Three Ultra Cool Awards!

This month is very special for my blog.  It has received not one, but three very lovely and cool awards!  It has been extremely stressful and crazy lately, therefore I couldn’t visit my fellow bloggers regularly.  My Google Reader listed 102 unread items!  I better start reading soon.

And now, the awards.

One Lovely Blog Award

This pretty award was given to me by Umm Travis, a brilliant photographer.  You should check out her photographs – she’s done an amazing job with each one of them!  Sis, thank you so much for the award.

I’d love to pass on this award to:

Mariamelle – I am in love with her photographs!

Miss Specs – A good read each time.

Serendipitous Life –  You haven’t written for quite sometime, Sis.  How are you?

Honest Scrap AwardNow, isn’t this a cool award!  This award was given to me by Miss Specs, who’s post about Don Bakrato (hope I remember the name right) still make me laugh each time I remember it.  You have to read her blog;  she’s amazing.  Specs, thank you so much for this award!

I’d love to pass on this award to:

Masood – The man who means the world to me.

Amir – My brother who’s getting very good at cooking.

Wakas – My very talented brother (he’s a very good RJ).

Lemon Award

There’s a saying that goes, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’  Well, for the past few weeks, I did feel as if life has been generously giving me lemons, big and sour ones (despite the recession).  Fortunately, along came Mubi, who gave me this cool award.   Thank you so much!

Most of the time, I try to make lemonades.  But there are times when, frankly speaking, all I want to do is throw those lemons at someone.  BUT, I’m back to my happy self now, Alhumdulillah.  It just feels so nice to cleanse your heart and rid of all the anger and frustrations.

I’d love to pass this award t

Asma – I’ve spoken to her on the phone (she’s very sweet!).

Umm Travis – I know you have your share of big lemons too (we can do this lemonade business together; summer is kicking in very soon!).

Niyaz – Love your latest picture collection!

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14 Responses to Three Ultra Cool Awards!

  1. Umm Travis says:

    hahahahahahaha despite the recession, very funny!

    Mubrook! You sure deserve it! In shaa Allah things turn around soon!

    And thanx for the award! WOWIE! ma shaa Allah!

    Hehe, thank you so much, Sis 🙂

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  3. masood says:

    Thank you for the Award, sweetheart :). InshaAllah I will be back to blogging as soon as I feel really enthusiastic.

    Take your time 🙂 I know you’re very busy these days.

  4. Niyaz says:

    Salams sis,

    Wonderful post wid grt awards to all of us 🙂

    Thnks alot for d cool lemonades hehe….


    Walaikum Assalam. You’re most welcome. Keep posting pics of KSA and S’pore in your blog 🙂

  5. Wakas Mir says:

    Aww thats so sweet of you dear sis. May God bless you both with lots of happiness n good health. Do remember in prayers, need kafi ziada for a dear friend, which is the reason I am bit away from blogging n visiting blogs hmm 🙂 smile

    Ameen to your dua. Both you and the dear friend are in our prayers.

  6. Specs says:

    Thank you Nadia! You’re extravagant with your praise 🙂

    I’m going to be checking all the links you posted, InshaAllah.

    Only because you deserve them 🙂

  7. Ubaid says:

    cool !!

    Thanks, Ubaid. I’ve read your recent posts – but didn’t comment (sorry). Soch samajh ke comment dena boht zaroori hai 🙂

  8. Amir says:

    Why thank you Nadia. I just realized my blog reader has not been updating with your posts! Now I have to make sure I don’t miss anymore posts 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  9. mubi says:

    lemonade mubi here :p

    Ayye ji – welcome 🙂

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  11. mariamellie says:

    Salam Nadia,
    Thank you so much for thinking of me. What a lovely encouragement and I am so flattered. Sorry for my late reply, this last two weeks I am doing a deep reflection after my dear Father passed away. Once again, thanks so much for the award, I do love it!

    Walaikum Assalam. Inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. If I can help you in anyway, please let me know *hugs*

  12. Thank you Nadia for the sweet award! I have been (& still continue to be) extremely busy, alhumdullilah.
    I’ve been meaning to update my blog, but still haven’t had the chance.
    Soon inshaAllah.
    See you around (btw, i have a feeling we’ll bump into each other one day!)

    Hope you eventually get some time to blog. I miss your posts.

    PS: How’d we know we’ve bumped into each other? Sounds exciting though 😀

  13. Asma Ahsan says:

    Awww – the second LEMONADE BLOG AWARD! First Cav then you – How do you guys know that I like lemonade a lot! 😛

    As for me sounding sweet, thank you for that. 🙂

    I love lemonades too 🙂

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