A Purposal

You read it right: purposal.

I do not mean to make fun or mock anyone here.  I just want to point out to our brothers, who write proposal emails, to please check and re-check the content of your mail.  The way a person writes reflects on how he/she thinks.

Below is an unedited email (well, except for the name and phone number) that we have currently received from a guy who seems to be interested in my younger sister.

Subject:  A PURPOSAL.

Hi, I am S.M.A. from Dubai.  Can you like me tell about your family background. Can you speak URDU ? if yes, then what’t level of your urdu. I am very serious about searching a right girl. So, please cooprate with me.  If if you want any Querries about me, please don’t hesitate to contact with me.

My cell number is 055-xxxxxxx. i am free after 5 P.m. My Friday and Saturday is off, so that’s day you can contact me any time. Can u tell me that where from your father is in pakistan ?  I am living in islamabad pakistan. And please you tell me about your brother’s and sister’s also. how many your family member’s and what they do ? and what is cost of your father ?

I want tell you a little bit about my family background. I belong a very educated and respectable family in pakistan. My father is landlord. other my uncles are well educated person and they are well govt. employees.

ok thanks you very much. i am waiting for your positive reply.


Enginear, Computer Hard Where

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34 Responses to A Purposal

  1. Umm Travis says:

    Well if his family is well educated why not him? J/K!

    LOL, I know 🙂

  2. Saad Ibrahim says:

    what the fish!?

    I assume that he has done his engineering in Urdu medium, that’s why he wanted to know the level of our Urdu. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He could’ve written the email in Urdu and it wouldn’t have bothered us as much as his English already has.

    What’s your blog URL by the way?

  3. Abid says:

    hahaha. He wants to buy your father (“what is the cost of your father”)?!

    This line made me LOL.
    “Enginear, Computer Hard Where”

    At least learn how to spell what you are! This reminds me of when one of my friend’s girlfriend asked us if graduating in chemistry would make us “chemiticians”.

    Exactly! I can’t imagine an educated person committing such grave spelling mistakes. Chemiticians sound just as horrible as computer hard where 😀

  4. butterfly says:

    this is hilarious! i had my fair share of bad english “purposal” messages back in the days of Friendster. they were always a good laugh 🙂

    Speaking of Friendster, these people use silly names like: im4u, coolngoodlooking, smartguy4life, waiting4u, etc

  5. Niyaz says:

    ha ha ha ha !! speechless…

  6. Jus says:

    Oh i have seen worse from networking sites like Tagged, etc.

    If he hadn’t said that he was from an “Educated” family, it would have been perfectly fine by me (although I have a critical eye re English).

  7. Specs says:

    Him being government employee reminds me… my Dad’s also in the Government. One day, he tells me that he’s got a dinner with some State Department people and he has to deliver the welcome address. He has no time that day so his PS is writing the speech. He’s asked him to mail it to me(i.e Specs) so I can go over the English because it better be perfect.

    I thought that a bit extreme because the man has a B.A but turns out my Dad knows him better than I do… well… see for yourself: that evening, I opened my in box to find an attachment titled ‘Speach’ so I knew I was in for a rough time.


    Oh and hey, once you get to know the ‘cost’ of your father, let me know how one calculates it, LOL! (I’m assuming he meant ‘caste’?)

    It’s makes me sad that a huge number of our desi brothers and sisters do not pay attention to spelling and grammar. Imagine a PA not being able to spell “speech” 😦

    Perhaps there’s a complex equation to get the cost of a father. But yeah, he did seem to mean caste. Magar phir bhi, common sense dictates that “cost” means something else entirely.

  8. Specs says:

    Just by the way, this dude is serious about his ‘purposal’ and doesn’t even bother to run a spell check?

    Sorry, I mean Spael Chaik. 😀

  9. Nisa AK says:

    LOL really funny but hey u gotta give the guy credit for his self confidence and guts. I mean i know some ppl who wud rather die single than make this kinda purposals.

    Someone once said that “Self confidence gives a person the freedom to make mistakes…” I think he took this quote quite literally.

  10. Tazeen says:

    whats funnier than PURPOSAL?

    Hard Where.

    your post did crack me up.

    Welcome, Tazeen! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. Aadil says:

    Lolls@’whats the cost of your father?’ .. 😆

    Tell me the address of the folk. I’ll sure tell him to pursue writing comedy for he’s got an innate talent of it. 😉

    Buri baat, Aadil. He’s an enginear.

  12. masood says:

    LOL… I remember we laughed like anything while reading these Purposal emails. I feel pity on these guys who makes this silly mistakes in cost of their dignity. Ahh! the spelling mistakes remind me of a spelling mistake back in Hyderabad, it’s written “PROPERTI DILING”. I can’t imagine how are they going to deal with the critical documents:(

    I wonder if anyone actually went over to that “properti diling” agency for transaction purposes.

  13. Saad Ibrahim says:

    its not a personal blog and i am not writing these days 🙂

  14. mubi says:

    HAHAHAHAHA to start with purposal :p

    and why does this guy want to know the pay of your father…no the cost of your dad? :s lol..double meaning eh :p

    whats with knowing the urdu? better ask him his level of any language for that matter :p

    kamal engineer :S :p

  15. mubi says:

    are you serious he wrote hard where? :S *almost fell off the chair* :p

    I couldn’t make that up myself 😀

  16. luckyfatima says:

    Purple this really made me laugh so hard! Crazy stuff! Poor guy!

    You can call me Nadia. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  17. Asma Ahsan says:

    Hmm – Its quite funny 🙂

    Of course this guy is not good in English – he could have also written in Roman Urdu and used better expression to impress the girl. 🙂

    Ah, but angrezi bhi tho jhaarni hai na 😉

  18. Ubaid says:

    hehhe i really enjoyed reading this poor guy …. unaware that his purposal is being laughed upon ….

    but yeah paki people certainly do exaturate when they try to be over efficient in English … though if he had written in urdu i think he could have written something better ….

    and i just can’t stop laughing on the hard where thingy …. lolz that was the best part of the purposal 😀 …

    anyhow i guess by cost he mean your fathers salary …. or it can be the caste thingy as well !! most probably the caste thingy …

    hey do keep more of such letters coming they are pretty interesting ! lolz

    Thanks for stopping by, Ubaid.

  19. Sabiha says:

    Lol, that poor boy. Kids these days, sheesh.

  20. Haleem says:

    well at least he doesn’t have the classic line “I wanna make friendship with you” lol


    Only because he knew that parents will be reading this and not only the girl herself, otherwise the classic line is a must.

  21. Asma Ahsan says:

    I know – that is main problem with our men out there – they just have to be “cool dude angrezi speaking” to put up good impression. 😛

    My hubby developed an american accent after my engagement to impress me 😉

    the PURPOSED one did ask about her level of Urdu – bechaara – must be thinking that writing so much english would be too much in long run! 😉

    See, there’s a trend of Desi guys impressing girls with English 😉

  22. harsh says:

    oh great….lol…. 😆

  23. Cavaliere says:

    Well…I think people have said a lot already…I can only feel sorry for the poor man..

  24. Asma Ahsan says:

    Hey Cav – me too! 😛

    Bechaaray ke armaanon ke tukdhe tukdhe ho gaey hain – “Dubai ke armaan aansoo-oun mein beh gaey – sniff, sniff, sniff…”


    Oh, he’ll find his better half someday 🙂

  25. LOOOOL!! The whole thing is hilarious. Your sister should send him back a copy of a sample Microsoft Office CD titled: The Key to Increasing the Positive Replies to Your Proposal 😉

    But about the “and what is cost of your father ?” you think he actually meant caste, as suggested by Specs? I thought he was referring to income… =(

    “The Key to Increasing the Positive Replies to Your Proposal” LOL – that’s a good one 🙂

    By ‘cost’ I’m assuming that it’s the caste that he wanted to know. I don’t see any reason why he should be asking about my father’s salary. We should be the one asking about his salary 😀

  26. jingoist says:

    This was hilarious!! 😀

    Thank you and welcome to my blog!

  27. Seher says:

    this is way funny – er than something i received from my long ago bf.
    “Baby, I ‘v seen you yesterday while surfing on local train platform and realized that you are the only site I was browsing for. For long time, I have been lonely, trying to find a bug in my life and you can be a real debugger for me now.”
    lol. great experience it shud ve been!

    “…you are the only site I was browsing for” 😀

    Did he actually think that was romantic?!

  28. Mrs Umer says:

    LOL! But one way or another his intentions are clearly understood despite the spelling errors…

    I’m definitely becoming an avid reader of your blog now! 🙂

    Aww, thank you so much, Mrs. Umer 🙂

  29. hfm says:

    Crazy people.
    I got one on FACEBOOK [can you believe?!]
    asking me to pursue a ‘friendship’ online so he could see if I was a prospective marriage partner.
    I just ignored him and forwarded his ridiculous message to my friends.We had a right good laugh at his expense!

    ‘… so he could see if you were a prospective marriage partner.’ Hahaha 😀

  30. frozeefa says:

    This is hilarious..

    Tell me the cost of ur father babe
    and “please cooprate with me”

    Haha, I’m still in calculating the cost 😉

  31. Ubaid says:

    Actually i wasn’t stopping by 😉 … i had added your blog to my roll 😀 !!

    i found it interesting 🙂 !!!

    Aww, thank you so much 🙂

  32. Faisal says:

    Lolz… Its really funny.

  33. Aeesha says:

    I dropped in from ….oh..ooo.Agar btanay lagee to ye aap kay liyay “poser” hee ban jayay ga jaisa kay Aadil k blog say siras say anas say….
    Ap kay kiya hee kehnay,Post hee itnee zabrdast thee k main khud ko rok nahi saki comment krnay say.
    Waisay main b ek Pakistani “Enginear” hoon aur ab, aur b “mohtat” ho gaee hoon apni angrezi ko lay kr.
    Meray “Enginear” bhaee nay theek he likha tha, kuchh isi qisam ka maal hmari universities say nikal raha hay.
    ” Cost” aur “Hard where” wala part sab say mzay ka tha..

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