Conmen Arrested

This incident took place in the United Arab Emirates, more specifically in Ajman, the country’s smallest emirate.  It was this Monday, when the Ajman Police arrested two Africans for allegedly cheating people claiming that they could double money by using – despite all modern things available –  witchcraft.

Some concerned residents tipped off  the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) people about these men living in an apartment in Al Nuaimia that were involved in money-doubling activities and had conned a large number of people.

Therefore, the police sent an undercover agent to negotiate a deal with the suspects. The agent carried Dh100,000 with him. The suspects showed the decoy a box containing black paper sheets in the sizes of dollar and euro bills and claimed that they could turn them into $10 million.

The suspects then took Dh100,000 from the CID agent for buying some liquid which, they claimed, they required to transform the black paper sheets into dollars.

Both were arrested immediately thereafter.

Both men confessed that they had swindled many people in the Northern Emirates.  The police, however, hasn’t determined – yet – the exact number of people cheated by the duo.

The case has been referred to the public prosecution.


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13 Responses to ‘Money-Doubling’
 Conmen Arrested

  1. Umm Travis says:

    Wow, some ppl are really dumb!

    I was genuinely shocked to learn that people still fall for this kind of scam!

  2. Sara (cairo, lusaka, amsterdam) says:

    Wow :S If they swindled a lot of people that means there are a lot of people there who believe in witchcraft…also a scary thought!

    Witchcraft in a Muslim country … scary and sad.

  3. Janie of Utah says:

    Some of those swindled might be a little embarrassed to admit they fell for the old “witchcraft changes black paper into money” ploy.

    LOL – it is indeed quite embarrassing to go to the police and complain, “Their witchcraft was a hoax and I fell for it!”

  4. Umm Travis says:


    Yay! Thanks, Sis … I’m on it!

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 Conmen Arrested
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  6. Amir says:

    ummm…people fell for this? And how is it that they they duped so many people and got away with it? This sounds like a scam as soon as they started talking about black sheets of paper.

    I think it’s the recession that clouded the minds of some people.

  7. Specs says:

    They’re running a ponzi scheme? How magical! (Pun intended) LOL

    What amazes me every time is that people FALL for this, LOOLZ.

    LOL … that’s how greedy some people are!

  8. masood says:

    I am stunned, how people will believe such a crookedness. I guess the only reason behind is the lust to make money easily.

    Greed made them blind … it’s pretty obvious that the entire thing is a scam.

  9. Behbood says:

    Masood – it could be bollywood influence too 😉

    The men are from Africa … but then there are desi people everywhere here, so it’s not unlikely that they don’t get influenced by Bollywood.

  10. Rajesh says:

    That was real quick from the cops.

  11. Haris Gulzar says:

    No doubt people fell for it. Many would have also believed had they been in Pakistan. They only target the illiterate who they know can easily fall for this trap. What Im amazed to know is, there were some intelligent people in the illiterates as well, coz they called the cops… and secondly, the cops were efficient too (Y)… thats probably what would have been missing had this been done here in Pakistan 😦 (I should not be a pessimist but thats a fact I guess :S)

  12. Ms.Unique says:

    LOL … but it served the traitors right ….

  13. Janit says:

    Wow…people are dumb and its the same the world over. Heard the same thing happen here in India sometime back. Only, the Sadhu (holy man doing unholy things) – used to triple the money by his prayers.
    Guess Indians are more greedy. 🙂

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