Masood In Boston

Winter in Boston – taken by Masood in December ’07

I regularly take time out to reflect, to renew the promises I make to myself and to remind myself of my goals.  So I am actually glad that Mubi has tagged me in this meme that has allowed me to reflect once again.  So here it goes:

As long as I hold onto my faith in Allah as my creator, Ar Rahmaan (the most Compassionate) and Ar Raheem (the Merciful) , I will always live life with a note of hope that I am on the right path and that my prayers are being answered.  With Him as my Al Waliyy (the Protecting Friend), I know that I am never alone.

And to please Him, I want to be a better Muslimah.  It is only then that I can become a better person, daughter, sister, and wife.   It has often become habitual for me to notice the shortcomings more than the blessings.   I want to change that perspective and express my gratitude to Him in every manner possible, InshaAllah.

One of the several ways to show my gratitude to Allah, Ar Razzaq (the Ever Providing), is to love myself, for I am nothing but His creation.  And I will only be able to do so if I learn to appreciate the qualities that I have been blessed with.  I fill my heart with love and only then can I spread this love to the people I care about.

My husband and I are best friends.  He knows me very well and I trust him with my life.  I have few very good friends, but I’m just not comfortable sharing the details my personal life with them.  With friends, there’s a limit on what I share and what I don’t, but with Masood, I’m sure that my secret’s safe.

I make resolutions throughout the year, mostly mental notes.  I don’t believe in creating a long list of resolutions at the start of a year;  that doesn’t seem to work for a lot of us anyway.  If I want a change in myself, to improve myself or to achieve something in life, why wait for a new year?

Worldly achievements are temporary, regardless of how great they may be.  There is an end to everything in this dunya.

To make a difference, it is necessary that I set good examples myself.

With that, I’d love to tag, in no particular order:

Masood, because I think today, January 3,  is a good day for him to reflect.

Umm Travis, because I love her insights on life and Islam.

Sabiha, who is going to post her resolution list soon.  So why not start with this meme?

Aadil, my brother who’s a brilliant wordsmith, MashaAllah.

Nisa, who I hopefully try to pull out of hibernation again.

Please use the emboldened words as a guide to continue this tag post.

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13 Responses to Reflection

  1. masood says:

    MashaAllah! Provoking thoughts in this way is so beautiful. I just Love it 🙂

    Thanks, Jaan. Looking forward to read your post on reflections 🙂

  2. Haleem says:

    You used to live in USA before?

    Nice resolutions. I keep having the same ones every year.

    Masood went to the US for a month on a business trip in 2007. That’s the longest we’d ever been apart from each other.

  3. Umm Travis says:

    What a gorgeous photo, ma shaa Allah, specially with the snow from WordPress!

    Thanx sis, for the lovely mention, its done in shaa Allah on the private blog 😉

    Thanks for liking the pic, Sis 🙂

    I’ll be reading the VIP blog soon, InshaAllah. It’s been a while since I commented on there.

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  5. Specs says:

    I like how you think about achievements. 🙂 Me too!

    The picture looks fantastic with the snow drifting across it as I looked at it!

    To plan for and work hard to attain certain worldly achievements is essential for our survival, but we often get so much absorbed in them that we don’t invest for the main thing – jannah.

    Thanks for liking the picture, Specs! Yeah, when I posted it up there and saw the snow falling across it, I was like ‘wow!’ 🙂

  6. shah nawaz says:

    Its good to see such a loving family who still a maintain rishtedaari. It’s becoming a rare commodity in this materialistic world.

    As desis, I think rishtedaari nibhaana will remain in our blood. It’s part of who we are. But then, as always, there are always exceptions.

  7. mubi says:

    nice pic.
    and u have done the tag so well. i so agree with the habitual part. i do that so often…its a shame 😦

    And thank you for tagging me, Mubi. I loved it!

  8. Sabiha says:

    This one is going to be tough sis 🙂

    You can do it, Sis 🙂

  9. Aadil says:

    My praise for the beautiful pictures on your blog are fast becoming cliches but I can’t help express my ‘love’ for this one too! 🙂 Well done Masood, bro! 🙂

    A thought provoking post!
    Thanks for tagging me! 🙂 Can’t write such purity but will try to vent myself through the tag.

    I just read your ‘reflection’. Very well-written!

  10. Nisa AK says:

    This is really tough, u tagged me on purpose to make me crack my writer’s block 😛
    Btw, a belated happy new year to u!

    Jee haan, I did it on purpose because you’re not updating your blog as often as you should 😀

  11. Asma Ahsan says:

    Well said! Beautiful picture.

    May God help you achieve all your goals in life.

    Ameen 🙂


  12. MashAllah, Nadia!! You have a very honest and refreshing outlook on life. Love it!
    Best wishes for the new year =)

    Thank you so much 🙂

  13. hfm says:

    The picture’s gorgeous.
    Snow looks great but walking to and back in it from Uni makes me secretly wish for the rain.

    I hope you get to uphold your resolutions.All the best!

    [yes, I’m super-late but better late than never,eh?]

    No, you’re not late at all 🙂 Thank you so much!

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