Photographed by Nadia Masood

I’ve never really appreciated clouds until I lived in the desert.  I could hardly see any cloud during summer.  Then slowly, as the temperature dips in December, the cool breeze gently blows in the clouds across the desert skies.

Feeling all tired and stressed out, I looked out of the window and saw this glorious sunset.  Infact, it’s one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a very long time!  I stared for a very long time – absorbing in the magic – the clouds playfully dancing against the fading glow of the sun.  The sky at this moment is a masterpiece, every painters dream and gentle reminder for us to be grateful for His blessings.

I feel peace – from the deepest part of my soul.

I feel grateful – for all the beauty that surrounds me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Don’t forget to check out amazing photographs of the skies from around the world at SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

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28 Responses to Tranquility

  1. Interesting post. I like the scene you have captured. It could be in Kansas or Ohio.

  2. Umm Travis says:

    🙂 me too loves clouds and sunsets… makes me all weird inside hehe

  3. ewok1993 says:

    This is why I enjoyed this meme to see glorious skies from everywhere. Thru’ you, I get to see a desert sky. Enjoy your weekend.

    My entry is at

  4. Guy D says:

    Great silhouette, I love this shot.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  5. babooshka says:

    I appreciate clouds so much for photographic reasons. Beautiful intense colours.

  6. Ida says:

    Very nice shot and silhouettes. 🙂

  7. Ubaid says:

    WOWWWWW ….. this is an amazing pic …

  8. Bill B. says:

    Lovely words to a beautiful photo.

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  10. Tranquility says:

    What a beautiful sky!

  11. The blue sky look cool and its beautiful .
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Arija says:

    I so often seek solace from the sky any thime of day or night. It is always there and ever changing.

  13. wren says:

    That is a beautiful sky, indeed. I agree that skies in the desert are even more beautiful than those we see elsewhere.

  14. Specs says:

    The colors are amazing!

  15. masood says:

    Awesome and I love the way you describe it 🙂

  16. Esther Garvi says:

    I read you on the clouds and the desert! Clouds really light up the ever-blue sky!
    Greetings from one desert to another,

  17. Cavaliere says:

    Cholistan never gets such clouds !
    Great photography 🙂

  18. Caprice says:

    Lovely capture of the clouds. I never thot to appreciate clouds but when you live in the desert I guess you don’t get many of them. Have a super weekend!

  19. Abid says:

    Looks very beautiful!

  20. Aadil says:

    This is such a beautiful, serene photo!

    I love those silhouettes of buildings against the Azure sky with strokes of clouds!


  21. mariamellie says:

    The Nature is created for you, and the Beauty is given as the blessing for you. Our endless gratitude always for our Creator the Al Malik. Thanks for sharing the picture, so beautiful!

  22. Laurie says:

    Thanks for checking out my Sky Watch post a few weeks ago. This is a magical sky … so many things going on. Blessings and love to you from The Prairie, where I am home again, surrounded by more snow and no road trips on the calendar for quite some time. xoxo.

  23. Asma Ahsan says:

    I love sunsets in Dubai. 🙂

  24. Asma Ahsan says:

    Beautiful picture – you caught the light perfectly. 🙂

  25. That’s a beautiful capture! Love the colors.

  26. hfm says:

    Love it!

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