Back Pain, Pest Control Guys and a Dinner Party

Masood has this nagging back pain since returning from umrah, and decided to finally see a doctor.  Yes, it took him that much days of suffering before consulting a specialist. The orthopedic surgeon ordered for a couple of x-rays to be taken, and prescribed medications, like they normally do.  When Masood went to follow up on the x-ray result the next day, he was told that the findings were normal, so the next step would be MRI – you know, just to make sure.  They’d even suggest MRI for the slightest headache, for all I know.

That evening, a couple of pest control guys came over to our home to spray the kitchen.  I went in the bedroom to upload pictures, while Masood showed the guys our kitchen.  A few seconds later I heard a soft, I-could-barely-hear, knock, followed by someone trying to open the door!  “Kaun?” I purposely asked so that he knows there’s a lady in the room.  Thankfully, he didn’t enter.  He actually thought it was the door to the bathroom!

So all the stuff that used to be in the kitchen is now in another room.  Since Sunday evening.  It’s Wednesday today.  But they’re neatly placed all over the floor so it’s easier to just search and pick.

Monday evening, Masood and I were invited by my sister for dinner over at her place.  All the girls were there, plus a few of their friends and neighbors.  My family has recently moved to a building just across the road from where I work;  except that the road happens to be Shaikh Zayed Road! So on the way there, we took a wrong exit and ended up somewhere else.  It took us 40 minutes to get to the building just across the road.

My sister didn’t cook.  Imagine inviting everyone over and then thinking about what to feed them at the last moment. So we drove to Lulu’s, behind Mall of the Emirates, and bought food.  She spoke to the Filipina saleslady in Tagalog, turned around, then asked me something in Urdu.  That’s when people around us started to stare.  I just love that confused look on their faces.

One desi guy, who couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer, approached Masood and asked, “Are you Malaysian?”  I can’t believe someone, who’s father is Pakistani and mother is Indian, can be confused as Malaysian, that too by an Indian/Pakistani guy. “No, I’m not Malaysian,” replied Masood.  The curious guy then asked, referring to us, “Are they Malaysian?”  “No, they’re Pakistanis,” replied Masood.  The guy left, more confused.

During dinner, it turned out that one of the ladies is a vegetarian.  Fortunately, I had suggested to buy a serving of dal fry, since everything else was non-veg.  So while the rest of us enjoyed spicy fried beef, chicken in BBQ sauce, and another chicken dish, the vegan neighbor ate roti (because the fried rice had egg) and dal.  Poor soul.

Then there was carrot cake for dessert.  My sister, the hostess, announced, “Whoever wants to eat cake can take a slice from the table herself.”  She also didn’t put dessert plates on the table simply because no one will do the dishes after wards.  This is what usually happens when Mother isn’t around. Mom went abroad to attend her niece’s wedding, in care you’re wondering.

We got home at 1 am, hence I went to bed and was unable to organize the kitchen.


I’ve just spoken with Serendipitous Life on the phone!  She’s so awesome, mashaAllah.  We talked, laughed and giggled a lot (just like how girls are supposed to) and had so much fun!  And hopefully, I’m going to meet her soon too, InshaAllah. Go over her blog now to read the amazing posts that she’s written.  Did I tell you she’s awesome?

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12 Responses to Back Pain, Pest Control Guys and a Dinner Party

  1. masood says:

    Hahaha…I still remember his confused looks. I am sure he might have gone unconscious by now thinking about our ethnicity 😉

    LOL – oh yes, can’t forget that look on his face 😀

  2. hfm says:

    Awww, I love how your sister invited you all over and then realised she wasn’t going to cook.Brilliant!

    Confusing random strangers is so great! They’re curious but know it’s awkward to ask, guess the weirded out look on their faces ask louder questions!

    LOL – the ‘weirded out look’ says asks it all 😀

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  4. Umm Travis says:

    LOL cute post sis 😀

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Francesca says:

    Ok, but now you should explain to us how can your sister speak Tagalog though she isn’t Filipina/Malaysian!
    For me, too, is very funny to see people confused about your ethnicity or nationality!
    Against back-pain, I know this natural remedy:
    Now I go to look for the recipe of dal fry, so I can learn something new!
    P.S.: I like your sister’s invite-style!
    P.P.S.: So happy for you and your blog-friend!

    My sister and I have studied in Manila; lived there for a decade, hence the ability to speak the language fluently 😀

    Thanks for the that natural remedy tip, Francesca. I’m reading that now 🙂

  6. Glennis says:

    The idea of leaving the cake to be helping ones self to from the table is a great idea. I think you all had by far the best meal!

    It was fun, alright 🙂

  7. Specs says:

    LOOL, that cake idea appeals to me too!

    Your sister’s soo totally chilled out

    Waaay to chilled out!

  8. falakk says:

    Your sister reminds me of my sister, ha ha ha. 😛
    She sounds awesome. 🙂

    Love, Falak

    I’m sure your sister is as awesome as mine 🙂

  9. The mixed-ethnicity angle can be a reason for amusement or a great conversation-starter with strangers. Lucky you!

    Btw, it was LOVELY talking to you too, after a year of knowing each other online. Thank you for your (overly!) generous compliments. Did i say i’m blushing?
    InshaAllah, i look forward to meeting you. We’ll talk more then.

    A very good conversation starter indeed! InshaAllah, looking forward to meeting you in July 🙂

  10. um almujahid says:

    assalamu alaykum

    I like the way your sister behaves in this kind of situations lol! 🙂

    Walaikum Assalam. lol – I really don’t know how she does it; she can manage to remain calm and cool in worst situations.

  11. Amir says:

    catching up on posts. The tagalog/urdu thing is funny. I’m sure he went home and recanted the story… “you won’t believe what I saw today!!!”

    BTW, how’s Masood’s back? what did the MRI show?

    lol, I’m sure he would!

    He’s at the doctor’s as I type this; I’m praying it’s nothing serious, InshaAllah. Thanks for asking, Amir.

  12. meow says:

    But I love daal chawal *pout* It’s the Bestest ever.

    I love daal chawal too, but it’s just not something you would normally eat in a daawat 😀

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