Weekend Review

It’s Thursday evening.  It’s a grocery-shopping night yet I’m here in my cozy room blogging because I’m too exhausted to shop.  Instead, I’m thinking about how the first week of 2009 went.  Here are the random things I’ve noted this week:

1.   The ladies’ room has two new flower vases, one at each side of the long counter with a mirror.  The flowers are fake, like most of the things we have here in Dubai, yet the lovely lady who cleans the room has filled the glass vases with water.

2.  In the prayer hall at work, men seem to be burping a lot during prayers and a couple of ladies are coming in wearing short skirts.

3.  The ladies I’ve met and befriended seem to have disappeared.  I no longer see them around during prayers.  I hope they didn’t lose their jobs though.  A lot of people are getting laid off due to the economic crisis.

4.  Our brothers and sisters in Gaza are still struggling for their basic human right to life in their own country.  I can’t believe this is still going on.  Please let this end, ya Allah. Please let there be peace and harmony.  Ameen.

5.  I’ve joined this fabulous site called Spark People to help me set my weight loss goals, and keep track of my diet and exercise routine.  It has a lot of options to customize my fitness and nutrition plans, and best of all, it’s absolutely free! Thank you for the link, Sabiha.

6.  I’ve learned that stretching exercises prior to and after cardio workout is essential so as not to injure the muscles and ligaments.  I did stretch earlier this morning;   I’ve stretched the latissimus dorsi muscle so bad that my left side is now sore.

7.  Someone asked Masood earlier this week,”Is it true that living in America makes your skin white?”

8.  I watched Jumbo, a Hindi animated movie, which features the story of a young elephant.  The story is about family, love, courage, friendship, and loyalty.  I love cartoons!

9.  Jincy, a colleague and friend, is getting engaged on January 10, to be married on February 1.  Congratulations!

10.  A family friend, Farheen, is expecting her second child!  Congratulations!

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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15 Responses to Weekend Review

  1. Umm Travis says:

    LOOOOL about the water in the vases hahahahah! And oh ya, living in America makes ur skin white hahahahah, ppl are so clever LOOOOOL

    oh and in the West it is DUMBO the elephant hehe

    ameen to your duaa sis… may Allah protect them, and guide us all to the Siratul Mustaqeem


    A lot of people aren’t comfortable with their skin color: white wanting to get tanned and tanned wanting to get white. While grocery shopping the other day, the guy in front of us bought three boxes of ‘Fair and Handsome’ cream.

  2. Saad Ibrahim says:

    Is it true that living in America makes your skin white? 😛

    Only if you stay indoors for the rest of your life, immersed in bleach 😀

  3. 4. Ameen!! =(

    6. The latissimus dorsi you say? Hmmm… I personally have to stretch out my biceps femoris, semitendinosus, soleus, and gluteus maximus!! Cause while I dunno much about muscles, I believe whoever it was that thought up the stair master was one sadistic guy. My legs buuurnnn.

    7. 😐 And I thought I’d heard it all…

    I did stretch out all my muscle groups, but the pain was only felt on the left side. I tried stretching while holding a 2-lbs dumb bell in each hand. It’s not heavy actually; I just overdid the exercise steps. For the cardio part, I use an elliptical trainer. I think it’s much better than a treadmill.

  4. Abid says:

    “I watched Jumbo, a Hindi animated movie, which features the story of a young elephant. ”

    Sounds a lot like Dumbo, the animated movie about a young elephant!

    Except that Jumbo didn’t have huge ears 😀

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  6. Sabiha says:

    🙂 I wonder if that is the Hindi version of Dumbo lol. It has been so long since I’ve seen that movie.
    Really glad that you like the site sis, insha’allah maybe more sisters will join. There are a lot of different groups for support there also, even a Muslim group subhan allah 🙂

    I’m still trying to learn my way through the site. There’s so much to do! But I’m loving it 🙂

  7. Aadil says:

    Amen to your prayers for the people in Gaza!
    May Allah end their sufferings! May Allah stir the conscience of all the Muslims throughout the world to help pressurize the Israel to stop the inhuman atrocities!


  8. mubi says:

    aww i kinda liked what the lady did, watering the fake flowers..ehehe..i dono why..but i liked it :$

    ewww, i hate it when men or for that matter women burp!!! for women that is so unladylike !

    hehehe, i remember we both share that mania for animated movies 😀 😀 though i havent watched Jumbo

    lol, why would someone ask that from your husband :p funny…but i think it does change the skin colour ;p :p

    as for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, it more than hurts to see them losing their loves ones, their lives and their right to life…but this feeling of helplessness kills…

    Oh yes, I watched Madagascar 2 right after I read it on your blog! But I think I liked Madagascar 1 more. You should watch Jumbo – it’s very cute 🙂

  9. masood says:

    Ameen to your Dua’a for the people suffering in Gaza.
    Ohh that’s the reason why you are sparking from yesterday ;).
    You forgot to add that someone patted about my choice of Puma shoes 😉

    LOL @ sparking from yesterday.

    Oh yes, how selfish of me! I totally forgot to mention that you bought a new pair of jeans and shoes, and that men are actually asking where you bought your shoes from 😉 But seriously, the shoes are really nice.

  10. hfm says:

    Eww at the men.

    Ameen to your duaa.

    And these weren’t regular burping. I’m talking about burps that echo throughout the prayer hall while the Imam is leading the prayers!

  11. Haleem says:

    I heard Cleopatra bathed in milk all the time and had the best skin ever.

    Here the economic times are bad, but mostly people in manufacturing are getting laid off. How have the financial crisis hit Dubai? Are you guys seeing any effects?

    We see babes in Jummah all the time. As soon as prayer lets out, they come out of the mosque, out goes the scarf and overall, and voila, babe. At least with the cold they are all covered up!

    The banking sector, real estate and advertising have been hit the most here. A lot of private construction work has come to a stop and Masood tells me that almost all the people working the night shift have been laid off.

    The only good thing I notice is the rent. New apartments and villas have slashed 10,000 Dirhams off from their annual rents. The owner of our building didn’t increase our rent 🙂

  12. Asma Ahsan says:

    Wow – You are a very observant person. I always notice the toilets for cleanliness. Very bad habit I have! 😛
    “Someone asked Masood earlier this week,”Is it true that living in America makes your skin white?”” – LOL – Thats so sweet and simple thing to say! 😛

    I love cartoons too – and now:

    Both you and Masood have been TAGGED BY ME – Check it out please.

    Hehe, this is cute: a blog about tags 🙂

    Will play this tag soon. Thank you, Asma!

  13. Mimi says:


    I recently moved to the UAE from the US and came across your blog (it’s great :)).

    Walaikum Assalam, Mimi. Thank you so much 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your stay here in the U.A.E., InshaAllah.

  14. harsh says:

    So ?? …. is it true that living in America makes your skin white??? lol … 😆

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