For Your Eyes Only

He walked up to me, no longer wearing the eye glasses that he had regularly worn for more than twenty years, and said, “I can see your face so clearly!”  Though still red, his eyes shone with a special sparkle – his eyes are finally free!  His smile melted into my heart, and I felt his excitement.

Masood had LASEK surgery done to correct his myopia of more than 20 years.

What is LASEK?

Laser epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK) is a laser eye surgery used to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness (even those coupled with astigmatism).  This procedure is ideal for people who have thin corneas.

Do you qualify for LASEK?

You should be at least 21 years old, to ensure stable vision and shouldn’t have any scars in the cornea.  Masood underwent a thorough evaluation (a lot of fancy eye tests) before his doctor finally concluded that he qualifies for the procedure.

How’s LASEK done?


In case you’re wondering, a local anesthetic is used before the procedure.

What happens post-LASEK?

Masood came out of the operating room 15 minutes later (I watched the entire procedure on the TV in the waiting lounge) wearing green protective plastic caps on both his eyes.  He sat with me for about half an hour, then we were called in the doctor’s office.  Masood’s eyes were examined, we were advised on the medications and precautions, and scheduled to meet the doctor in five days.

Although the flap edge heals in 24 hours, Masood was required to wear bandage contact lenses for 5 days to protect his eyes.  Once the effect of anesthesia wore off, he began complaining about mild pain and irritation.  “It feels as if there’s something in my eyes,” he often said.

For the next four days, Masood had barely been able to open his eyes.  And when he did struggle to open them up to look at me, I saw red, teary eyes.  He wasn’t allowed to take a head bath, nor splash water on his face (specifically the eyes).  I had to bring his meals, on the bed, and feed him myself.  I had to give him three different eye drops, four times a day.

I actually enjoyed looking after him.

Our Doctor:  Syed Maaz Mohiuddin

During the healing period, there was a time when Masood actually thought for a while, “Have I done the right thing?”  I assured him that he did.

One of the reasons why I had been confident about the procedure was the fact that we had a very good corneal and refractive surgeon, Dr. Syed Maaz of the New Vision Laser Centers.  The attention and compassion, along with the confidence that reflects his knowledge and expertise in the subject, is exceptional (MashaAllah).  Sitting there in his office, it felt like we were talking to a friend.

No wonder his clinic is always packed with people waiting to rid of their eye glasses.

Dr. Maaz, thank you so much!

You may check out the website of New Vision Laser Centers if you’re interested to have the procedure done in India, or may contact Dr. Maaz himself at +9140 66364808 between 3 to 6 pm local time.

A month after LASEK:

“I don’t understand how people manage to wear eye glasses,”  Masood teases a colleague of ours.

He still instills eye drops regularly, and will continue doing so for a couple more months.  His vision is as normal as mine now, Alhumdulillah.  And he proudly wears his Ray Ban sunglasses (which he bought last year and loves so much but couldn’t wear because of myopia).

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25 Responses to For Your Eyes Only

  1. Haleem says:

    I love Rayban sunglasses. But then again, I don’t like someone cutting up my eye! 😛

    So dunno if I will head to an eye doctor any time soon.

    But when you do, you’ll realize it was worth it 🙂

  2. Umm Travis says:

    I had that done too. It was so gross! But humdullah after the first day or two it was almost normal for me 😀

    Way to go, Sis! Girls are so brave 🙂

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  4. Abid says:

    I wear glasses too with pretty major myopia (-6.5ish for both eyes). There’s two reasons I won’t get surgery though:

    -You can’t swim for a relatively long time after getting the surgery.
    -And the standard response of many people: I’m scared. Lasers are cool, but in my eye?!
    -Oh and it’s expensive!

    Masood’s was -5.something for both eyes, I think. You can resume swimming in a couple of months, three at most, that’s not so bad. Lasers in the eyes are cool too (ask Masood 🙂 ). You can start saving up for it now.

    • Atif says:

      You can swim for 3 months, and thats not very long actually. Oh btw I had it done by Dr. Maaz too. Was around 23k (INR) at that time (May 2009). I guess its expensive now because cosmetic surgeries weren’t taxable that time.

  5. Abid says:

    “He wasn’t allowed to take a head bath, nor splash water on his face (specifically the eyes).”

    Wudhoo becomes a problem, doesn’t it?

    What Masood did, as he had mentioned in his comment below, was wipe wet hands over his face for wudhu.

  6. Francesca says:

    So, I can imagine the sensation of freedom, after twenty years depending on eyeglasses… and (why not?) the satisfaction to look so fashionable, wearing Ray Ban!

    Freedom indeed! 🙂

  7. masood says:

    Alhumdulillah for a wonderful technology and am happy to see the world without glasses.

    @ Abid: Yes, for the first few days (one week), we do have problems in making ablution. I used to leave the area nearby my eyes and make ablution; the Dr has advised to go for the Tayammum. InshaAllah, Allah will accept my wudhu and prayers, Aameen.

    Ameen. I’m so happy for you, Jaan!

  8. Cavaliere says:

    hope he’s all fine now..

    Alhumdulillah, he is fine now. Thank you.

  9. Specs says:

    Oh, MashaAllah! Its great!

    I wear contacts and then wear my sunglasses (D&G for me)…

    like other said above, the mention of a LASER in my eye REALLY scares me!

    Masood wore contacts for a very long time, but since we live in the desert it isn’t easy: it’s hot and there’s just too much fine sand blowing in the wind all the time.

  10. Sabiha says:

    Alhamdulillah, so happy for you Masood. Really great to hear that it turned out great 🙂 My husband and I are thinking of having it done when we can afford it, I’ve got terrible vision so it would be nice to be finally free of glasses(I can’t even read the computer screen without them).

    Go for it, Sis. InshaAllah, you’ll feel great!

  11. Behbood says:

    Maybe Masood can be an icon for some of us who wear and have been wearing glasses for a long time…. I was also looking for a success story myself before attempting something like this (especially coz its the eye!!)… I might just be inspired now!!!

    He’s not your only success story; his younger brother, a cousin, and a friend have also undergone the procedure and they’re all happily sporting their cool sunglasses now 🙂

  12. Ms.Unique says:

    Masha Allah! Congrats …

    Thank you, dear Sis! 🙂

  13. Alisha says:

    I have myopia too. Like everyone else I am scared to do lasek. I’ve heard that sometimes patients end up with watery irritable eyes. Glad to know your husband’s lasek op was successful.

    Not sometimes, Sis – most of the them end up with watery, irritable eyes post-op. With LASIK, you’ll feel better in a couple of days; with LASEK, it takes 4-5 days.

  14. Amir says:

    I know a few people that have had it done. Its an adjustment to not have to walk around with glasses. I know a few friends said they would, by habit, go to adjust their glasses after the surgery 😛 Alhumdulillah it all went well and he can see clearly now the rain has gone 😉

    LOL, well yes, Masood did go through that adjustment and I find it quite funny 🙂

  15. hfm says:

    That’s so brave!
    I’ve had cousins undergo corrective laser eye surgery but I don’t have that kind of bravery to do that.
    Contact lenses are okay for me- the cold in England doesn’t bother lenses that much.

    And you’re so sweet to be a caring nurse!
    He’s lucky to have you.Alhumdulillah.

    But really, the procedure really isn’t THAT scary 😀

  16. Great! I’m happy for you and your husband.
    Thanks to your post, i now know that Lasik & Lasek are two different procedures.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  17. Prasad Gurijala says:

    Hi All,

    My name is Prasad, currently I am in US. I had my Lasik 3 months ago by Dr Syed Maaz Mohiuddin. Unfortuntely I lost doctor’s contact information. Can somebody provide me Dr Syed Maaz Mohiuddin’s email id? I would appreciate all your help?


    Sent you an email with Dr. Mohiuddin’s email address. Hope that helps.

  18. atif089 says:

    I had LASEK at the same center with same doctor. By my story was a bit different. I was able to see almost clearly 5mins after the surgery though the doctor didn’t advice me to open my eyes that time by I was way to excited. ( -6 D and 18 years old at that time if this helps)

    Had a six hours of sleep and then the next day had eyes swollen. However there wasn’t any pain except for occasional pricking like sensation when I opened my eyes quickly.

    The third day was a horrifying one, no pain but every thing seems trembling. The doctor however calmed me down saying that since I was using specs for past 15 years it takes time to settle down and it did.

    Day 4: I was almost normal and back to work except for blurry vision when using computers or reading books. This went till day 6 then the vision started stabilizing and my day vision perfect on day 8 and it took around a month for night vision to get stable.

    I would really recommend this doctor for anyone going for LASEK.

  19. vijaykumar says:

    i have gone for lasik .It was very sucessfull . thanks to Dr. mohiuddin
    its like he gave me a new vision to my life

  20. md inkeshaf says:

    gosh !wat a scary story .wadup with the scarlet eyes of his. and i thought lasek was a cakewalk.jeez, m giving second thoughts now .not being able to open my eyes for 4 days is not sumthing m gonna put myself through .i know the authors intention was to promote dr maaz but in doing so shes subtly and i guess unintentionally revealed the drawbacks and misgivings of this procedure .thanxs a bunch to the author for this ,wat i call an epiphany for me.this is the problem with todays doctors ,cunning commercial and wont reveal ny drawbacks till they mint money.

    • nadia says:

      md inkeshaf, the main intention of this post is not to promote Dr. Maaz, although I highly recommend him because we have personally experienced being treated by him and were very satisfied. The objective of this post is to share our lasek experience with our readers, and tell them that it worked perfectly for us.

      “…this is the problem with todays doctors ,cunning commercial and wont reveal ny drawbacks till they mint money.”

      That is not true. When you visit a doctor (specially a surgeon), he or she will walk you through the entire procedure and will clearly inform you about the risks involved.

      And I did not “…unintentionally revealed the drawbacks and misgivings of this procedure.” I purposely discussed what we have experienced as a whole.

  21. amal says:

    yes i was do it this year when i was in hydrabad thank doctor coz it was first time i dont wear glass when i wake up .it is nice feeling.

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