Lost in Translation

This is so much fun!  While randomly browsing the web, I came across Google Translate and decided to give it a try.  Initially, I wrote a paragraph myself and had it translated, but it didn’t feel quite … exciting.   Therefore, I’ve randomly selected paragraphs from the blogs that I frequently visit (without their permission) and translated them to another language, like Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.  I then had them translated back to English.

The original text from Falakk

Now, before you start saying I should be enthusiastic about going to mosque because I get to learn about my religion and pray Qur’an and what not, let me interrupt you. We hardly do anything. Oh sure, we pray a little Qur’an and learn a little about our religion, but really, it’s not anything I didn’t know before. And hello, the mosque is chock-a-block full of little kids. They fight and pull each other’s scarves off, cry, sidle up to me and tell me I look very pretty, keep staring at me (this part is very creepy!), giggle and gossip. The mosque aunties yell for order, but end up chatting amongst themselves. Me? I sit there staring at the clock, waiting for 12 o’clock so I can go home already.

Translated to Japanese

さて、私の前に、私は宗教と祈るクルアーンとは、学ぶことについて私にお邪魔せ得るモスクに行くいきごむするべきであると言って開始します。私たちはほとんど何もありません。まあ確かに、私たちは少しクルアーン祈願し、我々の宗教については、本当に少し学ぶと、今まで何も知らなかったわけではない。捨て、モスクぎっしりですが、小さな子供たちの完全なブロック。彼らと戦うと、私ににじり寄る泣く互いのスカーフを成功させると私は非常にきれい、見て私のこと(この部分を見つめて教えて非常に不気味だ! )、クスクス笑うとゴシップ。モスクauntiesため、大声を上げるが、自分の間でチャットを終了します。私?私は時計を見て、 12時に帰宅することができますので、私はすでに待って座っている。

Translated back to English

Now, in front of me, I pray the Quran and religion, you start to say that the mosque should be enthusiastic about going to bother you I could learn about it. We do not have anything. Well certainly, we pray for a Qur’an, our religion is about, and really learn a little, but did not know anything until now. Abandoned, the mosque is full, complete block of small children. And fight them, the success of the scarf and I cry each edge up to me very clearly, I see (a very creepy I looked at this part!), Gossip and giggle. Mosque for the aunties, yell, and then close the chat among themselves. I? I looked at the clock, 12 o’clock, so you can go home, I sit waiting for now.

The original text from Specs

The stenographer is typing a document and she comes in to show the draft for corrections when the woman screams, ‘This one! She’s trying to listen in on our conversation so she can cheat me.’  The A. D texts me a message that says in so many words ‘RESCUE!’ so by the time I get there, there’s no lady there. Only the A.D. ‘Where’s the lady?’ I ask. ‘She just went to get something. Lets run,’ she suggests.

Translated to Traditional Chinese

正在輸入的速記員的文件,她是在顯示的更正草案時,女子的尖叫聲, ‘這一個!她試圖監聽我們的談話,讓她騙了我。 ‘ D文本的答:我這樣的消息在這麼多的話,救援! ‘這樣的時候,我有,沒有夫人的。只有公元’在哪裡夫人? ‘我問。 ‘她只是去獲得一些東西。可以運行, ‘她建議。

Translated back to English

The shorthand writer is typing a document, she shows that the correction in the draft, the woman’s screams, ‘This a! She tried to listen to our conversation, she cheated me. ‘D version of the A: I have news in so many words, the rescue! ‘This time, I have no wife. Only Year ‘Where is his wife? ‘I asked. ‘She is just to get something. Can run, ‘she suggested.

The original text from Nisa

I’m very bad with road directions. I really should have a GPS navigation system in my car (hint hint). Typical female you say? Nopes, it’s just me. For the past donkey years before I got my driving license and when I was still being driven around (in car, cabs or bikes), the routes have never been of much interest to me. Instead of looking at the roads and the surroundings, I used to close my eyes (and daydream) till I reach my destination.

Translated to Arabic

أنا الطرق سيئة للغاية مع الاتجاهات. أنا حقا يجب أن يكون النظام العالمي لتحديد المواقع نظام الملاحة في سيارتي (إشارة تلميح). تقول امرأة نموذجية؟ Nopes انها مجرد لي. طوال السنوات الماضية قبل أن الحمار حصولي على رخصة القيادة ، وعندما كنت لا تزال تسير نحو (في السيارة أو الدراجة سيارة أجرة) ، والطرق ، ولم يكونوا قط من اهتمام كبير بالنسبة لي. بدلا من النظر في الطرق والمناطق المحيطة بها ،وكنت قريبة من عيني) واحلام اليقظة) حتى الوصول الى بلدي المقصد الأول

Translated back to English

I am very bad roads with directions. I really must be a GPS navigation system in my car (Hint reference). Says a woman pilot? Nopes it’s just me. Over the past years before I got my ass on the driver’s license, and when you are still moving around (in the car or a motorcycle taxi), and roads, have never been of great interest for me. Instead of considering the roads and the surrounding areas, and I close my eyes (and the dreamers) to get to my destination.

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17 Responses to Lost in Translation

  1. davis says:

    always fun — I tried to do Farsi once but couldn’t make sense of it

  2. falakk says:

    Ahahaha! How bizzarely fun! xD

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  4. Specs says:

    “A: I have news in so many words, the rescue! ‘This time, I have no wife. Only Year ‘Where is his wife? ‘I asked. ‘She is just to get something. Can run, ’she suggested.”<– ROFLMAO!!!

    Oh this is classic, Nadia! Hahahaha *wipes eyes*

  5. Haris Gulzar says:

    HAHAHAHA :-P. Tell you what, I once did an online project where I had to write a piece of writing in my own words, I opened up this google translator, copy pasted the text there, translated it into some language and then back to english :-P. Exactly what you did here. And guess what? it worked :-P. Though at times I did have to put in some of my own effort as well 😀

  6. “A: I have news in so many words, the rescue! ‘This time, I have no wife. Only Year ‘Where is his wife? ‘I asked. ‘She is just to get something. Can run, ’she suggested.” LMAO!! i laughed soo bad at this!

    Thanks for sharing Nadia, this is brilliant 😀

  7. Google launched one other service few days back. It can convert your roman urdu fonts in to real urdu typeface. Its really fun….

  8. Ms.Unique says:

    LOOOOOOOOL …. I know it’s so ridiculous … that’s why I try to translate word by word 😀

  9. Alisha says:

    ”For the past donkey years before I got my driving license …”
    After translation:
    ”Over the past years before I got my ass on the driver’s license…”
    The translator seems to be not-so-polite! 😉

  10. Hahaha that was funny! I should try doing that sometime =)

  11. masood says:

    WOW, what a creativity 🙂

  12. Behbood says:

    Loved Nisa’s translated text…. “‘…..I got my ass on the driver’s licence….”. LOL

  13. Haleem says:

    quite funny! I was LOL-ing.. .really!

    I have seen some Indian people literally translate word by word when they speak.

    “Udhar Jara ha ho, na?”


    “There you going, no?”

    when the proper should be “Are you going there?”

    I always find that funny they even carry the tone of the voice into English!

  14. Amir says:

    haha…I liked the last one best, it was too funny.

  15. Sabiha says:

    LOL I liked the first one the best!

  16. Nisa AK says:

    LOL, I just came across your post and had the heartiest laugh of the week! All the translations are sooo funny!

    Anyways, now all I need is to get my ass on the GPS before i can drive far and away by myself without getting lost hehehe

  17. Mishall says:

    😛 Wow – Fun N v interestin as well hehe 😀 Always great to try out new things. Amazin share N wonderful blog, keep it up 🙂

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