It’s Raining In The Desert!

It’s midnight.  It has been raining since 6 pm today and the temperature has dropped to 15 C.


Earlier, at around 10 pm, Masood asked me whether I wanted to take a walk and have lamb chops for dinner from a nearby restaurant.  We went downstairs with an umbrella in hand and started to walk.  Few minutes later, the rain got heavier so we hailed a cab and got to the restaurant, The Americana Chicken Tikka, which was full with people of all ages.  There was even a birthday party going on.

Lamb chops with chips.

Lamb chops with chips.

Chicken tikka with fries.

Chicken tikka with chips.

Each plate comes with one piece poori and costs 24 dirhams, excluding drinks.  Both the lamb chops and chicken tikka were well-marinated and tasted really good.  The order takes around 20 minutes to be served.

We walked on our way home.

The Shoe Rack

In other news, take a look at the shoe rack in the prayer hall at our office building.  Slippers are provided for those who want to remove their socks and shoes to perform ablution.  Notice how people didn’t return the slippers in the rack after using them.


Artificial Flowers

Last weekend, I wrote in Weekend Review about our restroom at work and how the lady who cleans it had filled the vases, with the artificial flowers, with water.  When I asked her, she told me that the water makes the fake flowers look real.  Two days later, she put some real small bamboo plants in those same vases.  “There you go,”  she told me the other day with a smile, “there’s a valid reason to put water in there now.”


And finally …

I’m done with the huge pile of laundry.  Yay, mission accomplished!

Have a great, funfilled weekend, everyone!

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10 Responses to It’s Raining In The Desert!

  1. masood says:

    I really loved having a walk with you under the rain and then a yummy dinner. Ohho mujhe phirsey bhook lagney lagi 😉

    But it was very cold. *sigh* Just a couple more months and it’s summer for us here 😦

    So let’s make the most of this cold weather!

  2. nadia says:

    3 am update:

    Rain is getting heavier, with lightning and thunder.

  3. Ellen says:

    Hi Nadia,
    You share my mother’s name.
    My parents are Russian. They escaped out of Russian in the early 3o’s and lived in Iran for 14 years before immigrating to the U.S.A.
    We love lamb and were raised with lots of good lamb meals…
    Thanks for your comment on my blog…

    Ellen, thanks for stopping by! I believe the name Nadia is pretty popular in Russian, hehe. Yay, I love lamb too 🙂

    PS: You take very beautiful pictures.

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  5. Niyaz says:

    Wow good to hear raining in Emirates , enjoy the rain Bro & sis 🙂

    Hasn’t it rained much in the K.S.A.? Oh yes, we are enjoying – specially Masood 🙂

  6. Niyaz says:

    No rain here but temperature is below 10 during day time 😦

    Below 10 C?! Wow, we don’t even get that in the evenings, even after the rain.

  7. Abid says:

    And we are sitting at -20 degrees Celsius at NOON with SUNLIGHT during the day. 😦 I hate winters

    I can’t possibly survive in THAT cold. So blessed to be here in the desert 🙂

  8. Ubaid says:

    I loveee walking in the rain !! and by the way love the chicken …. i want some !!

    The chicken was good, but the lamb chops were even better 🙂

  9. Asma Ahsan says:

    The food looks yummy! 😛

    Good job on the rest of the stuff, especially the laundry part – I hate doing that these days 😦

    Me too – hate doing the laundry – but it’s a task that needs to be done 🙂

  10. meow says:

    LoL @ the fake flowers. My 5 year old niece recently filled a vase of dried flowers at my house with water because “they are so pretty, just think how pretty they would be with more color!”

    LOL – that’s so cute of your niece 🙂

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