It’s Been a Year!

The Purple Journal

The Purple Journal Turns One Year Old Today!

And it’s been one beautiful year for this blog, thanks to you all.

When I started blogging – consistently, that is – in June last year, I came across this quote by Alister Cameron:

“… blogging is not about writing posts … that’s the least of your challenges.  Blogging is about cultivating a mutually beneficial relationships with an ever-growing online readership, and that’s hard work.”

Based on statistics, and more importantly the number of wonderful friends I’ve made in such a short period of time, I think I’ve achieved just that.

I must admit though that often times it isn’t easy to update the blog.  There are chores to do around the house before leaving for work, and more chores upon returning home.  It becomes tough to type up a post worthy of displaying online for everyone to read.  Hence, I decided to make the most out of my camera;  pictures say a thousand words, they say.

And so, in June last year, the first month of it’s launch, the blog recorded 1,666 views.  In May this year, the blog was viewed 11,584 times!

First Year’s Stats:The Purple Journal

Number of views – 97,646

Posts – 164

Comments – 2, 408

Thank you so much, everyone, for stopping by and spending time not only to read what’s on my mind but also for generously contributing your valuable comments as well.  YOU, my dear reader, are my inspiration to continue updating this blog.  Without you, my blogging experience would simply be reduced to a mere one-sided conversation – a dull, useless monologue.

There is no doubt that The Purple Journal is a personal blog, but I earnestly hope that you learn something new each time you visit the blog.

To Masood, the man chosen by Allah to fill my life with laughter and happiness:  thank you for your patience, support and encouraging words.

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23 Responses to It’s Been a Year!

  1. Welcome back Nadia!
    Good to see you posting & commenting again.
    How was the experience staying away from blogging (& perhaps the internet) for a month?

    Thank you, Sis! I had promised myself to stay away from blogging until I finished unpacking, but the blog’s first anniversary came up and I had to post 🙂

    Staying away from the internet made me realize there’s so much time in a day to do other things 😉

  2. masood says:

    Congratulations, my dear Jaanu! I was thousand miles away from the blogging world, it’s you who inspired me to enter into this wonderful world. You are indeed a great writer, MashaAllah and no doubt you’ve earned a great respect with lovely friends.

    Aww, thank you so much! As a reward for your patience and kindness, I shall bake you a yummy carrot cake with walnuts this weekend, InshaAllah 🙂

  3. Ubaid says:

    Congrats :), wow, you have a famous blog 🙂

    may you keep on blogging, and stay happy forever in your life ameen 🙂

    LOL @ famous blog 😀

    Thank you so much mere pyaare bhai, and ameen to your dua.

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  5. Serene says:


    Thank you for sharing your blog to us! You Deserve to earn this recognition… 🙂

    Welcome back!

    Thank you so much, Serene! You’re one of my favorite readers 🙂

  6. Umm Travis says:


    I missed u so much 😀 U were my first blogging friend!

    I love u! Welcome back! Mubrook!

    Aww, Sis – I love you more for the sake of Allah! ((hugs)) I think we both had started blogging almost the same time last year. So mabrook to you too 😀

  7. sakura says:

    awesome… ur blog teach me lot thing that i dont know in my life.. and welcome back too.. 🙂

    A huge hug for you, my sweet sister!

  8. Abid says:

    Congrats! (Now I gotta run to my convocation!)

    Congratulations to YOU!

  9. Francesca says:

    Welcome back!
    I’m so happy I came across your blog: I’ve learned and I’ve seen a lot of nice and interesting things. For me is like having an eye on another world, and for this, I have to thank you.
    Lots of wishes for many more successful blogging-years & lots of joy.

    Aww, thank you so much, Francesca! I’ve missed you. Haven’t seen you around here lately. Hope everything’s okay. Keep in touch!

  10. Niyaz says:

    Congrats & welcome bak sis 🙂

    Always Happy to visit ur blog & get to know useful things in ma life. Such a grt place .Keep writing !

    I really missed ur posts last one month 😦

    Thank you so much! Kiya karein, no internet connection at home plus Masood’s cousins (ages 4 to 16) kept me occupied.

  11. Congrats!! 😀
    && welcome back! Im sure u had a great time.

    You have an awesome blog, and i hope u continue blogging :]

    Thank you so much, sweet Smiley! Your vacation is just around the corner; hope you have a fabulous time in Pakistan 🙂

  12. Cavaliere says:

    many many congratulations ! 🙂
    97,646 visitors is an achievement indeed !
    i hope you’ll keep writing as long as you live…and may that be as long as you wish ! 🙂

    Thank you so much!

  13. Hajar Alwi says:

    Alhamdulillah~!!! Many many well wishes on your 1st year! ^^ Do keep up the posts and the lovely pictures!

    Mwah! Thanks a lot, Sis!

  14. Happy blog-day! May you continue to blog in peace and happiness, ameen =P

    Ameen! Peace and happiness are both very important 😀


  15. Specs says:

    Yay! Mubrook!

    You deserve all the well wishes and achievements. Your blog’s pure awesomeness!!

    Keep typing and clicking away! Good to have you back after your vacation!

    P.S. You have an AMAZING number of visitors for such a short time in the blogosphere, Masha’Allah! Your blog’s an inspiring success and I hope there’s lots more to look forward to!

    Like you own dot com! (*hint* Masood *hint* *cough*)

    Why, thank you so much! *hugs Specs because she’s so generous with her taarefein* I have expressed my desire to have my own dot com when my blog turns one, and Masood did agree. But now, I’d like to see how many posts this blog can actually have. Once I run out of space, I’ll get a dot com 🙂

  16. falakk says:

    Sorry my comments a little late, I just caught up on Reader. Congratulaaaaatioooonss! *Hands over balloons and pretty, funky flowers.*

    Carry on being ace! XD

    Love, Falak

    *Smiles broadly then receives the balloons and pretty, funky flowers* Thank you, dear Falak! I love having you around here 🙂

  17. Aadil says:

    I know I’m late to comment but I can’t hold back my words to admire this wonderful blog of yours.

    It truly has been leading blog of all I have come across since you started it. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from the blog entries that you shared with us from time to time. Your photography has been wonderful. All in all this blog’s been very soothing whenever I’ve visited here.

    Keep up the good work!
    You’re a wonderful blogger, sis! 🙂

    *reads and re-reads the comment over and over again*

    Aww, thank you so much, Aadil!

  18. Haris Gulzar says:

    Wow! almost a hundred thousand views in one year. I’d love it if my blog could get that many views as well :-).

    Add loads of interesting photos – I think that did the trick 😀

  19. hfm says:

    yes, I’m a little late- sorry!

    Thank you. I’m glad you’re here; missed you loads!

  20. meow says:

    Belated Congratulations!

    I hope to make your acquaintance some day iA!

  21. Frozeefa says:

    Salam sister congrads on ur anniversary… Have been MIA sorry keep on touch.. Oh am back too..

    Walaikum Assalam, Sis! Thank you so much! I’m happy to see you back … you’ve been away for so long. So welcome back 🙂

  22. samsudin says:


    You successfully articulated the feelings of every visitor to the Grand House of Allah s.w.t. Tears welled in my eyes when l read of your experience there. Please pray for me as l wish to be there again, a place where the heart of all Muslims belong. ALLAHUAKBAR.

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