Dubai’s Advertising Ship


This ship is located along the very busy Sheikh Zayed Road, where it stands to advertise brands like Epson, Canon, Acer, Master Card, etc.

In the 7th century, the Umayyads arrived in Dubai, opened up trade routes, and engaged themselves in fishing and pearl diving, with reports of ships traveling as far as China to trade.  Between the 15th and 19th centuries, the area around Dubai was used as the primary trading route between Europe and the East, which resulted in the British East India Company establishing their headquarters in the area where Bur Dubai is today (source).


Although Dubai now thrives mainly on tourism, trade and real estate, the fascination for the sea and ships has always remained an integral part of the city.


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13 Responses to Dubai’s Advertising Ship

  1. Eleanor says:

    That is some interesting history of which I was unaware. And it appear that Dubai has never lost its character and function as a place of trade.

  2. Guy D says:

    Great myworld post, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week.
    Regina In Pictures

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  4. Wolynski says:

    Lovely idea to make it an advertising ship – in America these ads would be considered way too small and tasteful.

  5. Cavaliere says:

    i like the ship 🙂

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  7. I agree with Wolynski, here in America these ads would indeed be considered way too small and tasteful! We specialize in the tasteless and the too big!! Great looking ship and terrific shots!

  8. Yogi says:

    I love that ship. Thanks for the pictures and history lesson.

  9. How interesting! I like the tastefulness of it. Nothing glaring and obnoxious.

  10. Sally in WA says:

    So much nicer than seeing a typical advertising billboard.

  11. Abid says:

    Cool capture!

  12. Sarita says:

    Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, it is neat to have hanging bridges in town, especially so close to my home.
    I have never been to your part of the world but know that one of these days I will make it there!
    Have a great summer 🙂

  13. Specs says:

    What’s it with Dubai and advertising! They would put ads on their children if they could. Like seriously! *rolls eyes*

    Thanks for the interesting history snippet! 🙂

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