Keep Yourself Motivated for Studies

“Invest in yourself,  in your education. There’s nothing better.”  ~ Sylvia Porter

The following is a guest post from Khurram Zahid.

Motivating yourself for studies is quite a difficult task, and when you are working as well with your education, you find very less time to study. In this day and age, any type of information whether it is academic or non academic is just a click away. Just type a keyword related to your information requirement in any search engine and you will have much good material to read.

Besides all the facilities available at your finger tips, it’s still difficult to motivate yourself for study. Getting admission at any good university, taking classes and so on is the easiest part, but when it comes to study at home, you can’t find yourself motivated to open your books and study further. In this article I would like to suggest some points that will make you to keep motivated towards studies.

Think about your Big Goal

You know for sure that you are studying for a purpose; you have got admission at a good institute, you are paying a high amount in the form of fee, buying expensive books, everything you are doing is for a reason, but when you need to study, you forget the purpose and reason for your education.

Hence, whenever you find yourself loose and less motivated, start to think about your big goal. What you will achieve if you study hard now, what position you will get in the society, and what financial reward are waiting for you after you complete your studies successfully.

You are investing your Money and Time, Think

Time and Money both are considered as the most valuable resources in this world. And when you get admission in any institute or university for higher education, you actually agree to invest these resources to achieve your goals.

Getting professional education, in these days and age, is not inexpensive; you need to pay a fortune and need to spend years for gaining invaluable education.

When you find any excuse for not studying, think about your investment; think about the money you have been paying, which you or your parents have earned after working hard. With these thoughts in mind, you will automatically get motivated to study.

Knowledge is Power, Remember!

We all know, as our parents and teaches told us in our childhood, knowledge is power. This philosophy is still applicable, even knowledge has now become more powerful in this information age. You need to focus more on your studies to become competent and knowledgeable in your institute, in your job and in your circle of friends.

Who doesn’t want to become well appreciated in the community, and when you are equipped with diversified knowledge and information, everybody will find you as a thought leader in the community.


A very knowledgeable person once said “no pain, no gain” and it’s true. Little pain with studying, leads to a greater reward in the future. So, keep yourself motivated for the studies.

Khurram Zahid has been blogging for students, and writes about education, career development, motivation and leadership. He represents his institute, KASBIT, through his blog KASBIT MBA WEEKEND.

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13 Responses to Keep Yourself Motivated for Studies

  1. nadia says:

    Khurram, thank you so much for your contribution. Pursuing higher education is something Masood and I have always planned to do. InshaAllah, in the near future, we will make our dream come true.

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  3. Thanks Nadia for posting my article, much appreciated. I will InshAllah contribute some more articles if you dont mind.

  4. Ubaid says:

    mujhey nahi perhna 😦

  5. Niyaz says:

    Very useful article for students

  6. Thanks for posting this Nadia 🙂 Great article! Concise and to the point.

  7. Cavaliere says:

    The quest for knowledge is our religious obligation too (:
    Nice post.

  8. sakura says:


    thnk u very much sis… very useful for me!!
    “no pain, no gain” ..its true..

    gonna study hard.. 😀 ill come back as a doctor.. its a promise.. 😀

  9. Thank you everybody for wonderful comments…

  10. Hajar Alwi says:

    Brilliant write-up. Thanks for sharing Nadia. Life is a never ending learning experience. 🙂

  11. Prashanti Chopra says:

    Very nice article. Nice job Mr.khurram! And yes, thanks Nadee for posting it.

    I like the layout. Good sub-headings and content is precise, to the point & well focussed.

  12. Haris Gulzar says:

    This is all so true, but I’d say this isn’t only limited to these points. The points mentioned here are mostly theoretical arent they? There are points like what expectations people have from you (and it might not seem relevant because you study for yourself, but I can bet this is so relevant), and what society you live in. Plus what are your own dreams etc. And besides, motivation can come even if you dont think of all these points, and at times it doesnt come even if these points are hammered into your brain. It probably depends on individual situations. But still, its a great write up.

    Thanx for sharing Nadia, and nice work Khurram (Y). Keep it up.

  13. subhash says:

    Thank you very much for your article it is very motivating and inspiring.

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