First Few Clicks

Nadia Masood

I practiced using complete manual settings on my camera for all my pictures in this post. My subject here is that yellow-green reel.

Nadia Masood

This is a cell phone accessory sent by my aunt from the Philippines. There's a lot of noise in this picture since I didn't get the correct ISO setting.

Nadia Masood

Artificial roses in my living room. I love the red color! By the way, all the pictures on this post are totally unedited.

Nadia Masood

The focus is on the red thimble; wanted it to stand out. I learned DOF today. Can't wait to get outdoors to try bokeh.

Nadia Masood

I love this one! My subject is the second tomato from the left. Too bad I didn't take a similar shot with my P&S - just to show what a huge difference an SLR can make to your pictures! PS: I cooked the tomatoes shortly after photographing them.

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20 Responses to First Few Clicks

  1. Humaira says:

    Wow! They’re really good Mashallah!

    Inspires me to actually read the instructions on my camera and experiment!

    Thanks! Which camera do you own? I’d definitely say go ahead and take a thousand and one pictures 🙂

  2. Abid says:

    Very nice pics!! The tomatoes are really cool. From now on you must post every picture in high resolution, to show us the gory details 🙂

    Thanks! LOL @ gory details … but then that’s how we all learn. Okay, will post pictures in high resolution starting from next post, inshaAllah 🙂

  3. Amir says:

    Nice pics! Now I’m wishing more and more for an SLR 😀

    Go get one. This one costs around 550 CAD

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  5. Specs says:

    Oooh, nadia, MashaAllah a thousand times, your camera is fantastic and since you already have a great eye for images, you two make a great team 😉

    The first reel picture, the roses and the tomatoes…fantastic!!!

    P.S. If you’re looking for tutorials, Shawna and The Pioneer Woman have excellent ones for DSLR cameras.

    Oh and Shutter Sisters has awesome pictures every now and then 🙂

    Aww, thank you so much, Specs! You made my day 🙂

    I checked the links; unfortunately, Flickr is banned in the UAE, hence I was only able to view pictures by Shutter Sisters.

  6. Serene says:

    This pictures is amazing! Its like taken by a professional. Congratulation! Will you have a flicker page or photobucket account so that you can upload all your pictures. Please invite me when you have one 😉 I will be happy to visit your page!

    Thanks! I’d love to have my own Flickr page, if only it wasn’t banned here in the UAE. I’ll check Photobucket, or Picasa.

  7. batty says:


    What camera are you using
    and what settings were these taken on
    and what lens?

    Thanks! I took these pictures with a Nikon D40, with a 18-55 mm lens, without flash. Don’t recall the aperture and shutter settings at the moment. ISO was set at 600.

  8. wow! mashAllah! all your snaps are very nice and the camera is awesomee! 😀
    Really like the reel image with the red thimble!
    looking forward to more 🙂

    Thank you! Can’t wait to take the camera outdoors 🙂

  9. Umm Travis says:

    ma shaa Allah!

    And I am looking forward to the gorgeous pictures that you are going to take soon, inshaAllah.

  10. frozeefa says:

    i wish i can be there to learn to take pictures like you do..what it the brand of ur cam again? Sony?
    My friend also has d40. she’s good too..her blog’s urban princess take a look..recently she bgt flash lights and the pictures look good.

    I’m still learning, Sis. I’ve barely started 😀

    It’s a Nikon. I checked Urban Princess’ blog; I think she owns a D80. Love her mini studio!

  11. frozeefa says:

    oh sis, my hubby was intending to drop by dubai maybe in dec insya allah..we might be bringing zahra along too..insya allah..if He will we will visit you too..and thinking of if u guys can host us..i mean be our tour guide..hehehhe

    Yay! Oh please visit us! We’d be delighted to show you around town. I’m so excited already! December is the best time to be here in the UAE.

  12. uneekmuslimah says:

    Awesome ! …. and Thank you so much for the help 🙂

    Anytime for you 🙂

  13. masood says:

    Cool pictures, MashaAllah!

    Thanks to you 🙂

  14. Melyn Auntie says:

    Nadz, don’t mind of what the setting or set up u are using, i’m having fun and proud that the cell phone accessories i gave to u was display.

    Thank you so much for the gifts – the dried mangoes are exquisitely yummy! I used full manual mode on the camera – don’t remember the aperture setting now, lol – I’m still a newbie at SLRs 😉

  15. Shahrazad says:

    Hey Nadia. these pictures are awesome!

    I’ve also just got my new DSLR. I went for the Canon eos 450 and I’m lovin it! You get to appreciate the massive differences between a Snap&Shoot and a DSLR.

    Go ahead girl, keep shooting you’ve def. got the eyes and now the tool 🙂

    Thank you! I wish Flickr was allowed here; I feel bad to not be able to see the pictures you post on your blog.

  16. Haris Gulzar says:

    These are nice pictures Masha-Allah. Nikon has already made you a photographer :-). The tomato picture is just too good (Y)

    Thank you! Now waiting for the dust storm (which has been around ever since we bought the camera) to clear so I can test the camera outdoors.

  17. uneekmuslimah says:

    Assalamualikum Sis … On another note could U pls link ur post to my recent one … Because it’s a message from Shaykh Yusuf Estes and I want the word to spread fast …. Jazak Allah Khairan ….

    Walaikum Assalam – links are on the next post 🙂

  18. You’re really good, mashallah! I am in love with the first picture, and also the one of the tomatoes.

    Thanks, Sara! I love how the colors are so vivid in the pictures. Such a huge difference from my point-and-shoot 🙂

  19. Janit says:

    Hi Nadia,
    Congratulations on your DSLR. I blew away my 20k on a point and shoot canon and now i am repenting for it.
    And, great pics too. I loved the thread reels photograph.

    Thank you, Janit! BUT Canon is such a great camera, even their P&S ones take fabulous shots.

  20. Haleem says:

    Lovely pictures! I love your composition! I wish I had some talent close to this.

    Thanks! I wish I had some talent too 😀

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