Missed Calls From Pakistan

Yesterday afternoon, at around three, I received a missed call in my cellphone.  I checked the number: +923234984129.  It’s from Pakistan.  I really don’t pay much attention to missed calls, so I simply ignored this.

This morning, I received another missed call from Pakistan.  The phone number this time was +923227135365.  I thought that someone back home is trying to reach me.  Although it has never occurred that a family member would just give a missed call, I still had doubts – those ‘what if ‘ moments that you just can’t shake your mind off from.

So I logged into Yahoo Messenger and dialed the number.

MeAssalam o Alaikum

HimWalaikum Assalam.

Me: You just gave a missed call at a Dubai number.  May I know who this is, please?

Him: Which number, Madam?  I don’t give missed calls.  May I have your name?

Me: Since you just dialed my number a minute ago, I’m assuming you know my number.

Him: You’re not calling from Dubai (remember I used Yahoo Messenger).

Me: Yes, I am.

Him: We call 5,000 numbers each day.  How would I remember?

Me: Oh?  You call 5,000 people?!

Him: This is Etisalat’s call center and we are trying to reach subscribers who have won the lottery.  Now, can you tell me your name, please?

Me: Where is your office located?

Him: Sharjah.  My name is Imran Hashmi and I would need to register your name and mobile number.

Me: If you’re an Etisalat agent, why are you using a Pakistani mobile number?

Before he would even answer, I gave the phone over to Masood, who dealt with him appropriately before ending the call.

Later at work, I learned that almost all of my colleagues have received such missed calls from Pakistan.  One of them heard over the radio about a man who, in his excitement of having won the lottery, gave away his bank account details to the caller and lost all his money in the bank.

Can’t believe people still fall for fraud like these.

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37 Responses to Missed Calls From Pakistan

  1. masood says:

    The lazy, evil, idle mind decieve people all over, and few of the greedy people get trapped into it. In fact, their aim is to target greedy people around. What a shame on today’s young generation who are all in this evil trick.

    He sounded very amateur though. Khair, whatever.

  2. Ubaid says:

    ahan … i got a call over here as well !!!

    You’re in Islamabad, am I correct? So did the caller introduce himself as an Etisalat agent too?

  3. Umm Travis says:

    SubhanAllah! Thats terrible!

    I know, Sis *sigh*

  4. Niyaz says:

    Surprise & shocking to hear frauds like this….

    You haven’t heard of such calls in the KSA?

  5. Dubai Guy says:

    Well, I know of one of employees working for my friend. The guy told him that he won 10,000 dirhams & to claim his prize, he need to send him etisalat prepaid cards credit. The stupid guy sent him cards worth 700 dirhams !!

    That’s what happens when one is too greedy. Greed for money overcomes common sense.

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  7. Niyaz says:

    So far i hvn’t received any calls sis , people are thinking nowadays alot to make others fool…

    Good to know you guys there are free from these prank callers.

  8. Sabiha says:

    Atleast for the scams there you still have to provide them the information. Here there is a big scam going on where people’s credit card information is sold from one company to another when you buy something on TV. We had to do customer service for this company at my work, I straight up told my supervisor I would do no such calls.

    These scammers, bought these people’s credit information, bank information and enrolled them in scam programs…under other people’s names (one was enrolled under her 4 year old grandson’s name). Boom, in 1 month, most have lost a few hundred dollars and can’t get refund.

    Such horrible times.

    That is truly horrible, Sis 😦 It’s so sad how people use their intelligence in order to deceive and rob others.

  9. Aadil says:

    Such frauds are very common these days. It started with the random letters people would receive from the fraudulent agencies having fake addresses, mostly of European countries where registration fees would be demanded against the release of the huge amounts being shown as won through lucky draws. Then it converted to emails (which still I receive on a daily basis) and now telephone calls.
    Its very pathetic, the production of corrupt, fraudulent youth by our society at an alarming speed!
    It might have something to do with our economical conditions but there shouldn’t be any excuses for stupidity like this. We can just pray for our youth to be diverted to positive, productive ways.

    I agree. There isn’t a valid excuse to justify someone’s deceiving others and stealing.

  10. Haleem says:

    What a cheat! And a dumb one too!

    People fall for them because EVERY one is interested in making a quick buck.

    Very dumb indeed – yet see how some are actually falling for this scam?

  11. Jman says:

    This is a common trait in Pakistanis. The whole missed call thing. A couple of years ago when i was in Pakistan (and had managed to leave some baggage at the airport by mistake) a taxi driver wanted me to miss call him so that he could come and pick me up!!!!

    I would like to plug my blog here.im just getting into it. 🙂

    That’s only because calling someone costs so much for most of the people back home, so they either send a text message or give a missed call. I don’t mind it at all. But deception and cheating is a different story.

    Good luck with the blogging 🙂

  12. DuFFeR says:

    ppl want to be rich in a flash, both parties, victims and the robbers.

    Very true.

  13. Thank you Nadia for informing us about this. I read your post yesterday and thought that such a thing must be random or rare to happen with others.

    But today my dad told me that he got a missed call from a Pakistan number on his mobile. And like you, he thought that maybe there is some emergency situation with some relatives and so he called back. He spoke to someone claiming to be based in AbuDhabi & asking for his passport number! My dad didn’t oblige ofcourse but he had no idea that this was part of an organised scamming network.

    Thanks to you, I explained to my dad about it & now he is ignoring their repeated ‘missed calls’.

    Btw, i’m wondering if they are calling other nationalities as well? If they are just targetting NRP, then how do they know them by their etisalat numbers?

    I’m glad to be able to help, Sis. From what I’ve gathered, these callers are targeting Etisalat subscribers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. And I’m quite certain that someone from Etisalat is into this scam with them, providing them with the phone numbers.

  14. Wakas Mir says:

    Well isstarah ki calls are so common these days. I usually press my record button and then have real fun with these types of ppl then tell them you gonna be on air on my show 😛 it really makes them very “happy”

    Going on air with their scam makes them happy? Free ki advertisement after all. Goes to show how amateur these boys are.

  15. Sumera says:

    Oooh, how devious.

    Their restless minds coming up with new scams each day, instead of doing something honest and worthwhile. But as they say, the motto is to make money fast.

  16. Asma Ahsan says:

    I am getting a lot of junk mails these days on me winning lotteries – I just mark them unsafe and delete them.

    Very bad – what you mentioned above. Dont know why they do it! 😦

    Not to mention the mails from African bank officers about dead wealthy men/women and their millions of dollars in the bank 😀

  17. Specs says:

    ow. That’s plain shocking! Couldn’t the phone number be traced or something? They’re acting as a company so they should be persecuted!

    And I agree with you there… its shocking that people STILL fall for these things.

    People here have complained to Etisalat, our network provider here in the UAE, who instructed their subscribers to “simply ignore these prank calls and not to share personal information.”

    I don’t think Etisalat wants to trace the numbers.

  18. hfm says:

    It’s so weirddd.
    You get those calls here, a friend of my mum’s got so excited she rang us all up and everything only to be told by my dad that’s its fake- kinda funny coz she hadn’t really given any details just simply got excited over nothing.

    LOL – she’s cute getting all that excited 🙂

  19. meow says:

    This happened to me too. And quite a few people I know.

    I wonder if anyone is silly enough to fall for it. Imran Hashmi huh? Lol. How original.

    So. Yahoo Messenger works to make international calls? Yes, I am that un-techno-savvy.

    Haha, yeah I know. Of all the names, he chose Imran Hashmi – LOL

  20. shareef says:

    i faced the same . and many of my friends and collegues

  21. ShAms says:

    If any of Du user is getting fradulent calls from Pakistan?

  22. jyothish says:

    i got missed calls from pakistan, now a days too much calls coming in different number.

  23. Anil says:

    I get an average of 4-5 missed call daily from pakistan, even at midnight during sleeping…!
    I wonder why Etisalat dont take any initiative to stop this practice.

  24. suf says:

    i got a same missed call.which i replied baclk but did not give any details.this guy wanted to know my name and details so bad.lol but i didnt give him anything.where r these ppl gettin our numbers from anyways?ppl out there there is no such thing as a lottery unless u participate in it urself.hahaha.beware of these f@!*£$ callers.

  25. Rahul Tyagi says:

    Same case is in mine i got call from Pakistani Number no was +923059309578 i was afraid that why they are calling me but later i docovered they are fake and jus frauds so plz beware of this number

  26. oly says:

    hai friends i too got a call from this number 923425420272
    i complained my nearest police station.
    thank god i lost only 80 rs of my mobile

  27. Pankaj says:

    I also received few such calls.. I didnt even bother to call back

  28. arjun09 says:

    Today I got a missed call from another pak number +923004906958; few searches in google broght me here.
    Be ware of such calls and complain at nearest police station.

  29. haitick says:

    I have received a call from 0092 3434234900, they asked me to call back 0092 3136086521 and claim 15Laks.

    Fake…also they claimed that they are from AIRTEL CC. I calledup Airtel CC and asked them to bar the incomming calls from all these PAK numbers to my mobile.

    called police to inform this and they have asked us to submit a request letter in police station in writing to ensure we are not relate to these things.

    beaware if you are calling other countries and the call is suspectable then its always better to update police so that you have some peace.

  30. Gaurav says:

    I recieved a call from +923477965985.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I too received a call!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Number is +923053390034
    And I recieved 3-5 missed calls!

  33. Iftikhar says:

    I have received many calls from following number


    They say that I have won 60000 thousand prices but to get this price they asked my personal information like passport number health card no.

    I simply disconnected the line.

  34. rahul says:

    yes they r nowdays active in India

    we are getting lots of missed call from Pak number .
    my friend once called back and the person who pick was ready with Lottory story …
    plz be aware …

  35. abdul says:

    i got a call from +923057355358 (mobilink pakistan number) today and said that i have won a lottery. he claims to be from airtel and i am an airtel subscriber co-incidentally. he said namashkar and i said assalamu alaikum, he knew his plans were toppled right away and thus he hung up… beware everyone. i do not know who the f*ck circulates mobile numbers of airtel customers??? btw, i have saved his number as “pakistani b*tch”

    all d best…

  36. Rahul says:


  37. Gayathri says:

    i got a missed call from 00923074622595. i called back.. but thy said in urdu line busy try after smetime.. later when i googled this no many say they might clone the sim and misuse.. m scard nw.. help me….

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