Faith and Vampires

I’ve recently overheard a conversation between a teenage boy and an older lady.

Boy:  ‘Are vampires and werewolves for real?’

Lady: ‘Quran doesn’t mention them, so we don’t believe in their existence.  They are fictitious characters made up by people, just like Spiderman.’

Boy:  ‘But Wikipedia says that vampires are real.’

This simple question by a teenager is, as a matter of fact, a very serious issue for us grown ups.  Where is our younger generation heading towards?  Do we laugh at their silly ideas?  Do we scold them for comparing a holy book to a website?  Do we start preaching their young, restless minds?  Do we continue letting the television and internet raise our children for us?

If we, as responsible adults, do not strengthen their faith and beliefs now, it might just be too late.

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16 Responses to Faith and Vampires

  1. masood says:

    I think parents have the prime responsibility to teach their children and make their Imaan as much stronger as they can. Of course the parents themselves should be good followers so that their children would understand matters easily.

  2. Dubai Guy says:

    Who has time in today’s world where your main aim in life is to earn as much money as possible in a short period of time?

  3. Wakas Mir says:

    Exactly sis. Lots of things are so unclear for the new generation as if they can connect it with religion or not. And being in Europe or any other non Islamic country, whatever they hear about Islam they start believing.. so yes parents have to jump in since childhood and tell them slowly what the vital parts of the religion stand for.

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  5. Umm Travis says:

    HAHAHA I agree with Dubai Guy. This world is a disaster. Basically, it would help if people turned off the tv, and focused on books of the Prophets for example. Then when THAT boy heard about vampires he would be the one laughing at his friends.

    My husband still laughs when he thinks of my son who had asked him if he believes in aliens. Of course I have no control of what he is learning, but seriously… without religion, and a good practice of it… they ARE lost.

  6. Niyaz says:

    Ur concern is 100% right sis , yeah even though they are taught about Islam & Quran, today’s generation just take it as another subject for them to study more than that the main essence “Fear” is no where in Kids. This is the real fact of today’s world…

  7. Aadil says:

    Serious questions which are very hard to answer!
    We are seriously lagging behind in producing role models or inculcating the Eastern/Islamic values in our children in this materialistic, technological age courtesy our ill educated, ill progressed societies.

  8. Well if the new generation takes their knowledge of Islam & other important things in life from “Sheikh Google”, then this conversation you witnessed is surprising at all.

  9. mubi says:

    i think Twilight has done a lot than we could think…vampires real? i never thought of them as real in my teens :S

  10. falakk says:

    Maybe the guy is obsessed with the Twilight Series? Shrug. Could be. 🙂

    Love, Falak

  11. Mrs Umer says:

    hmm.. actually it’s a topic which requires more than just a scratch on the surface…

    of course the Quran doesn’t mention vampires per say… but there are mention of other beings other than human. These beings are determine to bring us ,the children of Adam along with them to hellfire… and we don’t need no further introduction to who these are,they are full of disguises(vampires, draculas,spirits,ghosts) just to attempt their main existence goal… by making our children believing in them (fearing them,doing silly things e.g. shirik stuff) is already a step in dragging our future generation down… we should teach our children that their existence should not hinder us from our (human) worldly aim… ibadah and prepare ourselves for akhirat… well.. this is my take on it at least.. just another thought… is it possible that Syaitan or his accomplices never reveal his truth self ever since the days of Adam to achieve his goal? maybe someone can shed more light on this… as I’m no expert but my understanding of the holy Quran does give me answers to questions I had…

  12. Jus says:

    I totally agree with Mrs Umer. Qur’an may not have mentioned it SPECIFICALLY, neither did it mention the EXACT date of Qiyamah right?

    I would tell my children that ANYTHING is possible. Our knowledge is just too limited, however, we shouldn’t dwell on it. Most importantly we MUST hang on to the faith that Allah will protect the ones who obey.

  13. nadia says:

    It is the duty of the parents to help a child differentiate between fact and fiction.

    So Qur’an also doesn’t mention Santa Claus, the Boogey man, fairies, or Aladdin. Do we still tell our kids that Qur’an isn’t specific and that these might just be real characters but our knowledge is limited?

  14. Asma Ahsan says:

    Good point.

    You know what I do – I took them to see TWILIGHT – then I tested my 10 year old – I asked him – beta, you think this could be real?

    He looked at me as if I am mad or something and said forcefully –


    “Its all fiction!”

    Kids are very smart these days – all you do is that the first time you introduce them to a concept, just casually say – “this isnt our culture you know, but being tolerant muslims, let them do what ever they like according to their own beliefs.”

    I try that with my kids, and it does work! 🙂

  15. hfm says:

    Wow, I’m alarmed at how the kid uses Wiki as a reference, Uni will be hard for him!

    I used to always ask dad if aliens existed when I was little, dad used to say that if they did existed the important thing was to know that ALLAH if the creator of all.
    It satisfied me that if Allah could create 5winged angels,he is capable ofanything.

  16. Shamma says:

    I had a girl come up to me and ask me if Vampires existed. My only reply was, “I don’t know my knowledge is not that great.” She then told me that a friend of hers (She’s a muslim) told her that they DO exist. She’s asked me to find out and I need help.

    I’ve sent you an email.

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