scrolled down i was like no , not you too :p

    what fun is there in a virtual farming i wonder :$


    Well, it takes my mind off from the palm trees, glass buildings, traffic and desert dunes for sometime 🙂

  13. Alisha says:

    waiting for your next post. 🙂

    Aww, so sweet of you, Alisha! Had been so busy lately, it’s crazy 😀

  14. lolsssssssssssssssssss

    i thought u r ACTUALLY farming 😉 like maybe in backyard or something

    If only I had a backyard *sigh* I’d never get involved in virtual farming.

  15. frozeefa says:

    sister, u cheated..
    u shld be harvesting not ur sister..so thats not exactly your harvest…its ur sisters…hahah GOTCHA

    It’s not cheating … it’s helping out 😀

  16. Haleem says:

    When I first started reading this I thought you were farming for real!!!

    That’s why I mentioned Farm Ville in the third paragraph … to give the impression that I’m farming for real 😀

  17. That’s a nice farm you have there.

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