“GOOGLE.COM, is the owner of YOUTUBE.COM and has an attorney firm on some type of financial arrangement trying to scare people into giving them their website domain names if they contain anything with the sound or appearance of the words like “tube”, “you”, “youtoo”, “youtube”, “tubeyou” or even words like “tub”, if connected in some way with anything like “U”.” Listen to Yusuf Estes, as he tells about Google forcefully taking the rights to this site:

Or read Yusuf Estes message here.

Yusuf Estes is an American convert to Islam and former National Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons and Delegate to the United Nations World Peace Conference for Religious Leaders.

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  2. Abid says:

    In all fairness, “Youtube” is a Google copyrighted trademark.

    According to the WhoIS data for, the domain was purchased on 27-Jan-07, which is almost TWO YEARS after Youtube was first created.

    It’s not a matter of hating Islam, not using Google ads, seeing people entering Islam, or dealing unjustly with them. The truth is that in a court of law, Google will definitely win this case.

    It’s simply trademark infringement.

  3. uneekmuslimah says:

    Jazak Allah KAhairan Nadia ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yusuf Estes says:

    Excuse me. That would only be in the case where the trademark was in fact, used. It never was. Also, you cannot automatically “copyright” similar names. Each name is distinct and unique. And if you read the stories on our website you will see that Google got sue for copying the “exact” name of another company “UTUBE” but used their Googly power on the Internet and not only they did not change their name (a new one then) but they made the original owner CHANGE HIS NAME.
    “Have to do your homework before answering the test questions”

  5. masood says:

    Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Adnane B. says:

    I second Abid.

    My only observation is for Mr. Yusuf Estes to have an inner dialogue with himself and ask the question: did I choose to name my website prefixed with YouTube in order to take advantage of the popularity of YouTube? If the answer is yes, isn’t this some sort of cut-corners shrewd job? Even if the end result is to provide a better understanding of the basics of Islam, but the means do not justify the ends. Isn’t Islam about the subtle things like intention? Purify your intention, and if you have to start with a clean authentic and unique name then so be it. That is courage and if you provide good content people will come.

    I hope you understand that it is about trademark infringement and not about going after islam like you make it sound. Think about it. You’re probably fusing more hatred in the hearts of people against YouTube, a company that is providing immense information to those who use it properly, and the company that inspired you in the first place to start and name your website.

    Salam and cheers from Boston.

  7. IK says:

    Brother Yousuf I think I understand your points but personally I would never have named a site so close to another because you are an intelligent person and probably knew this could happen.

    As you have been inspired to do great things on the internet, create a new name…forget tubeislam…something new and inshallah that will catch on.

    You can never win against a company like google as you have found out!!

  8. Mezba says:

    I think Google will probably win this as the name infringement is close – it in fact leads people to believe the site is somewhat related to youtube or maybe is an youtube channel.

    If I was mr Yusuf I would choose another url.

  9. Specs says:

    I’m in two minds on this. Its easy to go on the lets-hate-the-giant binge but in all fairness, even though its not TECHNICALLY copyrighted, it is cutting corners in a not-so-decent-way.

    I cannot put up a blog saying ‘Life with Nadia Masood’ even though its not copyrighted…because its MISLEADING. And its cashing in on the popularity of someone else. In religion at least, we should understand the unpleasantness this kind of mudslinging brings in its wake…

  10. Texas Police Officer says:

    This country is based on FREE SPEECH. Yousof Estes has not violated any copy right laws or anything of that nature. I bet if it was a YOUTUBECHRISTIAN.COM then no one would have said anyything, or if it was YOUTUBEJEWS.COM thenn it would have been so perfectly fine. Why is it when it came to ISLAM that youtube and google became negative about it?
    America.. stop being so ignorant and hateful!!!

  11. islamandmuslims says:

    Yusuf estes is a great man. I love listening to his lectures. Please visit my Islamic blog and comment and give advice on to make it better.

    tell all you know about my blog.
    Jazallah khair;thank you

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