DSS Smileys All Over Shaikh Zayed Road

Nadia Masood

Notice that huge blue smile over the Business Bay Crossing sign? These 'smileys' are all over the Sheikh Zayed Road, in an attempt to remind you (over and over again) that the Dubai Summer Surprises (or DSS) is going on.

Nadia Masood

Dubai Summer Surprises presents the twelfth edition of the shopping extravaganza this year from June 11 to August 14. Spanning 65 days, DSS 2009 will be held under the slogan * drum roll* ‘Surprising Dubai’. Oh yeah!

Nadia Masood

Events will include the Sheila and Abaya Fashion Show, World of Stories, Middle East Junior Chef of the Year 2009, etc.

Nadia Masood

"DSS aims to provide a shopping experience that is enhanced with world-class entertainment." ~ DSS Organizers

Nadia Masood

"Every time you shop, dine or visit a DSS event, you’ll enjoy a feast for the eyes and soul. A treat here, a surprise there, we want to keep you on your toes! Who knows what you will find around the next corner!" ~ DSS promotions team

Yes, it’s that time of the year – again – in Dubai where the temperatures soar to 50 °C,  and a lot of dirhams gets spend to lure you into shopping.    In my three years of living here in the U.A.E., I haven’t been to a DSS event.  I’m not sure if I’m missing something grand in doing so (because I heard they give away Hummers and apartments each year), but for some reason, this shopping extravaganza thing doesn’t interest me.

But there are a lot of activities lined up for kids though.  I went through the DSS schedule of activities, just for fun, and here’s what I discovered is happening today:  a juggling show, The Unicycles Parade With Musicians, The Argentinean Dancing Gauchos, Jumeirah Giant Charity Cake sale, and many more.

However, I also discovered that they have some amazing events in their calendar, subhanAllah, like Introductory Classes of Holy Qur’an for Muslims and Non Muslims, and Memorization and Explanation Classes of Holy Qur’an for All Muslims.

More information on the Dubai Summer Surprises here.

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6 Responses to DSS Smileys All Over Shaikh Zayed Road

  1. masood says:

    Glad to hear about the classes of Holy Quran, it’s the only thing which fascinates me rest of them are just for shopping maniacs.

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  3. Haleem says:

    it looks actually somewhat strange.. if I didnt know before I would say it looks like the Joker’s laugh!

    Or actually mickey mouse smile…

    So people actually come to shop at 50 degrees C? Wow…

  4. falakk says:

    Omg. I wanna go just to see the abaya fashion show! And for the cake sale. I LOVE cakes. 😀


  5. meow says:

    Haleem, people go to malls coz it’s too hot for the beach! So they shop!
    Besides there really isn’t anything other than malls and more malls in Dubai.

  6. Haris Gulzar says:

    Good to know about the Quran classes. One of my friend visited Dubai and he told me that the Hotel he stayed in didn’t have a mosque and the nearest mosque was about 20 mins walk from there. That was strange to know about a Muslim country… and probably that is why it is good to know about the Quran classes 😦

    Most hotels in Dubai don’t usually have mosques in them because, unfortunately, they sell alcohol. They’d rather set up a bar in their hotel and earn from liquor than spare a couple of rooms for praying purposes. This is one thing I hate about Dubai.

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